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 on: Today at 11:41:42 PM 
Started by jackjachman - Last post by Jim V.
So overall this is pretty darn good, but I think I'd lose some of the opinionated commentary, and there are also a few facts that you've gotten wrong. Also, CD is digital, so when you're saying something isn't available digitally, perhaps you should say "it's not available for purchase on iTunes, Amazon, etc.

I'm going to post a few of things that in my opinion should be changed. Also, in addition to those changes, I think it would make sense to remove things like "single mixes" becuz obviously they have already been released.


-"What'd I Say" (live): only released without Beach Boys authorization on an Australian Beach Boys comp if memory serves. I honestly can't believe this never got re-released just based on the fact that it's a good version of a song otherwise unavailable by The Beach Boys at one of their career high points. Seems like an obvious box set inclusion to me.

1966 - SMiLE era

- "Child Is Father Of The Man" (Brian's full mono instrumental mix): self explanatory.

- "Barnyard" (backing track w/ background vocals): somehow omitted from The SMiLE Sessions

1968 - Friends, early 20/20 era

- early 70's Friends remakes; "Passing By", "Wake the World", "Be Still" and "Friends": Stanley Shapiro and Tandyn Almer worked with Brian on these rerecordings, never circulated (perhaps this belongs in 1971 or 1972)

1972 - Carl & the Passions "So Tough", Holland era

- "California Saga: On My Way Sunny Cali-for-nia" (single mix): Released in 1973 as a single! Ergo the single mix. Available on CD on both the UK Ten years of Harmony and Greatest Hits Vol. 3 or whatever it's calleder it's called. Truthfully shouldn't be on list as it's been released.[/b]

- "Cuddle Up" (single mix): rare, but booted (Perhaps not necessary as it's already been released, though it's rarity does merit inclusion perhaps

1975 - early "Brian Is Back" era

- "Come to the Sunshine": Brian's cover of a Van Dyke Parks song, supposed to be lost

- "Carl's Song": unbooted early version of "Angel Come Home"

- "Grateful We Are for Little Children": unbooted early version of "Saturday Morning in the City"

- "In the Back of My Mind" (piano demo): still don't think this exists for sale through iTunes or the like, was a bonus track for the Target release of No Pier Pressure I believe. A beautiful and revealing version with altered lyrics by Brian and features him prominently switching between his more coarse 15 Big Ones voice with the soaring falsetto from his younger voice

1976 - 15 Big Ones, Love You era

 - "Michael Row the Boat Ashore", "Mony Mony", "Rock & Roll Music" ("hot" mix) one suspects that the version on Made In California is at least a re-creation of this verion, "Come Go With Me" (original mix), "Ruby Baby", "Short Skirts", "Running Bear", "10,000 Years Ago", "On Broadway", "Sea Cruise", "We Gotta Groove", "Marilyn Rovell", "Lazy Lizzie", "Hey There Momma", "Let Us Go On This Way" (a capella mix): booted

- "Don't Fight the Sea": unbooted, I assume an early version of the Al song he tried to include on That's Why God Made the Radio? Not true. He offered "Waves of Love" for TWGMTR. He did however, release "Don't Fight the Sea" on his solo album, A Postcard from California. The song featured Brian, Mike, Carl and Bruce, effectively making a Beach Boys track in all but name

- "It's Like Heaven": booted. Recorded with Brian and Marilyn on vocals, I assume it predates the American Spring version (Where on earth have you heard a version with Brian and Marilyn on vocals? I need to hear this

1978 - M.I.U. and Bambu era

- "I'm Begging You Please": Brian demo, much better than almost any of his other original songs released from this year (Really? If we are counting songs that he worked on or reviewed for use in '78, I think "Good Timin'" and "California Feelin'" both rank high above this one

- "California Feelin'" (original mix): more synthy and without Brian (lead) vocals

1980 - Keepin' the Summer Alive and beyond

- "Be My Baby", "Smokey Places", "River Deep, Mountain High", "Greenback Dollar": covers with Brian involvement. Only the first two are booted ("Smokey Places" is booted?


- "Be My Baby",  "River Deep, Mountain High", "Greenback Dollar": covers with Brian involvement.

-"I'm A Man" also recorded. New BW song, not the classic Spencer Davis tune.

1986 - Made in U.S.A. era

-"Wouldn't That Be Cool": a Brian Wilson original, per Alan Boyd. Attempted during Made in U.S.A sessions. Apparently shares similarities with American Spring's "Do Ya" (also co-written by BW)

2012 - That's Why God Made The Radio era

-"I'd Go Anywhere": another Brian track, apparently was at some point part of the "suite"
-"She Believes in Love Again": new version Bruce's tune from the 1985 album
-"Waves of Love": if it was even worked on? Who knows if the Beach Boys (outside of Carl and Al) ever touched it
-supposedly there were like 29 tracks overall recorded for this album. Whether or not any ended up on No Pier Pressure is another question though

 on: Today at 11:12:56 PM 
Started by HeyJude - Last post by ♩♬☮ Billy C ♯♫♩☮
From what Iíve been reading the earlier parts of the show was great . Probably got tired

 on: Today at 08:11:00 PM 
Started by HeyJude - Last post by Jay
Maybe I was a bit harsh, but not by much. At least he went for those higher notes. But if you compare the phrasing of certain words, it does sound a bit like his vocals from the 1981 shows. I think perhaps it would do him good to take a good six months off the road for his back to heal.

 on: Today at 08:10:29 PM 
Started by Juice Brohnston - Last post by tpesky
Anyone catch them on TV today after the Little League game ?

 on: Today at 08:01:19 PM 
Started by HeyJude - Last post by ♩♬☮ Billy C ♯♫♩☮
Yeah I donít know if Iíd go quite that far.He looked more tired than anything but was not anywhere near 1981 levels. He looked like he was ready to get the f*** out of there but Iíve seen that a good amount towards the end of a show, and itís even more to be expected after back surgery.

 on: Today at 06:25:47 PM 
Started by jackjachman - Last post by jackjachman
Updated to include much more bootlegged and non-bootlegged material, including the rest of the 80's and 90's. A staggering amount of songs, and just goes to show that even with the pool of unheard Beach Boys songs is shrinking every year, there is still an entire catalogue worth of bootlegged music that is crying out to be released.

Does anybody have a year in particular they're looking forward to? 1972 seems like a creatively fertile time for the group, can't wait to hear what's in store for that one. The Love You era also holds a special place in my heart, hearing alternate versions of those songs and those charming piano demos in studio quality would be a dream.

 on: Today at 05:44:09 PM 
Started by Unreconstructed Wilsonite - Last post by RangeRoverA1
Behind mask I imagined smb. funny-faced, i.e. when they de-disguise the face, they'll see real baffoon type. Jamie's cool, agree. What can you say about 2 kids? Do you think they didn't need to be created? I found the girl especially not convincing, despite the fact that year earlier she played well terrified girl being chased to be killed in "Eaten Alive". In "Halloween", she didn't try.

 on: Today at 05:22:55 PM 
Started by Al Jardine: Pick Up Artist - Last post by RangeRoverA1
Ha! Bizarre short tales. Thanks to explain.

Now, this doesn't make ANY sense. Can you help to see what this means? I'd seen people who like to use "coffee" in pseudo-funny way, complete with lol's. F.ex. "I knew that cup of coffee at 10pm was a bad idea."  "Haha, I know I said too much. Stupid coffee." What do they exactly even talk about? In which way it's funny? The popularity of these "coffee" lines, when did it begin? It's baffling.

 on: Today at 05:22:10 PM 
Started by Watamushi(Polly Poller) - Last post by joe_blow
1. Sunflower
2. Smile Sessions
3. Pet Sounds
4. Friends
5. Pacific Ocean Blue
6. Today!
7. Summer Days
8. Wild Honey
9. Holland
10. 20/20

 on: Today at 04:42:38 PM 
Started by Watamushi(Polly Poller) - Last post by RangeRoverA1
Add "1" to "Summer's Gone". Thanks in advance. This is the worst album ending track in BBs catalog.
Cool! "Summer's Gone", congratulations! You got 3 1's!  Ha.

Bizarre to rate BBs below 5 but, since I didn't like some songs, it'll be 4.

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