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515915 Posts in 17441 Topics by 3142 Members - Latest Member: George May 25, 2015, 02:16:46 AM
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 on: Today at 02:13:00 AM 
Started by Terry - Last post by Smilin Ed H
Some interesting choices. I think I've compiled better myself, however.

 on: Today at 01:59:59 AM 
Started by Andrew G. Doe - Last post by Smilin Ed H

[/quote ]As I do have a life with my family and my job outside of this board, I don't have time to read every single post in every single thread. Neither do my fellow mods. I mean, it'll be great if we were omnipotent and could be everywhere at once, but we can't.

Again, this is my last post on the subject, and I consider this matter closed. Any further attempt to bring it up on the board, again, will result in severe consequences.

Damn. I always saw you as some kind of Galactus-like entity!

 on: Today at 01:46:01 AM 
Started by donald - Last post by Smilin Ed H
Carl didn't take as long to tune up.

 on: Today at 01:29:30 AM 
Started by donald - Last post by BrianAlDaveFan
Before you even factored in the info in your post, Carl and Bob reminded me of each other - due to beard and facial expressions, or something! That's why it was cool to see you put the topic here! Smiley

 on: Today at 12:56:03 AM 
Started by lostbeachboy - Last post by Kurosawa
Our Special Love.  The opening harmonies are as impressive as anything Brian's arranged. The rest of the song is very nice too, even if it's a little Backstreet Boys sounding.

 on: May 24, 2015, 11:47:34 PM 
Started by CenturyDeprived - Last post by Mike's Beard
I learned a long time ago that the going up is not worth the coming down. Seriously, if the story of The Beach Boys can't convince people not to dick around with drugs, what can?

 on: May 24, 2015, 11:40:07 PM 
Started by SurferDownUnder - Last post by SurferDownUnder
On a Carl trip right now, how did Carl feel about Murry? I've often heard that Carl was spared the rod by Murry more then his brothers as he was the youngest and perhaps the quietest. Carl was the only one of the brothers to attend Murry's funeral and I've never really seen any statements from him about his father....

 on: May 24, 2015, 11:32:49 PM 
Started by Jim Murphy - Last post by John Manning
Reordered from amazon com last night, Jim. Considered ordering direct from the publisher but their shipping costs are very high.

Lookin forward to a damn good read!

 on: May 24, 2015, 11:23:33 PM 
Started by LaurieBiagini - Last post by halblaineisgood
Tom Waits - Downtown Train:

Tom Waits - Take One Last Look - on Dave last week:
I don't know about this guy.
It's weird to me. Especially all of us here being Beach Boys fans.
We like singing that is pretty. So it's odd that generally, I seem to notice people here enjoying tom waits, but not rapping.
Even the most obnoxious rapper is more melodic and tuneful than that Waits clown. HE's a good writer. But good god, his singing is like poison. It destroys ambition. MAkes you realize how good Randy NEwman is at approximating Fats Domino.
God, I hate Tom Waits. I'm sorry I ever heard of him. I'm not picking on anybody, I hope...

 on: May 24, 2015, 11:18:54 PM 
Started by LaurieBiagini - Last post by halblaineisgood
Jolson on Decca.
78's. His voice is so powerful without the no-noise that they use on the CD's.

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