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 on: Today at 12:15:20 AM 
Started by stack-o-tracks - Last post by Mujan, B@st@rd Son of a Blue Wizard
I like that someone finally asked about Adult/Child.

And that someone asked about SIP and whether he listens to any SMiLE mixes. Really wanna see those answered too Afro

Seriously tho, great questions everyone! I think we gave him a really solid pool to pick from. I'm really curious whether he'd ever release a box set of solo material as well, but didn't even consider asking that. Good stuff all around

 on: Today at 12:13:34 AM 
Started by Justin - Last post by Micha
The booming F# has to do with compression?

 on: Today at 12:10:58 AM 
Started by Rocker - Last post by Lonely Summer
Elvis's touch on pop culture can't really be overstated.  I don't have children, but the other day I found myself watching a cartoon.  It's called "Dinosaur Train", I happened to have it on that channel, and the show came on, I'd never seen it so I watched a few minutes.  It's a show for young children and shows some Dinosaurs going to visit other dinosaurs, it basically teaches them names and what the differences were between each dinosaur.  

So, they go visit a T-Rex who's called "The King".  He's a full-on Elvis caricature, and sang a little rockabilly song about a Dinosaur.  

So 40 years after his death, he's still influencing the cartoons we show our children.  

The caricatures that they use to represent him are cheesy and stereotypical, but all of that ultimately is based out of love.  Everybody loves Elvis, even if they won't admit it, the world has rarely seen an entertainer as talented as him.  I think it's always worth noting too, his strong character.  The man had flaws like we all do, but even his ex-wife is quick to speak of what a kind, loving human being he was.  

Great man, incredible singer.  Thank GOD he recorded so much while he was with us that we can remember him by.  
And a great post by you, Ron, thank you.

 on: January 25, 2015, 11:55:59 PM 
Started by Josh Irby - Last post by Josh Irby
What is your opinion of 1992's "Summer In Paradise"?

Genuinely curious about this. Thanks Brian, hoping to catch you on tour and looking very much forward to No Pier Pressure!  angel

 on: January 25, 2015, 11:53:38 PM 
Started by guitarfool2002 - Last post by smilethebeachboysloveyou
Thank you, guitarfool (and Billy and Smile-Holland) for setting this up so that we can post our questions ahead of time.  I was seriously considering getting up at 4 AM for this session, which would be rather brutal for a weekday.

 on: January 25, 2015, 11:50:13 PM 
Started by Justin - Last post by Alan Smith
Thanks for the detailed answer, Custom Machine! The LP has more bass than even the CD has.

EQing is really a drag sometimes. The treble is so emphasized on on TSS and MIC that I actually turn my treble knob down to the lowest notch, and the bass is so strong I leave the bass knob in neutral. On earlier releases I used to turn up the bass and leave the treble in neutral.

I've been thinking that as the treble gets stronger with each release, maybe Linett's ears don't hear treble as loud anymore as they used to... angel

Also, the GV from the last two releases make my speakers boom/drone (not sure which is the right English word) whenever a F# is played by the bass, which the 1993 box set doesn't do, even when I turn up the bass knob to full! Shocked

Yeah, the compression that gets applied to a lot of CD's these days  Brow - it's getting depressingly obvious on a lot of 16 bit digital stuff, less so on High Res and rarely on good old vinyl (unless from a balls source) - I pump most stuff through a DAC these days in order to clean up the signal, but also to avoid hurting my ears.

Most audio heads would tell you to leave your treble and bass at 0 (flat) - I'm a bit of a bass pig, and set mine at 3/4's (where 0 is half way).

And Custom, I was playing a copy of the Caribou Sunflower CD today - Slip On Through starts off sounding great with a really wide soundscape and nice balance, but a soon as the chorus hits, things get murky and confused. Interesting stuff.  While you are waiting for Stephen to respond, have a poke around in his thread - I remember him addressed the rediscovered flat master specifically over there (I think), or as a response in the Alan Boyd thread.

 on: January 25, 2015, 11:47:51 PM 
Started by smilethebeachboysloveyou - Last post by smilethebeachboysloveyou
Hi Brian,

Since you are (rightfully) famous as both a composer and a producer of music, I was wondering how integrated the two steps were in your creative process.  How does your style as a producer influence the way that you compose music (or vice versa)?

Thanks, and I'm really looking forward to your new album!

 on: January 25, 2015, 11:42:04 PM 
Started by Nile - Last post by Nile
Hi Brian!

So glad that you are here with us!

Question: Are there any plans on releasing "Love you/Adult child" demos? These are among my favorites...great stuff!

Looking forward to movie, bio and of course new album!



 on: January 25, 2015, 11:34:05 PM 
Started by Andrew G. Doe - Last post by buddhahat
Mujan - I was responding to two posts only, which I found unnecessarily sarcastic and didn't really bring anything to the discussion imo and felt like a thread crap. I have no problem with people flagging up inaccuracies in Daro's account, providing it's not the usual mindless  'this guy's full of sh*t' approach. This is less about being Daro's Chester (nice one, Putin) and more about just trying to defend the thread itself so Daro is more inclined to post here.

All the above said however I accept the accusations of hypocrisy on my part. I may have gone too far and can see that this itself has become an irritant to some, hence my 'point taken' comment.  

 on: January 25, 2015, 11:33:57 PM 
Started by Andrew G. Doe - Last post by Les P
I am trying to get a handle on how Brian ended up isolated.  You, Michael Vosse, David Anderle, Van Dyke Parks, and Derek Taylor all left the scene eventually.  Was it just an untenable and hopeless situation to stay around (that is the impression I get) or did Brian initiate cutting some ties as well?  

It's long been documented that Brian forced at least Vosse and Siegel out of the picture by his (to them) irrational behaviour: the former by refusing to see him at a delicate point in negotiations with Capitol over the release of "H&V" on Brother, the latter because he got it into his head that Siegel's gf was a witch and messing with his head. I think Van Dyke officially left when offered an album deal by Warners but he's also stated that he walked away from an apparently impossible (family/band) situation.

Thanks, Andrew.  I am familiar with these accounts (though I had forgotten the Vosse negotiations bit), but I am curious if Lorren has additional information or opinions about these departures.

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