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 on: Today at 09:53:06 PM 
Started by The_Beach - Last post by Lonely Summer
There isn't any easy way to buy Glen's catalog like the BB 2fers. Some of his Capitol albums have come out on cd; after that, it's hit and miss.

Thanks for the info! Didnt realize not all of his albums have made it on CD yet. Must be atleast 10 of about 65 of his are not on a CD yet! This is going to make it really dificulte to try to get all of his albums on CD.

Any good Complications that are a must have for Rare or previously unreleased music on it?

There was a box set a few years back, but I haven't sought out any of the many comps.

 on: Today at 09:51:22 PM 
Started by petsoundsnola - Last post by ♩♬ Billy C ♯♫♩
I used to put the Beach Boys on the list, but  no longer. Too toxic.

 on: Today at 09:51:10 PM 
Started by Rocker - Last post by Lonely Summer
So next year there will be a 40th anniversary "Elvis In Concert" release?
I hope so, it's long overdue. Obviously the tv special is NEVER coming out, so it would make sense to redo the EIC album as just a concert album instead of the soundtrack to a tv special.

 on: Today at 09:50:23 PM 
Started by Labe, Son Of Nat - Last post by ♩♬ Billy C ♯♫♩
Many of Daniel Johnston's songs are about unrequited love (specifically for a girl he knew in high school named Laurie, who dated and later married an undertaker)

 on: Today at 09:50:06 PM 
Started by Reverend Joshua Sloane - Last post by NOLA BB Fan
Finished reading A Moveable Feast. Hemingway thinks Dostoyevsky is boring. Oh well.

Not able to directly help in the monumental cleanup effort and tending to homeless pets in areas west of here (as I need to take care of my Mom), went online and donated a lot of cat food to be delivered to one of the pickup points. At the grocery store, bought food and cleanup items and placed in the bins provided. Wish I could do more.

Talked to my Uncle in Hawaii. He and my Aunt who isn't well left the "big island" where they live, as it is threatened by a tropical storm called Madeline. They are in Honolulu now. Hope they won't be affected by Hurricane Lester which is going by there this weekend. Over here, we are okay but a storm is going towards Florida, possibly causing extreme flooding. Crazy weather!

Got a book today - Richard Halliburton's Complete Book of Marvels. We had this book when I was growing up and loved to read about his world travels. He was an adventurer who died at sea in 1941. Love travel books and would appreciate suggestions for further reading. Particularly love books from around 100 years or so ago.

Looked at a picture of the Sunflower album. Does Mike have a cellphone in his right hand, and he and the children are looking at it? Yeah it's time for bed!  Grin

 on: Today at 09:49:23 PM 
Started by petsoundsnola - Last post by Lonely Summer
The White Stripes. The Kinks, Dire Straits & every band with brothers. They must reunite & forget the feuds.
Agreed. You don't want to wait too long, as CCR did. Would have been cool to see Tom and John on stage together one last time. C'mon Mark and David, Ray and Dave, bury the hatchet, give the people what they want!

 on: Today at 09:47:22 PM 
Started by Labe, Son Of Nat - Last post by Lonely Summer
My whole life's soundtrack is unrequited love. That might be changing now...or it might not. Heart of mine, be still. You can play with fire, but you'll get the bill.

 on: Today at 09:07:41 PM 
Started by “Big Daddy” - Last post by Beachlad
I thought Mike did as well as anyone who has hosted a PBS show.

 on: Today at 09:03:39 PM 
Started by guitarfool2002 - Last post by ♩♬ Billy C ♯♫♩
What do you expect from a 3rd rate british  version of Bubba the Love Sponge?


heh...'Love' sponge....cause he sponges up all of Mike's 'Love'.

I made a funny!

 on: Today at 09:02:45 PM 
Started by guitarfool2002 - Last post by 18thofMay

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