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 on: Yesterday at 11:02:37 PM 
Started by Pretty Funky - Last post by Pretty Funky
Standard question for any Australian interviewer. ‘What about that Perth concert in 1978?’

 on: Yesterday at 10:59:32 PM 
Started by Pretty Funky - Last post by Needleinthehay
Hmm, wonder why Mike mentioned the heroin thing. Usually he says something like "one airplane was for smokers and the other for non-smokers....and it wasnt just smoking *nudge nudge* the way, did you know i havent done any drugs since 1968 since i started meditation? have i ever mentioned that?".

Wonder if the interviewer asked him directly about it or something.

 on: Yesterday at 10:05:44 PM 
Started by Amy B. - Last post by NOLA BB Fan
My Mom had back surgery a couple of months ago, very risky because of her age but necessary - without it she would be unable to walk or even get out of bed.
She got through it ; after being discharged from the hospital she was in a rehab facility for over a month before finally going home and is now receiving physical therapy visits several times a week.
While in the rehab place a whole bunch of people got sick including my Mom. Thankfully she didn't have to go back to the hospital but illness and infections, bed sores etc could cause major problems. And being older would in itself make the process take longer

 on: Yesterday at 08:54:41 PM 
Started by Amy B. - Last post by Pretty Funky
Seems he is. See the Australian interview thread.

 on: Yesterday at 08:52:42 PM 
Started by Pretty Funky - Last post by Pretty Funky
Nothing new really but apparently Carl and Dennis took heroin in Perth in 78,  ‘World Tour’ mentioned on the back of the RSO album (believe it when I see it) Brian still in hospital.

 on: Yesterday at 08:42:29 PM 
Started by donald - Last post by RangeRoverA1
Fresh today Larry posted song in his Iron Leg blog, "Sun Shines For You" by The Guild. It's sunshine pop but differs than typical sunshine pop

Edit: Larry's 45 & youtube link differ. 45 is 3:09. Youtube runs shorter, it starts with incomplete intro. Besides, echo is too distinct in the mix. Subdued in Larry's 45. & I usually like echoed vocs.

 on: Yesterday at 08:35:19 PM 
Started by retrokid67 - Last post by NOLA BB Fan
I have a couple of funny cat stories.

My sister and her husband were looking for their kitten, Turbo (my brother in law likes cars; they had another cat called Porsche). Where was Turbo? My sister opened the refrigerator and there he was, contentedly eating food in one of the containers. They had no idea how he got in there . To add - he was INSIDE the food container!

I would go to my bedroom and find shoes on top of my bed. I would never do that - how did they get there? Then one day I burst out laughing as I saw my dear Fou Minou struggling mightily carrying my big shoe in her mouth across the room.

 on: Yesterday at 06:43:03 PM 
Started by undercover-m - Last post by B.E.
Well, while we wait for Paul to stop teasing us - I've kind of gotten a kick out of Weezer finding its way back onto the Hot 100 (after 8 years) thanks to a cover of an 80s song suggested by a teenager on twitter. I spent some time on the boardwalk today and what do I hear blasting from the speakers? Yup, you guessed it...

 on: Yesterday at 06:18:34 PM 
Started by Unreconstructed Wilsonite - Last post by B.E.
I just heard of and began watching The Man in the High Castle, which is on Amazon. It is based on a novel by Philip K Dick (which I have not read or heard of) in which the Axis won WWII and so the US was divided between Nazi Germany (East Coast and Midwest) and Japan (West Coast), with a neutral territory in the Rockies. The storyline begins in the early '60s.

After just over one episode, I'm really enjoying it. There are two seasons. I'm not sure whether it's ongoing or that's all there is. But based on just that first 75 minutes or so that I've seen, I highly recommend it.

I recommend it as well. I've been waiting 18 months for season 3 (which is happening). It's been so long since I finished season 2 that I can't comment on the details, I just remember enjoying it immensely. I've been waiting for a 3rd season release date before re-watching seasons 1 and 2. I'm really looking forward to it.

Between seasons 1 and  2 of The Man In The High Castle, Hulu released an 8-episode miniseries 11.22.63. I loved that as well. Not that everyone who enjoys one show will enjoy the other, of course, but there's enough of a similarity that I thought I'd mention it. Both shows really captured my imagination.

 on: Yesterday at 06:17:13 PM 
Started by retrokid67 - Last post by RangeRoverA1
Oh, what a cool story about the backpacking kitty!
Ta. :D Tiny correction - it's boat trip.

BTW, I've been reading a great deal about the Romanov's extended family
You're better than I am, Gunga Din. I'm bored by many things-Russian, really. I didn't read that tale before. It's cute.

Do you/have you had any dogs?
Well, it's not dog topic but since you ask, the family did have dogs - 3 dogs in different times. My favorite used to be the dog during the "Murzik" era. He's very joyful, mischievous like Murzik & he too was intimidated by the cat. They got along famously, kind of. He's complete white, with tail going cartwheels or what it's called, the round upwards tail? His name was if you translate Fluffster. He used to run around biting people sometimes but with zero malice, he just couldn't get his energy & joy into sth. good. Grandpa disapproved & even planned to shoot him with hunter's gun. But granny made him at the last minute to change mind. Thus he didn't shoot. Then truck ran Fluffster & he died. Maybe he got too enthusiastic & didn't check the road. I wouldn't adopt dog now since I live with cat, can't afford taking care of 2 pets. It's jolly expensive. Cat will do. Besides, I like cats better than dogs. Back to topic, you got funny cat stories to tell? Yours or smb. else's?

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