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 on: March 21, 2019, 03:11:38 PM 
Started by NateRuvin - Last post by NateRuvin
I think if you're able to get past the auto tune, UTL has a lot to offer. Crescent Moon, Daybreak, Too Cruel, and Cool Head are all fantastic songs that fit really nicely into my Beach Boys playlist. I was shocked when UTL came out, and quite frankly disgusted by the amount of autotune, considering that Mike and co. are qualified singers. I can't imagine, given his comments about autotune, that Mike is the one pushing for it's use. Who the hell even knows is he's aware of the fact that his vocals are being autotuned.  Mike probably isn't the most technical guy in the studio, and if Michael Lloyd or an engineer perhaps told him they were using "pitch correction" or something, it would've gone over Mike's head. Maybe I'm thinking way too hard about this. Maybe Mike gave crappy vocal performances, that were attempted to be saved by autotune. I can only hope, just based on listening, Mike knows that his voice is being heavily processed. Nonetheless,. any concert of Mike's you attend will sound much better than UTL. The autotune did more damage than it did good. Getcha Back or Fun Fun Fun sound a million times better, even on lossy youtube concert videos.

I see the autotune as a gross filter put on top of the music, but it doesn't mean the music is bad. An artifact of the recording, not a representation of the song---Kinda like the talking on Here Today (which I've grown to love) or the clipping on moments of Pet Sounds  or even the loose/false start version of Im Looking Through You, if you're a Beatles fan. Poor mixing choices doesn't equal bad songwriting. And quite frankly, I find myself humming Crescent Moon more often than The Right Time. I'm Not saying Mike is a superior solo artist, BW clearly is. I do think, however, that Mike's songwriting and arrangments on UTL, shouldn't be overlooked just because of the autotuned vocals. For example, Daybreak Over The Ocean has a great string arrangement. Getcha Back has a cool xylophone playing the falsetto melody at the end. There are nice touches on UTL, that are totally overlooked. WIBN features a confident lead from Foskett, less soaked in autotune than most of the other vocals on the album.

If you can't get past the obnouxious autotune, I understand. It sounds weird !! But if you can, like I did, you might find yourself enjoying some of Mike's recent output. Then again, like I always say, I'm a die hard BBs fan who can appreciate even the most hated albums... SIP, Royal Philharmonic, Goin Public all have moments of greatness. Something I learned with The Beach Boys is sometimes you gotta dig a little to find some precious gems.  

 on: March 21, 2019, 02:24:59 PM 
Started by NateRuvin - Last post by rab2591
The point I'm trying to make is if the music is all about positivity and love, maybe we should try to embrace that too.

I'm not saying we should live in a fantasy world where we pretend everything they do is absolutely perfect, but we maybe need to keep a "Cool Head and a Warm Heart"

At the same time, OSD and Pretty Funky offered their opinions solely about Mike's music. Were they harsh opinions? Perhaps they were. But they could have been ignored. Again, it was the people defending Mike who spiraled this thread towards Mike's personal life...OSD and Pretty Funky (and others who negatively commented on his music) were basing their opinions on Mike's music itself.

If we're trying to bring positivity to the forum, perhaps we should sometimes ignore the opinions we find offensive. And instead of questioning the motives of those harsh opinions in every thread, just accept that Mike has pissed off a lot of people (and the people pissed off have a pretty good case for being pissed off). And when it comes to Mike's music, people probably really dislike the music because they really do find it unlistenable and not because people just dislike Mike personally.

Not to go too off-topic, but the C50 Live album is a complete disaster for those who wanted a real sounding "document" of the reunion tour. If you listen to the Chiba concert, it sounds friggin incredible and I don't think I've heard one trace of auto-tune on it. Joe Thomas decided to take some really good concert tapes, and completely destroy any heart and soul they had. And this is how I feel when Mike uses this "effect" constantly. He probably has a solid base of song somewhere in his recordings, but you'd never know it because your ear can't wrap itself around how his voice electronically gyrates like he were singing through Peter Frampton's guitar-vocoder being amplified by an original Gameboy speaker.

Imagine if Johnny Cash used autotune for his American series. They would have never ever become the classics they have become. They would have been laughed at and forgotten. And how quickly did we, some of the most ardent fans of the Beach Boys, completely lose interest in Mike's recent recordings? There are like 2 people on any of the forums who get excited about his music anymore.

Again, I'm beyond glad that Mike has been recording, but if he wants to sell some records (and have people consistently listen to his music), he needs to go the Johnny Cash route - perhaps the same is true for Brian too. People like the real. They don't like the fake. And auto-tuning your voice when you're in your 70s is about as fake as it gets.

 on: March 21, 2019, 02:21:40 PM 
Started by chewy - Last post by Senator Blutarsky
Sums up what is wrong with Mike's vision for the band - ie. Never mind the legacy, let's make a few bucks.

 on: March 21, 2019, 02:20:18 PM 
Started by chewy - Last post by SBonilla
"That's not what was Reprise was doing with Susie Cincinnati."

sure it was

same difference - saving money.  capitol did it ("exploiting catalog" = saving money, or trying to make more on what you already have out there). reprise did it so as not to master anything new on a 45 they probably had little confidence in it the time, and save the flipside new mastering expense

Except, the versions of Susie were different. There was added mastering expense.

Exploiting catalog doesn't mean saving money. It is when music publishers and record companies make the effort to seize upon or create opportunities for their copyrights.

 on: March 21, 2019, 01:36:22 PM 
Started by chewy - Last post by hideyotsuburaya
"That's not what was Reprise was doing with Susie Cincinnati."

sure it was

same difference - saving money.  capitol did it ("exploiting catalog" = saving money, or trying to make more on what you already have out there). reprise did it so as not to master anything new on a 45 they probably had little confidence in it the time, and save the flipside new mastering expense

 on: March 21, 2019, 01:25:23 PM 
Started by chewy - Last post by The LEGENDARY OSD
Profitessence- Over and over, M&B uncover the unconventional revenue streams....

 LOL LOL LOL No wonder Pontiac went out of business.  Roll Eyes

 on: March 21, 2019, 12:56:43 PM 
Started by chewy - Last post by CenturyDeprived
I wonder if it was ever considered for the band to re-record those early tunes, so at least it'd be an alternate version of the songs for fans to dig into, the way that Ronda/Rhonda and Be True to Your School were re-recorded and re-released. Although in these cases, these were already hit versions, so Brian may have felt no reason (and had no budget) to want to redo them.

 on: March 21, 2019, 12:51:50 PM 
Started by chewy - Last post by NateRuvin
Wow, that video of the raw footage is great insight to what the group was like at the time... And Bruce bowing at the intro of California Girls; he was at his corniest in this era.

 on: March 21, 2019, 12:46:21 PM 
Started by Rocker - Last post by Rocker
I totally missed this  Shocked

The Gift: The Journey of Johnny Cash (Official Teaser)

 on: March 21, 2019, 11:48:29 AM 
Started by chewy - Last post by CenturyDeprived
But wait....There’s more!

Oh, and the company no longer trades.

And the GM brand Pontiac no longer exists either (RIP).

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