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 on: Yesterday at 07:49:38 PM 
Started by Reverend Joshua Sloane - Last post by RangeRoverA1
It's formic acid which can be found in ants mixed with ethanol spirit. There must be the official medical name. We say what can be translated as ants' spirit.

Which breeds the cats look like?

 on: Yesterday at 07:40:26 PM 
Started by Al Jardine: Pick Up Artist - Last post by RangeRoverA1
Sure. Merely say people in surveys answering general question didn't say anything positive about it.
I like snow fall in the evening & it's starry sky. It's been childhood dream to acquire telescope to see big stars, their structure but they don't sell it here, I don't believe online shopping, what with charlatans & crooks. That said, no big deal. Besides, living isn't about dreams getting real. Say, if any dream doesn't realize - it's cool.
About hating cold in the house: didn't you say that your house is very stuffy you brought the air conditioner? I figured in the U.S. central heating works whole year. Is it not right?

Tasted recently dish I didn't b4 - restaurant specialty expensive mushroom called truffle. To tell the truth, it isn't bad but imo it isn't especially unique to pay big money to taste it. Would like to taste special dessert fried ice cream.

Why double-breasted costume is dubbed like it? I fail to see the link. Double-buttoned fits better.

When I read blogs, many in "About blogger" page tell that they study, studied creative writing. Is it necessity to study it or sth. pupils can select or don't? What kind of subject it is?

Should say I'm mainly question asker than answerer. Which is good. Thus next question - anybody wishes to live by the sea, as well as ocean, shore? Or live in special houses-boats or special houses standing in, surrounded by water?

In sides of Russia, summer day continues 24 hours, i.e. it's light even in twilight. It's not dark-esque as in usual twilight. Winter day is 9 am-3 pm (we don't divide it am/ pm, 3 would be 15 o'clock).

Is there such thing as louisianian/ minnesotan accent? Judging by listening to singers/ actors in films born/ raised in these states, there isn't any. Well maybe French accent in New Orleans some got. But definitely didn't detect anything in the way Minnesotans speak. To my ears, it's neutral typical American accent, with maybe less aggression in phrasing words, telling consonant sounds. Is it right?

 on: Yesterday at 07:36:36 PM 
Started by Reverend Joshua Sloane - Last post by NOLA BB Fan
Trying to figure out what "ants' spirit" is.

 Today we drove to Memphis, Tennessee. On the way we stopped at the Mississippi Petrified Forest, the only such forest in the Eastern United States. Trees from way up north died millions of years ago and their remains moved south, petrifying in the process. The hike to see them was very informative. There were two friendly cats "guarding" the place. Their names were Jasper and Magma lol.
On to Memphis, had dinner, now getting ready for bed. Going to Graceland tomorrow.

 on: Yesterday at 07:22:08 PM 
Started by Al Jardine: Pick Up Artist - Last post by NOLA BB Fan
When I'm at our country place in the woods during winter, provided that I'm wearing suitable clothes, brisk walks can indeed be invigorating.But I hate being cold indoors.
I love snow but don't like it if it snows down here. A few snowflakes put the locals in "panic mode" even though most times the air temperature is above freezing so the snow doesn't stick.
Today I had to dodge a little turtle trying to cross an interstate (four lane highway). I also had to make sure not to hit a squirrel. They have a habit of running almost completely across the street, stopping, then turning around and going back where it came from. So I had to stop while it decided where to go. I only started driving again when it was completely off the road.

 on: Yesterday at 07:19:44 PM 
Started by CenturyDeprived - Last post by The LEGENDARY OSD
I think, from what I understood from Brian, he wanted a place to get away and record what he wanted to do without being overruled.

If *anyone* deserved this (total creative control/freedom from agenda-driven bandmates/politics), it's Brian. 

That he had to go through all sorts of hoops to attain that freedom bugs me and should bug everyone too. It's beyond ridiculous the crap he had to go through and egos he had to put up with. Urgh.


(thanks again Debbie for your amazing stories and recollections).

Absolutely! Thanks for bringing it home, Deb. CD, I had identical feelings about this as well. Totally sickening and ludicrous that Brian had to resort to this stifling exercise to explore his own music in secret. Disgusting to say the least and let me guess who was the sh*thead who had the gonads to even think of trying to throw a towel over the creativity of such an artist. myKe luHv anyone??  Angry Angry Angry

 on: Yesterday at 06:54:13 PM 
Started by rickymyfataar - Last post by Awesoman
Check out this group:

 on: Yesterday at 06:12:55 PM 
Started by hypehat - Last post by RangeRoverA1
Al Jolson singing inofficial California state song.

 on: Yesterday at 06:11:07 PM 
Started by Matt H - Last post by Awesoman
Eh, the song is definitely not essential listening, but I kind of dig it's scrappy little stomp beat.  Carl's vocal contributions are quite nice. 

 on: Yesterday at 05:58:53 PM 
Started by Al Jardine: Pick Up Artist - Last post by RangeRoverA1
It's 1st time when I see smb. using "invigorating" in relation to cold weather (well air, it's basically the same). I surveyed people here, FB & random street people - surveying is sth. I like to do - & everybody unanimously said they feel hibernated, slow, like zombie when it's cold. For the record, I hate summer.
Living with pets is fun & funny. They cheer up the mood.
Is it light in summer in MN? F.ex. in some locations in Russia, including St. Petersburg, there's white nights.
In Welcome thread, thorgil, NOLA BB Fan et al said that when driving car, various small animals can jump to road & NBBF said she tries not to step them with car tyres. Is there such animals to be seen in the driveway in MN? Do you too save them lives when they run/ jump?

 on: Yesterday at 05:37:29 PM 
Started by Unreconstructed Wilsonite - Last post by RangeRoverA1
It's difficult to imagine lego constructor-made anything to be interesting to see.

Fun time question - who would you choose being similar to you by character in "Wizard Of Oz"? Scarecrow, Tinman, Lion, Wizard, Toto?

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