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 on: Today at 04:16:46 AM 
Started by harrisonjon - Last post by NOLA BB Fan
Oh yes, Smoky Robinson and the Miracles are superb!
Great songs you posted. Other faves for me are "I Second that Emotion" and "The Tears of a Clown."

For Jr. Walker and The All Stars, another favorite is "Shake and Fingerpop." I love the lyric "Put on your wig, woman, we're going out to shake and fingerpop" LOL. And that wailing sax. Fun stuff.

 on: Today at 04:09:48 AM 
Started by KDS - Last post by JK
I've just discovered a Macca album I'd never even heard of----McCartney II.

It sounds very cool so far! I get the impression it's not held in very high esteem though. Any thoughts, anyone?

 on: Today at 03:53:32 AM 
Started by astroray - Last post by Tony S
Too bad it's not the unreleased Campfire footage from the Endless Summer tv series from years back. That was the best pasrt of that show, by far.

 on: Today at 03:51:31 AM 
Started by Juice Brohnston - Last post by Tony S
Not a huge Mike fan, and I love Al's voice......that being said, while Al would do a great job on it, Mike does own the tune, and it's really been his signature one too.

 on: Today at 03:45:16 AM 
Started by Juice Brohnston - Last post by JK
There is of course the anecdote to the effect that Brian was angry because he felt that Mike "rushed" the vocal.

I was under the impression that Brian the dog-eared perfectionist was unhappy with his own vocals. Another illusion shattered. Smokin 

 on: Today at 03:06:58 AM 
Started by harrisonjon - Last post by JK
Not the best-known '60s Motown track but a real scorcher sung by Kim Weston, later Marvin Gaye's first musical partner.

If anyone were ever to ask me to play them just one typical Motown track, it would be "Take Me In Your Arms (Rock Me a Little While)".

The instrumental break uses minimal means to maximum effect----simply stunning.

 on: Today at 02:48:17 AM 
Started by FatherOfTheMan (Vito Salutation) - Last post by JK
That's very cool, Mike. Sultry stuff. I rather like Rab2591's idea of adding strings, but it's your song!

Looking forward to the next stage. :=)

 on: Today at 12:12:17 AM 
Started by >dr.O'Limeriex/Eire("Milord")< - Last post by >dr.O'Limeriex/Eire("Milord")<
-  fromDr.O'Limerix!!!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           See how simple it is (as an example) to make a palindrome poem, like how Mr. Was came to direct/produce IJWMFTT:

>Don Was ?
Saw nod !<

Or take a  Mama Cass, and see where a name like that can lead to:

>L.A.-gym, eh ?
Class-act Mama 'Mt.' Cass
Alchemy gal !<


 on: June 27, 2017, 10:20:57 PM 
Started by pixletwin - Last post by jiggy22
It'll be a losing fight for sure, but my favorite track off of Sgt. Pepper's is definitely "She's Leaving Home". Such a sweet and heartbreaking song, John and Pauls' vocal exchanges during the chorus are certainly a highlight of the track. However, the mono version certainly has the stereo version beaten. The stereo mix is just too slow, so it's a little bit more of a chore to get through. The faster mono version is practically perfect in my eyes though, so it earns my vote!

 on: June 27, 2017, 09:18:55 PM 
Started by FatherOfTheMan (Vito Salutation) - Last post by FatherOfTheMan (Vito Salutation)
I can confirm this will have vocals, singing, and some more instruments like bass :D

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