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 on: January 15, 2019, 09:43:43 AM 
Started by Reynaldo - Last post by Reynaldo
I did just go on Amazon and edited my review to make it more clear that I have only read one chapter. 

You don't get it. Your review and negative response and star rating affects the WHOLE BOOK'S rating even though you have not read it. You rated the entire book with your ignorant response. You didn't rate 1 chapter ONLY. It doesn't work that way. You damaged the whole book and you've never bought it, seen it or read it.
You have no business saying anything on there. Take it down or you will remain a punk in my eyes and taint the reputation of this site.
If I had known someone like you was on here I'd have never asked the publisher for permission to post a chapter on here. It was a curtesy. You hurt my reputation with the publisher. And I'm being polite here.

Please note "ignorant" is curable. Stupid is forever.

 on: January 15, 2019, 08:37:27 AM 
Started by Reynaldo - Last post by Pacific Ocean Blue
It's bad craic reviewing a book 1 star when you haven't even read the thing... regardless if you read 1 chapter or not

 on: January 15, 2019, 07:30:04 AM 
Started by Reynaldo - Last post by SMiLE Brian
Well said rab, mtaber, and RR!

 on: January 15, 2019, 06:32:58 AM 
Started by ChrisFarrell - Last post by HeyJude
While the material *Brian* contributed to BB '85 was very generally on par with the Usher sessions material (which wouldn't be surprising as the two groups of sessions occurred pretty close to each other), I'd say a good hunk of the other members' material, particularly Carl, on BB '85 was in both writing and production/execution much, much better than the Usher stuff. All of Carl's songs are much better compositionally, and better executed by the group as opposed to the admittedly demo-ish ad-hoc group working on those Usher-Brian songs. Bill Champlin and Jason Scheff are not Carl, Mike, Al, Brian, and Bruce.

The Usher sessions (and the book in question) are intensely interesting, but more on the story side than the music side. "Jusy Say No" isn't terribly interesting musically, but the whole deal of Usher getting Mike in there is very interesting.

The best thing that came out of those sessions is the slightly (or maybe very?) cheesy "The Spirit of Rock and Roll", and sadly neither the initial Brian version nor the eventual version with some overdubbed BBs (as heard on the '86 anniversary special) have been officially released. Instead, we got the rather limp version Brian put on the Hallmark CD about 20 years later.

One of the more interesting bits in the book is also Usher's attempt to re-write the lyrics to "Still I Dream Of It." I may not be the best analyst when it comes to lyrics, but Usher's re-written lyrics were pretty cringe-worthy as I recall.

 on: January 15, 2019, 05:05:51 AM 
Started by Reynaldo - Last post by rab2591
Ron, I really respect that you've come on here consistently to plug/defend this book. And looking over this thread I think you've come out the bigger person on a multitude of occasions when responding to people who have hurled insults at you. I also think it's commendable that you admit:

To the others on the site, thank you for your thoughtful and insightful comments. I learned a lot from many of you - get some better fact checkers for one thing. Ha. I maintain that Rocky got to see this great band from the inside, behind the curtain, if you will,  during a really interesting time in the bands history. 

It takes a lot of work to write a book, and I can't imagine the time and dedication it takes. Especially 28 chapters of dedication. With that said, I hope I can help you understand why there is so much angst towards you in this thread. Here is a quote from the excerpt you posted earlier in the thread:

In 1967, Mikeís discomfort with Brianís new musical direction caused things to get more than a little heated. As portrayed in the film Love and Mercy, they had an ugly scene, and it brought things to a head. Brian had reached his breaking point; his mental and physical reserves were stretched so thin, he was done.

At that point, Brian effectively quit the band and withdrew into a cocoon of drugs and disenchantment. He vowed he would never write songs again for the Beach Boys, and he opted to slip into oblivion. He just couldnít take it anymore. He checked out. Why, he asked himself, should he continue shouldering the awesome responsibility that comes with writing the songs, doing the arrangements, teaching the others their parts, both vocally and instrumentally, slaving away in the studio, all the while dealing with a changing audience that was seemingly turning on him and his music?

You are asking people to dedicate their money, and more importantly their time, to reading this book. And excerpts you provide go against much of the truth that many posters here have spent a lot of time fighting for in recent years. There are many in the Beach Boys world that have dedicated a lot of time perpetuating rumors that put Brian in a bad light....whether it is pushback from the amount of Mike Love hatred, I don't know. It doesn't help that Mike Love himself used this same type of misinformation in a lawsuit just over a decade ago for an attempt at a quick buck. So, especially in recent years, many posters here have pushed back against this false idea that Brian is a vegetable, Brian is controlled, Brian effectively quit the band after Smile, Brian did nothing but take drugs and lay in bed after 1967, Carl produced Wild Honey, Mike pulled the band together. The amount of rumors goes on and on, and though I don't at all think people need to berate you, I also think that their anger stems from years of seeing these rumors go unchecked. So when you show up and the chapter you provide has at least one of these rumors, it isn't outside the realm of possibility that people here would get irritated about it.

I also invite you to read Rocky's post history on this forum:;u=9448;sa=showPosts

Between those posts and what we have seen of the book in its current form regarding Stan, Rocky, Mike, etc, it also leaves a lot of questions relating to why there was an almost 180ļ turnaround in several opinions about certain people - and yeah, you can say that the publisher, you, and Rocky agreed that the book should be more about the love of the Beach Boys (leaving the tabloid stuff out), yet according to those who have read the book there is still some unflattering perspectives regarding some members (Carl and Dennis) while Mike seems to go unscathed. And in your defense you say that this is due to the time period the book is about. Yet the above quote from the book shows an unflattering and untrue look at Brian Wilson mid-60s and beyond which follows the same tabloid style you claim you were trying to avoid. And I will admit, those rumors were so pervasive that many people believed them without question, so I'm not saying it was intentional on your part. But even unintentional it doesn't make the false perspective correct. You and Rocky may not have even seen this sentence "In 1967...Brian effectively quit the band and withdrew into a cocoon of drugs and disenchantment" as unflattering and untrue, but it is untrue and thus unflattering to Brian. And I think you're asking a lot of people here to buy/support this book when it carries on this myth...again, a myth that Mike Love tried to use as leverage in a lawsuit against Brian not that long ago.

So from many angles (be it Rocky's posts from years back, the 180ļ turnaround the book takes from some of those posts - and the possible confusion that that makes for us potential readers, the misrepresented look at Brian's late-60s life) this book and anyone defending it was bound (no pun intended) to get some flak.

And while you may not appreciate mtaber's amazon review, he's been one of the few people trying to keep insults being hurled at you in this thread:

I don't see any point in being nasty to Ron.  He wrote a book with Rocky, they got it published, and we (as a group) generally are in agreement that we don't think it's a very good book, from what we've read. I respect Ron's right to write a book, he should respect our right to have a negative view of the book.  

I hope most of the above post helps you understand the backlash you have been enduring. Again, respect to you for coming here and dealing with the backlash in the manner you have. Thanks for being open to at least some of the responses that have civilly pointed out some mistakes in the book.

Happy 2019 to you too!

I respectfully agree with you except for tabor. I posted a reply to him. I don't need his protection on this site. I am repulsed at his behavior on the Amazon. He rated the book. HE HAS NOT READ THE BOOK. It hurt and he had no right to put that on Amazon. It was petty. Period.
Have you read the book? I'm not quite sure if you have or are simply reacting to others who have so I don't quite know how to address your other comments correctly.
Please let me know. Thanks.

I have not read the book. Tbh Iím hesitant dropping $21 plus shipping on a book that I have seen a couple inaccuracies in by reading only the introduction and the chapter you uploaded. I can look past some inaccuracies (there are some in probably every Beach Boys book published), but I canít justify spending $25+ on it.

Perhaps you could respond to the questions made regarding a possible e-book release of this book? I think an e-book release would make this book a bit more affordable to potential readers

 on: January 15, 2019, 04:52:24 AM 
Started by adamghost - Last post by LostArt
Cool stuff.  Some nice pickin' from David.  Thanks for sharing!

 on: January 15, 2019, 03:44:11 AM 
Started by Wata - Last post by Wata
Today's song is Wind Chimes:

 on: January 15, 2019, 03:43:26 AM 
Started by Wata - Last post by Wata
Your ratings for On A Holiday:
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 on: January 15, 2019, 02:58:06 AM 
Started by LaurieBiagini - Last post by JK
Late last night: my all-time favourite SMiLE mix (sans "GV"):

 on: January 15, 2019, 02:39:36 AM 
Started by ChrisFarrell - Last post by lance
I think the Usher songs are a lot better than the BB85 songs. They are just dated , that's all. 80s production used to bother me, but now it doesn't; it's just a particular flavor. And definitely the Usher songs are better than "Too Much Sugar", which is from the same time period and which he did not work on and even tried to convince them not to put out. I mean, I like "Too Much Sugar"for its quirks but if Brian wants to be a major label artist....that's actually I think the problem with Brian Wilson's solo work. I think he is basically a free-spirited indie artist who is trying to fit major label expectations.

What gets me is the excitement everybody showed for "Let's Go To Heaven In my Car." I ike the verses but I think the chorus is annoying and the production of course is dated, but wasn't dated in 1986-86. But it's just not that good a song, in my opinion. OH, it's better than anything I've ever written. But everyone, from Wilson, to Usher to the Beach Boys to Lenny Waronker were convinced it was a winner. Brian played it at a songwriting conference like it was the second coming of "God Only Knows" and got a standing O. Like...what?. It is a bit absurd. Same with "The Spirit of Rock and Roll." There were like, wars fought over that song. In the end, while it is well-crafted, it is also just mediocre compared to Brian's best.

 And then it never even really got officially released  other than that flabby, lazy 2005 version.

The bit with Al Jardine being all pissy is pretty funny too. It's also interesting how Mike Love seems the most sane of all the Beach Boys compared to Brian and Al. Bruce comes off as a bit nutty, too. Only Carl and Mike seem to treat Usher like a human, although in the background, Mike is secretly trying to rewrite Usher's lyrics so he can wrangle a songwriting credit.  And then, Bruce is all in Usher's face about it. What a weird bunch of people.

But I think that all that stuff (and the BB 85) represents Brian coming out of long inactivity, and naturally his first songs are not going to be as good as what came later. And I think that Paley was a better collaborator because he wasn't trying to force Brian into this commercial mold like Usher was.

I must say that the book definitely makes me wonder how many lyricists have been uncredited over the years.

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