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 on: Yesterday at 12:48:11 PM 
Started by ReggieDunbar - Last post by guitarfool2002
The story about Brian gifting Billy Strange a brand new Fender Electric XII and Fender amp has been one of the LA studio legends for decades...what a cool move. Brian even got the owner of Wallichs personally to open the shop - they were closed - to get the guitar and amp bought and delivered for Billy.

And what Brian would do - Keep in mind he was not the first nor the only producer/session leader to do this but many producers would not do it - is deliberately let the clock run a few minutes overtime. If the session was 7-10 and Brian had the take he wanted by 10, he'd call for them to play another one, make sure it went overtime, then stop the take. They still got credit for the extra time.

So all the musicians working would get an overtime bonus payment according to union rules, and they didn't need to play a full hour more to collect it. Just a minute or so enough to qualify for overtime.

Another very cool move. That's why the musicians liked doing sessions with Brian, among other reasons of course.

 on: Yesterday at 12:42:45 PM 
Started by Rocker - Last post by Rocker
Added a link to Mike & Bruce's appearance on Fox's All American Summer Concert Series in 2015.

 on: Yesterday at 12:20:20 PM 
Started by ReggieDunbar - Last post by All Summer Long
There was also the story of Brian buying an expensive instrument for a member of the Wrecking Crew because it was needed for the session, and then saying "it's yours."

True I forgot about this one. I remember c-man posted the member was Billy Strange, and I know he was given the guitar, cash, and (I think) even the amp and AMF/union dues.

 on: Yesterday at 11:25:24 AM 
Started by NateRuvin - Last post by Smelly Smell
I'm all for Mike recording another album for no other reason than it's just there for anybody who wants it just like a Ringo Starr album...nothing more, nothing less.
And now that the world is online it'll be easier to find the album than having to wade through the cut-out bins that stores used to have.

 on: Yesterday at 10:52:00 AM 
Started by Rocker - Last post by Rocker
So, August 9th will see the release of a 11-CD boxset with Elvis' performances in Vegas in 1969. Arguably some of the best live Rock'n'Roll ever recorded. Here is the cover:

 on: Yesterday at 10:01:34 AM 
Started by BubbaFide - Last post by BeachBoysCovers
Outside of um...less than legal means, I'm not aware of a way to obtain the albums outside of the original records.

That being said, a  few tracks are on Youtube, maybe most? I've never properly searched

 on: Yesterday at 09:53:06 AM 
Started by NateRuvin - Last post by guitarfool2002
Regarding my earlier comments about Bruce and C50, it was a reaction and follow-up to what HeyJude posted about Bruce's comments before the tour, and how he seemed less than thrilled and put out the impression that he couldn't wait until it was over. The follow-up was simply "what if" Bruce wasn't into doing it...would fans have been upset enough to ask for a refund if Bruce chose not to either participate or continue? And I said I doubt it. It wasn't a moratorium on Bruce's position in Mike's band, or C50, or whatever...just a comment that he seemed pretty "meh" about the reunion before it started, and if he felt that strongly about it and decided to sit it out, I don't think it would be a fatal blow to the success of it.

The draw of the reunion was and still would be seeing the guys who were practicing in various garages and rooms in Hawthorne sharing the stage...all surviving members. And that's what the fans got.

 on: Yesterday at 09:47:15 AM 
Started by NateRuvin - Last post by guitarfool2002
How murky is it, Nate? Mike didn't want to do anything further with Brian, Al, and David so they continued playing and recording together into the next few years while Mike went back to playing his kind of shows and complaining about C50.

When there were three original members who expressed interest in doing something together moving forward, playing or recording more material in some capacity as a core group of original BB's, and speaking positively about the experience...then there's Mike who was mostly negative on both the reunion album and tour and had no interest in doing murky was it? Mike was the one who chose to walk and badmouth both the album and the reunion, period, end of story.

I don't know where the logic in suggesting otherwise is coming from.

 on: Yesterday at 09:39:33 AM 
Started by feelintheflows - Last post by Gerry
I didn't mean to imply that the Association was MOR, only that it is the public perception of them. Like the Beach Boys there are a lot of hidden gems on the Association's albums that are unknown to the general public. After their popularity waned they continued to put out some really good albums. However most of their hits, which I really liked are stuff you could hear in a dentist's office, real muzak.

 on: Yesterday at 09:06:57 AM 
Started by ReggieDunbar - Last post by rab2591
I get the point of the thread and, nothing against the original poster, but I hate when someone needs to be built up in the face of someone else being torn down.

There is good and bad in MOST people. But, the fact that almost literally every thread on this board ends up turning into a "Mike is Satan" thread is honestly exhausting.

I love the deep knowledge and never-ending discoveries involving the band that come to light here! But, the negativity drags things down to a ridiculous level.

The fact? Your statement is downright false (and easily proven to be false) and a narrative that has been pushed for far too long by people too pissed off that Mike has done enough crap in his life to the point that it is hard to not bring it up in certain threads. That being said, look at the General On Topic Discussion page and most every thread doesn't devolve into a "Mike is Satan" thread....also interesting that lines like this one get completely made up to make the reality look worse than it is. It's kinda funny that when you search "Mike is Satan" on this forum, the only people who have written it are Mike apologists in an attempt to completely exaggerate the issue. So good going guys, the line "Mike is Satan" only exists because of you.

OP asks:
Everywhere there is talk about Mikes big ego. It's a big part of the narrative and legacy in the bands history.

But just sake of the argument:
Give me some really good examples of Brian actually caring for someone else post 1965. (Writing lyrics doesn't count)

As you prefaced the question with a reference to Mike's egotistical behavior, I assume that the foundation of this thread lies in the idea that in your view "caring" is the opposite of "ego". And while that may be partially correct. Having a big ego means that you very much care only for yourself. Whilst you can have a small ego and still not give great amounts to charity or run into a burning building to save a kitten. My point being, Brian's caring personality has probably done a lot to help people in small ways over the decades. I am very much looking forward to Debbie KL posting in this thread, because I am sure she has a lot of stories about Brian's caring nature. Also, Ray Lawlor, who used to post here probably has many.

And on another note: some of the most selfless people do all their good acts in secret. My grandfather put a plethora of people through college anonymously, my family only found out about it after he had passed away and so many of the kids he helped came to the funeral and talked about his giving nature...but my family never knew about it for 30+ years. Who knows what Brian and Mike do to help others that isn't put into the public light?

I know Mike donates to a lot of charities he is passionate about, I am sure Brian and Melinda do the same.

Brian has indeed admitted to being a bad father and without a doubt he hurt some people during his drug years. But ya know what? It takes a selfless person to publicly admit these kind of faults...and his daughters have since had a healthy relationship with him...and Marylin has probably since forgiven Brian of his behavior. I'm not trying to say Brian is a saint. But his small-ego nature is visible for all to see when he publicly admits his screwups...and admitting such things is an act of caring, because it is the first step to mending broken relationships and moving towards a more positive way of looking at life (which he has done since the Landy years). Brian Wilson has been diagnosed as a schizoaffective with mild manic light of that, I'd say the amount of caring (per the examples already posted in this thread) show how even through hearing voices telling him to kill himself and being bipolar, he still fights through it to try and bring some light into the world...which I think is pretty incredible.

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