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 on: Yesterday at 09:52:35 AM 
Started by HeyJude - Last post by Jon Stebbins
I attended Al's show last night in AG, California (thanks to promoter Eric Long for the tickets). I live about 20 mins from the venue so it was convenient. I thought it was a good show, Matt and AL"s (and their keyboardist)vocals were excellent. Their ability to pull of God Only Knows in particular was impressive. Al isn't really suited to be the focus of an entire concert but despite that he provided a fun evening of music and casual banter with his stage mates and the audience. I was struck by how old the average attendee was at this show. I'm 60 and I'd say 75% of the crowd were much older It trends the opposite of The Beach Boys and Brian shows I've seen where the surprise is usually that there are so many young people in the crowd. Not last night. There were far more canes and walkers than there were piercings and tattoos. The one void for me was that Al refused to play any guitar solos, even simple things like the intro to Surfin USA and the little quick solo in Help Me Rhonda both of which he can easily pull off. He just left them out. I also laughed when it came to the bridge of Surfer Girl and he forgot to sing the first half,I felt like he was so used to Brian singing that bridge section hat he forgot Brian wasn't there. Overall I had fun and I think Al did too.

 on: Yesterday at 09:27:36 AM 
Started by pixletwin - Last post by bummerinparadise
Northern Song
Across the Universe

 on: Yesterday at 08:54:00 AM 
Started by HeyJude - Last post by B.E.
Does Al address the origins of Lookin' At Tomorrow?

 on: Yesterday at 08:44:40 AM 
Started by Hickory Violet Part IV - Last post by GhostyTMRS
Ugh! These kinds of Frankenstein creations have become all the rage and, at least in the case of Elvis Presley, they sell reasonably well. I can't imagine anyone wanting to listen to a Beach Boys release like this but I'm continually proven wrong.  Undecided

 on: Yesterday at 08:36:31 AM 
Started by HeyJude - Last post by southbay
Good show last night. No surprises or additions, however. No Santa Ana Winds, San Simeon, et al. 500 seat theater, about 75% full. As usual Matt and Al sound great together. Also had a brief meet and greet after the show, photos taken by Mary Ann Jardine. The show is adsolutely worth your time and effort to see, just don't go expecting any deep cuts with the exception of Vegetables and Lookin at Tomorrow

 on: Yesterday at 07:11:24 AM 
Started by Hickory Violet Part IV - Last post by Zesterz
Maybe not yet the hologram

 on: Yesterday at 06:25:28 AM 
Started by Hickory Violet Part IV - Last post by Pablo.
So they're using the original BB vocals straight from the multitrack, a la Aretha... usually, the industry waits for the singers to be dead before attemping something like that. This is really the beginning of a new phase.

 on: Yesterday at 05:34:26 AM 
Started by the captain - Last post by JK
I'd like to bring the dialog with Emily, it's related to this thread.

Are you still in touch with Emily? She made some great posts in her day...

 on: Yesterday at 03:55:43 AM 
Started by Hickory Violet Part IV - Last post by rab2591
Ya know, I don’t mind this idea if it’s done right. That BBC version of ‘God Only Knows’ from a few years ago was a great glimpse into what Beach Boys songs could sound like done with more symphony-like arrangements. Not to mention the London Symphony Orchestra covering that same song.

For my Beach Boys Love album, I did a mashup of the Vitamin String Quartet’s cover of ‘You Still Believe In Me’ and the vocals from the actual song and it wasn’t half bad. Something like that done professionally could sound really good...especially with a full orchestra behind it.

And the Beatles very own Love album had a phenomenal overdub of strings on ‘While My Guitar Gently Weeps’.

But I just listened to some tracks from Aretha Franklins version of this very project. The strings sound amazing but those drums/percussion just kill any organic flow those tracks have. I don’t get why they go to all the trouble of string arrangements when they just become overshadowed by some poorly mixed, plastic sounding drums. I am really hoping The Beach Boys version doesn’t sound as disjointed.

Hickory Violet, thanks much for the heads up about this!

 on: Yesterday at 02:49:09 AM 
Started by XY - Last post by Rocker
Status Quo and The Beach Boys - Des O'Conner Show

Good to see Brian and Carl together.

Interestingly, here it's only Mike, Bruce and Carl:

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