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 on: Today at 10:25:02 AM 
Started by FredGroman - Last post by JK
I respect all members of this glorious band! Mr. Brian brings his harmony to these songs. Mr. Carl brought the soul. Mr. Dennis was a whirlwind monsoon of talents. Mr. Marks shreds his guitar. Mr. Alan I love you’re solo record!! Mr. Bruce and his spectacular hand clapping and Going Public album. And finally Mr. mike and his unique way of building people up and putting on a good show for the public! Has this fan community heard Alone On Christmas Day? That song brought tears to my eye when I heard Mr. Mike's incredible voice.

I'm sorry but this stuff cracks me up big time. "Mr. Bruce and his spectacular hand clapping". I can't wait for Mr. Fred to post again.  w00t!

 on: Today at 10:14:24 AM 
Started by Juice Brohnston - Last post by lostbeachboy
A few mid- late 60s Carl songs would have been nice if Al was on lead.

 on: Today at 09:25:55 AM 
Started by Rick5150 - Last post by Pet Sounder
I Know There's An Answer.  That tag is just so wonderful.  It's my favorite Pet Sounds moment by far.  Has anyone heard more of the session than what appears on the boxed set?  I've always wondered if the tag was intended to be that way from the beginning, or if it developed during the session.

Runners up:

At My Window

Til I Die

We're Together Again

 on: Today at 09:06:12 AM 
Started by Juice Brohnston - Last post by acedecade75
 I think Al's voice has survived the best over time, and he may sound good singing it today.  But, honestly, Mike's original vocal on California Girls can't be beat.  It's a perfect timeless classic.

 on: Today at 09:00:03 AM 
Started by Juice Brohnston - Last post by Bicyclerider
There is of course the anecdote to the effect that Brian was angry because he felt that Mike "rushed" the vocal.

I was under the impression that Brian the dog-eared perfectionist was unhappy with his own vocals. Another illusion shattered. Smokin 

I thought it was the backing vocals that he was unhappy with and had them redo repeatedly to get the timing/rhythm right?

 on: Today at 08:20:17 AM 
Started by Juice Brohnston - Last post by HeyJude
I'm not big on the hypothetical of whether Al would have worked singing the lead on the original recording. It probably still would have been a bit I guess, and Al was a good singer back then. Al tended to sound like Brian in some instances back then, so a 1965 Al lead on that song probably would have sounded somewhere between Mike and Brian. But I can't say I'd want to jump in a time machine and change the lead over to Al.

What I *will* say is that I probably prefer Al's lead on the song *today* over any other members, including Mike.

Al sang the lead on stage occasionally when Mike missed gigs, including in 1983 and 1990. There's actually (an unfortunately murky) audience recording of a 1990 Canadian gig where Mike is out and Al sings most of Mike's leads, and Al sounds really good. It's obviously *different*, but also familiar because Al's voice is still familiar.

Interestingly, Al didn't do "California Girls" when he first went out in 1998/99/00 with his "Family & Friends" band. Eventually, by the time he was pretty much just doing random solo gigs or sitting in with the "Surf City All Stars" or other pickup bands in the mid 2000s, Al started singing the song and sounded great. I saw him do it solo in 2005 with Stevie Heger's band.

Here's a recording of Al singing it from his "guest spot" on the Surf City All Stars album:

I'm without sound at the moment, so hopefully I've linked the correct version with Al singing lead.

Yet *another* version with Al singing the lead was released on the 2004 Vocal Hall of Fame album:

 on: Today at 07:45:40 AM 
Started by Juice Brohnston - Last post by Kid Presentable
Al is best singing about women when he puts them on a pedestal, Mike tends to be in his comfort zone when he reduces them down to a basal form. 

Using this "logic" Weird Al would be a better fit than Al.  It would take him 10 minutes to come up with "Tijuana Girls" and some south of the border accordion riffs.

 on: Today at 07:04:39 AM 
Started by Juice Brohnston - Last post by Beach Boys Collection
It´s Gettin Late

 on: Today at 07:02:56 AM 
Started by Letsgoawayforawhile - Last post by Beach Boys Collection

 on: Today at 06:50:07 AM 
Started by KDS - Last post by Chocolate Shake Man
I've just discovered a Macca album I'd never even heard of----McCartney II.

It sounds very cool so far! I get the impression it's not held in very high esteem though. Any thoughts, anyone?

Yes, I enjoy the album. I put it on when I'm looking for something a little more far out there. It's definitely an experimental album for Paul and, as far as I know, was not held in much high regard for quite a while. But in retrospect, I think people quite rightly view it as a good example of McCartney trying out some new things. I like On The Way, Waterfalls, Summer's Day Song, and One of These Days the best.

Thanks, CSM. Kind of what Trans was for Neil Young then. I'll keep listening. :=)

Yes! Great comparison.

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