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 on: Today at 12:47:13 PM 
Started by runnersdialzero - Last post by B.E.
Does anyone know why Help Me Rhonda w/the alternate Help You Rhonda lyrics was released as such on Made in California, but titled "Help Me, Rhonda" on Sunshine Tomorrow?

 on: Today at 12:00:14 PM 
Started by Spoonito - Last post by JK
Very cool, Spoonito----thank you! What a labour of love!

 on: Today at 11:58:08 AM 
Started by Reverend Joshua Sloane - Last post by JK
It's beautiful! Can you tell what tree is it?

Thanks! We're very happy with it too. It's the autumn (or winter) flowering cherry:

 on: Today at 11:46:28 AM 
Started by leafy - Last post by Competition Clutch
Any thoughts on why the boys can't make it through many of the live songs without giggling at the lyrics or the songs?  Particularly the author of many of the lyrics.

 on: Today at 11:10:05 AM 
Started by Spoonito - Last post by Gabo
I love it. Brian needed you in 1967!

 on: Today at 10:56:13 AM 
Started by Spoonito - Last post by zavarov

Daniele Catalucci

 on: Today at 10:26:22 AM 
Started by leafy - Last post by Hickory Violet Part IV
The version of Barbara Ann here is freaking awesome...sounds like something from the White Album

Yeah! My first thought was, "they could have had ANOTHER hit with this!" LOL
I was thinking "no way can this be 1967...someone spliced something in from 1977" the first two times I heard it LOL
The prototype for Love You was in 1967! Cool

Yeah pretty much
Funny how AGD's every "theory: about the BBs has been proven wrong with these releases.... Roll Eyes

You gotta explain this one to me...
Just BW not running the band after SMiLE and Carl being in charge. Plus the Hawaiian shows being total disasters instead of merely being a bit off....

Just a little thing called having ears can tell you that Brian was in charge till Friends.  I was suprised it was a revelation to anyone.

 on: Today at 10:18:55 AM 
Started by leafy - Last post by “Big Daddy”
I’m fascinated by the organ riff that leads into the recording of the “Gettin’ Hungry” track. Thankful we get to hear little things like this.

 on: Today at 09:09:31 AM 
Started by Rocker - Last post by picassosson
I love the original "Alone On Christmas Day" and the "Christmas Medley" from the unreleased 1977 album so damn much. They're some of my favorite Beach Boys holiday tunes. Does anyone know the reason why they haven't have been officially released? I'm really surprised they didn't make "Ultimate Christmas", or the "Made In California" box set, especially when utterly lazy dreck like "Santa's Got An Airplane" got the green light.

 on: Today at 07:40:04 AM 
Started by Watamushi(Polly Poller) - Last post by Mike Garneau
Today's song is Got to Know the Woman.

I love it. It might not be a masterpiece but that doesn't matter. It's catchy and lusty and rockin' and has some very creative background vocals. Works for me! FIVE!

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