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 on: Today at 02:42:32 PM 
Started by NOLA BB Fan - Last post by RangeRoverA1
Schwartzman is BBs fan? Cool. Did he list favorite songs?

 on: Today at 01:28:12 PM 
Started by Al Jardine: Pick Up Artist - Last post by Buckethead
Emetophobia was something I had until I got pregnant with twins. Puking every hour or so for 5 1/2 months (when it suddenly stopped) cured me of that; I had no choice. I guess we were both protected from the teenage-girl phenomenon for bulimia. Other than that, I panic at the sight of or thought of a rat. Spiders and snakes are OK (unless they are biting me), mice are tolerable in moderation, but do not bring a rat near me! Waves, I like, although I've never been on a boat in a bad storm with monster waves. Typically, I find them relaxing to swim in and watch. 

 on: Today at 01:23:43 PM 
Started by NOLA BB Fan - Last post by AKA
Heard a guest DJ spot yesterday Actor Jason Schwartzman, of all people.
Hes also a musician:

 on: Today at 01:21:20 PM 
Started by hypehat - Last post by Buckethead
RRA1 -
I see. I meant "icon" in the USA, should have been more specific. I guess it can be taken in terms of the world or within a nation/culture.  You are certainly making me more globally conscious!

I've never met a Siberian, although I talk to many other Russian college students who work in my favorite ocean-side resort in the state of New Jersey. How long do you have cold winter weather?

Falafel is actually a Middle Eastern food (I think originally Egyptian?) that is popular wherever there are larger settlements of Middle Easterners in the US. Essentially, it consists of fava beans or chick peas fried up as a patty and served on pita bread or they may be made into little balls and eaten alone as a snack or starter or put on salads, other vegetables, etc. Often, they are accompanied with sauces that may be spicy or not. Falafel is also popular with vegetarians because it is a tasty, inexpensive source of high quality protein. The flavor itself is pretty bland, but is enhanced from frying in oil and the sauces. I enjoy falafel as long as it is not spicy.

 on: Today at 12:02:20 PM 
Started by Doobidoo - Last post by CenturyDeprived
I might also add that the group recorded their vocals on "Wake The World" without Mike, but it seems his voice was added to that one upon his return.

I guess that was maybe a more simple/natural  thing to do, since Mike usually sang separately into a different microphone,  even if he was present at the same time the group did vocal harmonies, right?

Were there any other times were a member other than Mike added their vocals at a later point to harmonies, as opposed to singing them all together?

 on: Today at 11:34:37 AM 
Started by Doobidoo - Last post by c-man
I might also add that the group recorded their vocals on "Wake The World" without Mike, but it seems his voice was added to that one upon his return.

 on: Today at 11:30:49 AM 
Started by runnersdialzero - Last post by c-man
The overall reason for both of them was supposedly boredom, in the sense of not making much new music - I think it was in David Leaf's book where I read this:  they were comfortable with the music and getting paid well, but didn't feel by late '73 (in Blondie's case) and late '74 (in Ricky's) that there was much hope for a real creative outlet. Blondie's frustration reportedly led to drinking too much, and the flareup with Steve Love (backstage at Madison Square Garden) was the tipping point, so he resigned then and there. In Ricky's case, the band imposed fines for drug use, and that reportedly led to his quitting and joining up with Joe Walsh (however briefly - though I don't think they were actually calling themselves Barnstorm by that point, despite what's been reported in various Beach Boys biographies - see this article:

As a side note: interestingly, Fataar and Walsh, along with the Walsh band bassist mentioned in the above article - Bryan Garafalo - all made contributions to the Boys' 1980 Bruce Johnston-produced album Keepin' The Summer Alive - Fataar did a number of sessions for that album, while Garafalo is the bassist on most of the songs, and Walsh played the very Walsh-like slide solo on the title track.

 on: Today at 10:13:54 AM 
Started by JK - Last post by JK
I was surprised to hear Psalm 23 ("the Lord is my shepherd") in there. Was Howells the first composer to use that in a requiem? I know it's in Rutter's, and thought that was an anomaly. Now I'm wondering how common it might be, and when it entered that context. (It is an obvious fit, really.)

Looks like they're the only two to use it in a requiem. I have yet to "get" Rutter but Herbert H nails it for me. I agree--his is an achingly beautiful work.

 on: Today at 09:55:40 AM 
Started by HeyJude - Last post by ♩♬☮ Billy C ♯♫♩☮
Sounding great!

 on: Today at 09:41:43 AM 
Started by NOLA BB Fan - Last post by Wirestone
Heard a guest DJ spot yesterday Actor Jason Schwartzman, of all people.

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