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 on: April 28, 2017, 10:02:22 PM 
Started by HeyJude - Last post by ♩♬☮ Billy C ♯♫♩☮
I'm wondering if Brian's just bored with Pet Sounds?  Asking cause I just saw this video from the soundcheck from this very tour
and go to about the 2:15 mark and let it play for a bit..

so the voice is still there, esp. when he's relaxed and he's still into it. Also, his keyboard is definitely audible.

 on: April 28, 2017, 09:45:58 PM 
Started by ThyRavenAscend - Last post by bringahorseinhere?
that's gotta be Carl on the top, and Brian answering back an 'octave'? below with that husky voice

 on: April 28, 2017, 09:24:40 PM 
Started by HeyJude - Last post by Amy B.
Just back from the show at NJPAC in Newark, NJ. That venue is pretty big, but it was nearly sold out. We managed to get seats in the 3rd tier (out of 4) and as I have a fear of heights, I thought I might faint, we were so high up. But after the first couple of songs I was OK. I was pleased that Brian can sell that many tickets. This may be incoherent. I'm pretty tired.

Brian seemed to be in great spirits, and everyone was "great"-- the Great Al Jardine, the Great Blondie Chaplin, the Great Matt Jardine. I'm not sure I ever heard the band do Let Him Run Wild Before, so that was a treat. Matt got a lot of applause. Blondie kind of floated on and off the stage, seeming to show up whenever he felt like it! And then he took over toward the end of the first set, when he sang his leads. His guitar solos went on a little too long for my taste, but he is a welcome presence overall. During Wild Honey I kept wishing they'd put the spotlight on Probyn and the thermin. He finally got his due applause during intros.

Seemed like a lot of people around me were new fans, or very casual fans. After Add Some Music I heard someone remark, "Oh, I like that song," as if they'd never heard it.

As was mentioned in reviews of other shows, Brian's vocals were energetic in the first set but he struggled a bit during Pet Sounds. He does that sort of Frank Sinatra talk-sing ad-lib thing. Also ,when he strains he sometimes sounds like early 90s Brian, which is almost spooky.  I think this has to be it for him and these challenging songs live, after this tour. They're just too hard to sing. Luckily Matt handled the high notes. I always find it funny how Brian can still command a room. He got the now-traditional standing ovation after God Only Knows, but soon said bluntly, "Have a seat," and everyone immediately did. Brian may think he's there to please us, but everyone wants to please him.

And of course the encores were excellent, with everyone, especially Nelson (and apart from Brian), at peak energy, and some band members running around the stage. During L&M Brian sang about a lot of people getting shot. This got audible recognition from the audience-- appreciation that Brian acknowledged gun violence, I guess.

This might have been the first show I've been to without Jeff. I don't remember Jeff thanking and naming the crew the way Paul did. Maybe he did, but I don't recall that. Also, several of the band members hugged Paul after they were introduced. This band, plus or minus some members, has been together a long time. Darian was missed, but it was great to see Billy (of the original boyband, "except they could sing and play," as Paul said) and Gary.

I wondered how people would react to Brian's weak PS vocals, but as we were filing out, all I heard was "That was so good," and "Great show." I had been hesitant to go because I felt I'd seen him enough, and when he vocals were stronger, but I'm glad I went.

 on: April 28, 2017, 09:14:32 PM 
Started by Jason - Last post by ♩♬☮ Billy C ♯♫♩☮
No probs Smiley

 on: April 28, 2017, 09:14:13 PM 
Started by ♩♬☮ Billy C ♯♫♩☮ - Last post by ♩♬☮ Billy C ♯♫♩☮
This topic has been moved to The Sandbox.

 on: April 28, 2017, 09:11:59 PM 
Started by HeyJude - Last post by marcella27
Newark show was fantastic.  Brian was in the zone!  He seemed to be in a really great mood, along with Al and the rest of the band.  He improved some lyrics and his voice was in good shape.  Some super quick comments...

Matt was back. 

Setlist had Do It Again (by the way, SUCH a good song live I don't know how everyone isn't up and out of their seats on this one), Let Him Run Wild.  No Honkin. 

Blondie's little miniset was unbelievable.  He is such a great singer and makes everything look completely effortless.   I can now go to my grave content that I saw Brian, Al and Blondie do Feel Flows. 

Brian gave a shoutout to David Leaf and three other names I didn't recognize, so I assume David Leaf was at the show. 

When they did the band intros the played Thank You Fallentinme Be Mice Elf Agin for Blondie, and he sang along for one chorus.  I wish it had been the whole song!

Brian and the band were so relaxed and seemed so happy.  I saw five shows last summer and loved them all, but tonight was probably the best. 

 on: April 28, 2017, 09:03:47 PM 
Started by ThyRavenAscend - Last post by ♩♬☮ Billy C ♯♫♩☮
Here we go...

Here's the higher "Marcella hey" part  and right after it you here another one at lower pitch with a very familiar vocal  "ring" answering it (with a bit of a twang) with a "hey Marcella" (but pronounced kind of like "Mahcella" . I hadn't thought about the higher part being Jack before, but it really doesn't sound like him unless there was some pitch manipulation going on. The answering part I pointed out, though, is unmistakingly Brian. (Incidentally, the doobie doobie doo-oo part, is Al. Wink )To compare...this is what Jack sounded like vocally other than on A Day in the Life of a Tree. 

So yeah, unless his vocals were sped up, I can't hear that being Jack at all.

 on: April 28, 2017, 08:36:04 PM 
Started by Magic Transistor Radio - Last post by Magic Transistor Radio
I am interested in learning more about this. Specifically the late 90s. History of his backing band and what lead to him deciding to go on the road again. A book should be written about this someday! From the late 80s to the end. A story that hasn't been finished yet.

Please leave any links or even comments about the origins of his touring band and going on tour.

 on: April 28, 2017, 08:34:20 PM 
Started by ThyRavenAscend - Last post by ♩♬☮ Billy C ♯♫♩☮
I agree with you it was put on voice to deal with the Myke touring machine of the time. Wink

The Spring LP was released in 72. Was Brian's voice starting to change as far back as that?. The ITBOMM demo was recorded in 75. Was there a three year period of voice change?
Yes it was.  Brian' vocals on So Tough bear it out (although buried a bit in the mix). Somewhere in my collection I have  Brian's vocals isolated on the songs he's there vocally but I need to hunt it down (burned to cd before my old computer died; it's packed up in a box somewhere).

From memory...he's the high part on Mess of help (sounding more like his MIU era falsetto). He's doing the "Marcella Hey" tag on Marcella, in addition to the higher part on the "hey yeah Marcella" part.  And on He Come Down, the "eee-ee" part on the left channel is indeed Brian, sounding EXACTLY like he did in 1976 (right channel is Mike).

I asked someone who would definitely know and without hesitation got confirmation.

I thought the "Marcella Hey" part was Jack...

It's possible that he might have doubled him, but IMHO it's way too on pitch (left channel)

Let me load this in Adobe Audition and see if I can isolate moment..

 on: April 28, 2017, 07:17:43 PM 
Started by ThyRavenAscend - Last post by bringahorseinhere?
surely there must be multitracks for 'marcella'.  would have had 16 track at least by then.

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