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Author Topic: The Who  (Read 2397 times)
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« Reply #25 on: April 07, 2017, 05:29:45 AM »

It's strange; although the Who are ranked in the upper echelon of British Invasion bands, they don't seem to have the elite status of the Stones, Floyd, Zeppelin, etc. Personally, I prefer them to any of those bands - and I only have a couple of their albums! I know, I know...where have I been? But their best work is right up there with the best of the best IMO. Just got a copy of Who's Next recently, and it is definitely a classic. There's a reason they had a tough time continuing after Moon died; his drumming would have been totally wrong for, say, the Kinks, or the Beatles, would have just sounded like some crazy guy trying to attract attention to his playing, but it works perfectly in Pete's songs. And I like how so many times Pete has that acoustic rhythm in the bed of the track. They had a totally unique sound. The only knock against them I can see is that their catalog is rather small compared to the Kinks or the Stones (the only British Invasion bands of similar longevity I can think of). They've got more comps than studio albums.

I agree in that, in the terms of 60s rock bands, The Who tend to be a tad underrated.   I have a few theories:

1.  They were not as prolific as The Stones or Pink Floyd.  (Though if you measure quality over quantity, they have the Stones beat easily).

2.  Unlike The Beatles and Zeppelin, they continued to go on after the deaths of key members, therefore losing a bit of their mystique, which as much as I really like Zeppelin, I don't think there's a classic band that thrives more on mystique then them. 
I would have been just fine with things if The Who had really ended with their farewell tour in 1982. Some would say they should have stopped when Keith died; a valid perspective. I agree, in terms of quality, they have the Stones beat. I'd say the Kinks have both bands beat in both departments, but I accept that my opinion is a minority one. God Save the Kinks!

From a selfish perspective, I'm glad The Who didn't call it quits in 1982.  Had they, I'd never have had the chance to see them live.  2000 with John was still alive.  2002 just after John passed.  And 2012 doing Quadrophenia. 

Plus, I think that Endless Wire is a far far better swan song than It's Hard.  The song Tea and Theatre to me is like The Who version of Summer's Gone, and they tend to use it as their closer now.  That'll likely be the last song I ever hear from Pete and Roger live, and I'm cool with that. 

Any opinions posted by me regarding the music of The Beach Boys, and their members, is in no way a show of disrespect towards any member of The Beach Boys, past or present.

"There is no right nor wrong in art, only preference." - Steve Desper
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