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Author Topic: Feel Flows box set  (Read 628025 times)
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« Reply #4250 on: November 17, 2021, 02:09:29 PM »

Mojo reissue of the year:

Feel Flows:
The Sunflower &
Surf’s Up Sessions
1969-1971 (CAPITOL/UMC)

A treasure chest from the
post-Smile shipwreck of
Hawthorne’s finest thrilled
us in 2021. AL JARDINE
receive MOJO’s laurels
EVEN HARDCORE Beach Boys fans
well-versed in the bounty to be found in
the years of Brian Wilson’s evanescence
were enthralled by the five discs of Feel
Flows. But as a gratified Bruce Johnston
and Al Jardine remind MOJO today, the period
was anything but plain sailing for the band.
“We were just out of sync with the times,” says
Jardine. “To put it in surfing terms, sometimes you
catch the perfect wave and take it as far as you can
go. Other times, you know you’re going to get wiped
out. So you go under and start all over again.”
In late 1969, waves had submerged The Beach
Boys’ boardwalk empire. No hits, no record deal,
and with Brian sidelined, no creative leader. Yet
they emerged from the fathoms not just with
trinkets and curios, but awe-inspiring treasures
worthy of Pet Sounds and Smile.
“When the famous surfer
blond bushy-tailed guys fell out
of favour, we grew up,” says
Bruce Johnston. “And that
period from ’69-71 was the
highlight of my whole Beach
Boy life.”
Part of growing up was
balancing fun, fun, fun with
work, work, work.
“Every day, we were like
journeyman carpenters,” says
Jardine. “We’d go in the studio
and record. It didn’t matter if it
was something esoteric and
weird. We regenerated,
reinvented. The performance
band was still in bondage to
doing the hits, but in the studio,
we were creating music for a
future. We just didn’t know the
future would take quite this
long to happen (laughs).”
With Brian “reclusing in his
room”, as Johnston puts it, Carl
Wilson stepped up as unofficial
leader. “No one can fill Brian’s
shoes. But Carl was able to
manage some good traffic at
that point. And Feel Flows is up
there with The Trader as one of his shining moments
as a writer.”
Meanwhile, Jardine raves about Dennis Wilson’s
contributions, notably Forever and Sound Of Free.
“Unfortunately, he had to compete with his brothers
for track selection. But his songs were just, wow,
right there, the way they hit you. He should’ve had
more success than he did.”

That’s not to take anything away from their own
songs. Jardine’s eco-conscious meditation Don’t Go
Near The Water was prescient. “I thought maybe
I should write about something more than just
staying on top of the water riding the waves and
instead look at what’s underneath.”
Meanwhile, Johnston’s dewy memory lane waltz
Disney Girls revealed him as a keen acolyte of Brian’s
orchestral pop. Of its inspiration, Johnston says,
“Remember Marilyn on The Munsters? The nice,
normal one. I was Mr Marilyn (laughs). I never did any
drugs. I saw them undo Brian and some of my
friends and thought, Oh my God. As a teenager
in the Eisenhower ’50s I was the same kind of
square guy, holding my girlfriend’s hand in the
backseat of her parents’ car while Old Cape Cod
by Patti Page played.”
Those songs and more are
currently shoring up the setlists
of two separate road bands.
But how is touring against a
lingering Covid backdrop?
Johnston and Jardine’s
responses reveal not only
political leanings but ongoing
friction. “A lot of warm bodies in
those seats, dying to get out of
the house,” says Johnston, who
with Mike Love – and Love’s son
Christian – leads The Beach
Boys. “We probably lost about
four or five concerts. And I’m
still living.”
Jardine, who’s out with Brian
Wilson and Blondie Chaplin, says,
“It’s crappy. The demographic
of our band and bands like the
Stones are down about 50 per
cent, because they don’t want
to come out and get exposed. It
would be better in this day and
age if we could all be together on
the same stage at the same time.”
And with The Beach Boys’ 60th
anniversary coming in 2022,
could that reunion perhaps
happen? Jardine: “Brian’s people
want it. I want it. I’m sure Bruce
does. So it’s really up to Mike,
if he wants to join the party or not.” Johnston says,
“I asked Mike about it and he said, ‘Maybe we’ll do
a concert or two together. Who knows?’”
“I think he’ll come around at some point,”
Jardine says. “We should do at least a dozen big
shows in the major capitals. I mean, why can’t we
put the fans ahead of us for a change and give them
what they want?”

Or rather, e-mails MOJO
about his most celebrated
songs on Feel Flows.
’Til I Die: “It’s what I was feeling
in my soul and my heart at that
time. And my love for life at the
same time.”
Surf’s Up: “Really complex
lyrics and the melody was such
a beautiful feeling for me
when I finished it.”
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« Reply #4251 on: November 22, 2021, 11:43:51 AM »

Can anyone give me a hint on how to post a picture...?! Hope this does it...!!!

Anyone notice anything wrong here?
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Rob Dean
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« Reply #4252 on: November 22, 2021, 12:15:50 PM »

You are certainly not alone, a good number of people (me included) have found the inners of the booklet to be upside down - Quality Control HuhHuh?
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« Reply #4253 on: November 22, 2021, 02:42:18 PM »

Is it the entire book inners that are upside down or just some pages?
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« Reply #4254 on: November 24, 2021, 12:49:21 PM »

Is it the entire book inners that are upside down or just some pages?

The entire book inners are upside down, CDs are the right way up...  Undecided
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« Reply #4255 on: January 19, 2022, 04:40:47 AM »

Brian made an awful lot of music during those sessions for someone "reclusing in his room". But I get it, hewasn't the leader he had been before, that's certainly true. Anyway, this was a nice read.
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« Reply #4256 on: February 11, 2022, 03:15:49 PM »

Yeah that chestnut was put to rest a while ago. Brian was not totally in control but he was still a part of the team up to 1972 and everyone still wanted his input. The flame still burned but I think he was a bit lost without that control and leadership
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« Reply #4257 on: June 23, 2022, 07:22:02 AM »

Unless we're talking about a certain 7 minute plus song.  Shocked (no tongue in cheek emoji I can see, so I've chosen a random one)

Jack and Carl decided Surf's Up needed to be on the album and to be the closer, and wanted to give the impression that Brian was more involved with the album than he was.  It appears this was felt to be what was needed to enhance the commerciality of the project.  I don't think Jack had a problem with Dennis' songs (he wrote the lyrics to 4th of July) and from everything he's said since he would much rather have jettisoned Al's songs or Mike's SDT than Dennis' songs, if he had a choice.  Dennis wanted more of a say and Carl and Jack had their own ideas of the track order.  Really it was kind of petty for Dennis to pull his songs, but there was definitely a power struggle between Carl and Dennis, and Carl won.

COMMENT to Bicyclerider:  From where I was sitting as all this swirled around me . . . As I recall:  (1) the song, Surf's Up's inclusion in the album was a directive issued by  Warners' Mo Ostin., not Jack nor Carl. (2) It was Dennis who insisted that other band member's songs be included in SU since SF was dominated by Dennis' efforts. There is only so much room on an LP and Dennis wished other band members fill the vinyl with their creations for this second album produced by The Beach Boys, not Brian. There was no power struggle between anyone. There was discussion, yes, but a power struggle? No. The understood and agreed upon pecking order was:  Record Company, Carl, everyone else. ~SWD

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