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Author Topic: The Best of Brian-less Beach Boys album  (Read 6968 times)
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« Reply #50 on: September 15, 2010, 01:16:24 AM »

I was thinking of which album is the best Beach Boys album without Brian, but dernit, there's a hint of him on each album. So I propose to make (once again  Grin) a fan mix album of the best BB songs with no Brian involvement at all. If I mention a tune that even has a slight hint of Brian, let me know.

All This is That
I can Hear Music
Long Promised Road
All I want To Do
It's About Time
Feel Flows
It's Getting Late (I can't remember if Brian has vocals on this)
Leaving This Town
Maybe I don't Know (can't remember either)
10 Years of Harmony
Love Surrounds Me
Only With You
Full Sail
Big Sur (early cut)
Where I Belong
Still Cruisin'
Bluebirds Over the Mountains
Lady Lynda
Cotton Fields (single)
Lahaina Aloha
Cuddle Up
Chasin' the Sky
Somewhere Near Japan
Baby Blue
Be Still
Livin' With a Heartache
Summer in Paradise album  Shocked
Beaks of Eagles
Keepin' the Summer Alive
Lookin' at Tommorow
Tears in the Morning
How She Boogled it?
Country Pie
Everyone's in Love With You
Wouldn't it Be Nice to Live Again?

Go and Get that Girl
Nearest Faraway Place
Make it Good
Fourth Of July
Hold On Dear Brother
At the Hop
It's Beautiful Day
How She Boogolooed It may not have it but I have been told he played on it musically but didn't write any of it.
The early Big Sur has him all over it. He sings the back up and you can even hear him right at the end where I think he hums.
Cotton Fields single also has him on back up. I've asked several people in the know and I recall one telling me he cut his vocals seperate after most of the track was finished.
He may be on Cuddle Up. On the 45 mix it sounds a lot like him.
Slim chance but he may be on Baby Blue.
I'm pretty sure he wasn't on  Angel Come Home, Sumahama, It's A Beautiful Day, Here Comes The Night disco, Full Sail, Goin South. I don't think anything but the first song is a classic though.
Never Learn Not To Love does have Brian as does Sound Of Free. Lady doesn't but I guess it's really more of a solo track then Sound Of Free actually was.

I think he's on the bridge to I Can Hear Music too. I can hear him in the background harmonies, singing the "Muuu-siic" part. He might be doing background falsetto on Lady Lynda too. It's got that shrill quality to it. Might be the only track I can hear him off the L.A. Light Album. If I didn't think Be With Me didn't have him too, I'd offer that up.
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