P.P. Arnold - 'God Only Knows'

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Pretty Funky:
Is this Daniel Johnston another Zeppo Wilson or something? :lol

Aum Bop Diddit:
B.M. Arthur did an interesting cover as well....

But seriously folks, this is pretty much a song no one should cover.  In doing a cover version you either do something completely different with the song and/or top the original.  The latter is as close to zero chance as you'll get, and the former not likely to work considering the power of the original arrangement.  That said, "P.P." does a decent job -- doesn't embarrass herself.

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This sounds like what David Bowie based his version  of GOK on- very similar vibe. One big difference- Bowie is a great singer and this PP Arnold is awful.

wow !  That David Bowie version from the '80s is horse$hit !

anyway, to each their own of course, but P.P. Arnold's version gave me shivers and made me weep. The whole album is stellar. And really, she's a singer beyond Bowie in his wildest dreams !

P. P. Arnold's vocal interpretation is far above Bowie's on this song. In interviews when it came out he said he was aiming for a Scott Walker type of vocal, but if Scott ever covers Brian I sure hope it doesn't sound like that. But I would guess, from Bowie's rendition, that he also had Andy Williams' (far better) cover of GOK in mind as well.

I always dug Bowie's version even though I know that I am in the minority. It's very over-the -top and theatrical, not like the BBs version at all, but I'm down with that. Anyhoos, I guess I'll have to check this PP Arnold out even though I really don't like this cover- totally unfamiliar with her.

Her version of The First Cut Is The Deepest is slamming.

As for this, it's too forceful for the song. Then again, I've never heard a cover of it I like.


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