Time To Get Alone?

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Quote from: sweetdudejim on October 14, 2011, 04:17:23 PM

I'm just gonna butt in here, and say that yes, it is a really good song, but I just cannot see why everybody is so into this song. Sure, its super well written, with great chord progressions, and wonderful singing... To me, it sounds like the Pet Sounds style being done two years later, with a bit more polish. I don't think the lyrics are any great shakes. The deep and wide part is breathtaking, but at the end of the day I just think it's another "pretty" song from the late middle phase of their career, a la "Our Sweet Love" or "Deirdre"...

Our Sweet Love and Deirdre are sub par BB5 songs. Time To Get Alone is ahead of them musically and productionwise. To me it the is the other side of their summer songs, and it keeps that yearning thing they had in so many classic their songs. Also, the fact that it's in 3/4 (as well as I Went To Sleep) puts it in a specail place. The other waltz you gotta love is Solar System....


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