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Title: Rules and Guidelines - read this before posting
Post by: Charles LePage @ ComicList on December 23, 2005, 08:41:53 PM
Thanks for visiting the Smiley Smile message board. Here are a few guidelines to help everything run smoothly:

1) Billy C and GuitarFool.  currently moderate the board.  They share that responsibility across the entire board.  In the few and rare times a member crosses the line, they will be able to remove or edit posts, and ban members if necessary.  Any complaints about a member or a post should be directed to them privately. Key word is : 'privately'.  If after contacting them you are not satisfied, you then should contact the board owner.  They, however, should always be your first line of contact concerning this board.

2) Debate is fine; when it crosses into personal attacks, it becomes a different matter.   Publicly posting calls for members to be banned or for members to quit will not be tolerated. Any concerns should be addressed privately to the moderators.  Expletives or personal insults directed at other board members and/or moderators will not be allowed as signature lines, status, or as part of a poster's account profile when posting to the board. Any violations of this will result in a ban.Each case will be looked at on an individual basis.

3) Talking about bootlegs is fine. Posting messages asking for bootlegs or offering bootlegs is not fine. That's what private messages and emails are for. The same of course applies to official recordings.

4) Yes, most of what would commonly be considered foul language is edited.  Currently, that means it's translated to Portuguese, though the method of filtering may change without notice.  

5) If you feel the need to discuss a PM you received with a third party, then don't expect your PMs to be very private, either. If you don't want someone sending you a PM, or someone doing anything in particular, tell them. Don't wait for or expect someone to speak up for you. If the party in question doesn't listen, contact  a moderator about it.   Private messages will not be read by a moderator unless warranted by the behavior of a board member.  Anyone who becomes a cause for concern due to rude or abusive behavior may have their accounts temporarily frozen and their private and public messages examined to see what final actions should be taken.  Said action may be anything from a warning to a temporary or permanent ban.  The moderators will discuss and announce the action that is taken.  Any unwanted or improper private messages should be immediately reported to one of the moderators.Do not directly quote the contents of private messages on the board. Making reference to them is one thing; directly quoting them is a different matter entirely.

6)Harrassment via unwarranted posting or via PM will not be tolerated. If someone has a beef with another member, taking it to private message is preferred rather than clogging the main board up. However, if recipient of said message asks the sender to stop contacting them, it needs to. Further contact after that will be addressed on an individual basis.

7) Please, no pictures in signatures.

8) Unregistered guests may continue to read messages here, but they will be unable to post messages anywhere on the board.  If you want to participate, and we hope you do, you will need to register.

9) Slurs of a racial, ethnic, religious, gender, orientiation, ect., origin will not be tolerated, and will be dealt with immediately. This includes implied slurs through signatures, avatar, ect.

10). Creation of multiple accounts to avoid a suspension, or to spam or troll the board, will result in an immediate life-time ban

11). Failure to adhere to the rules will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis.

Note: After a member is banned, at the discretion of a moderator, they will have a period of one week where the ability to contact the moderators about the ban will be left intact. This is a partial ban, and after the 7-day period, it will become a full ban with no board access allowed.

These guidelines will change from time to time, so check back here often. Thank you!

Title: Rules and Guidelines - UPDATED
Post by: ♩♬🐸 Billy C ♯♫♩🐇 on December 18, 2015, 05:11:28 PM
Updated 18 Dec 2015. Still working on revisions.

Title: Re: Rules and Guidelines - read this before posting
Post by: ♩♬🐸 Billy C ♯♫♩🐇 on May 04, 2016, 09:34:20 PM
Updated 4 May 2016