Brian as backing vocalist/duet partner - a growing list?

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John Manning:
Someone on another board posted the following list of Brian's work as either a duet partner or backing vocalist on other folks' recordings. I've added several more to the list, taking additions particularly from Andrew G. Does list of guest appearances, over on the Bellagio site (

I love Brian's backing vocals on so many of these tracks and it's surprising how busy this "reclusive rock genius" has been over the years. But how many others are out there? Can anyone add to the list?

Some of these, I know, might not merit much listening as on Sakamoto's We Love You -  I can't recall being able to hear Brian in the mix at all - but some others such really be regarded part of his tremendous contributions to listenable music. Love his contributions to the Richard Ashcroft and Neil Diamond tracks, for example.

Maybe Capital can put out a 2/3CD compilation of this kind of work (though I suspect there's more chance of ESQ getting there first! You listening David?!?!?!?)

Anton Fig - Hand On My Shoulder (with Brian Wilson)
Belinda Carlisle - California (with Brian Wilson)
Bill Medley - In My Room (with Brian Wilson)
Brian Setzer - Little Deuce Coupe (with Brian Wilson)
Brian Wilson - A Friend Like You (featuring Paul McCartney)
Brian Wilson - Don't Worry Baby (featuring Carnie & Wendy Wilson)
Brian Wilson - How Could We Still Be Dancin' (featuring Elton John on Lead)
Brian Wilson - I'm Into Something Good (featuring Carole King)
Brian Wilson - In My Moondreams (featuring Andy Paley)
Brian Wilson - Soul Searchin' (featuring Carl Wilson on Lead)
Brian Wilson - The Spirit of Rock n' Roll (with Bob Dylan) (unreleased)
California Music - Jamaica Farewell (with Brian Wilson)
California Music - Why Do Fools Fall in Love (with Brian Wilson)
Carnie Wilson - Heaven (with Brian Wilson)
Carnie Wilson - Your Are So Beautiful (with Brian Wilson)
Celebration - Almost Summer (with Brian Wilson)
Eric Carmen - She Did It (with Brian WIlson)
Eric Carmen - Hey Deanie (with Brian WIlson)
Jacky de Shannon - Boat to Sail (with Brian WIlson)
Jan & Dean - Deadman's Curve (LP version) (with Brian Wilson)
Jan & Dean - Drag City (with Brian Wilson)
Jan & Dean - Surf City (with Brian Wilson)
Jan & Dean - Vegetables (with Brian Wilson)
Jan & Dean - (When Summer Comes) Get A Chance With You (with Brian Wilson)
Jan & Dean - Ride The Wild Surf
Jan & Dean - Audio Montage #3 (featuring Brian Wilson)
Jan Berry - Don't You Just Know it
Jeffrey Foskett & Brian Wilson - Everything I Need
Johnny Rivers - Help Me Rhonda (with Brian Wilson)
Linda Ronstadt - Adios (with Brian Wilson)
Mike Love - Be My Baby (with Brian WIlson)
Nancy Sinatra - California Girls (with Brian Wilson)
Neil Diamond - Delirious Love (with Brian Wilson)
One World Project - Grief Never Grows Old (inc. Brian WIlson)
Paul Schaeffer - Metal Beach (with Brian WIlson)
Pink Lady - Surfin' Pirates (with Brian WIlson)
Richard Ashcroft - Nature is the Law (with Brian Wilson)
Ringo Starr - In A Heartbeat (with Brian Wilson)
Ringo Starr - Without Understanding (with Brian Wilson)
Rob Wasserman - Fantasy Is Reality/Bells of Madness   (with Brian Wilson and Carnie Wilson)   
Ronnie Spector - I Can Hear Music (with Brian Wilson)
Ryuichi Sakamoto - We Love You (with Brian Wilson)
Ryuichi Sakamoto - Calling From Tokyo (with Brian Wilson)
Scott Bennett & The Dotted Line - No Wrong Notes in Heaven (with Brian Wilson)
Spongebob Square Pants & Patrick, Sandy, Mr Krabs and Plankton - Doin' The Krabby Patty (with Brian Wilson)
Steve Dahl & the Dahlfins - Net Surfin' (with Brian Wilson)
Styx - Fooling Yourself (Palm of Your Hand) (with Brian Wilson
Tammy Wynette - In My Room (with Brian Wilson)
Taylor Mills - Raven (with Brian Wilson)
Taylor Mills  - Cradle Me (with Brian Wilson)
Tim Curry - Just 14 (with Brian Wilson)
Timers - No-Go Showboat (with Brian Wilson)
Various Artists - Spirit Of The Forest (inc. Brian Wilson)
Wilson-Phillips - In My Room (with Brian Wilson)
Wilsons - Everything I Need (with Brian Wilson)
Wilsons - Miracle (with Brian Wilson)
Wilsons - Monday Without You (with Brian Wilson)
Wilsons - TiI I Die (with Brian Wilson)
Wondermints - Ride (with Brian Wilson)
Wondermints - So Nice (with Brian Wilson)

Roger Ryan:
You could add the various Spring/American Spring tracks, right? Also, there's Laughing Gravy's cover of "Vegetables". Technically, "In My Moondreams" was released as "Brian Wilson & Andy Paley" so that would be a collaboration as well.


Ronnie Spector: I Can Hear Music
Jacky de Shannon: Boat To Sail
Tim Curry: Just 14

and the clasic of all classics:   ;D
Spongebob: Doin' The Krabby Patty

Scott Bennett -- No Wrong Notes in Heaven

Andrew G. Doe:
Brian's not on the Laughing Gravy version of "Vegetables", but he is on the Jan & Dean (in reality only Dean) version.

Also -

California Music - Why Do Fools Fall in Love
Jan Berry - Don't You Just Know it
Jan & Dean - Surf City, Deadman's Curve (LP version), Drag City
Johnny Rivers - Help me Rhonda
Pink Lady - Surfin' Pirates
Timers - No-Go Showboat
various - Spirit Of The Forest

... and a whole lot more. :-)


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