Question about "Surf's Up" (the song)

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Quote from: Bill Barnyard on July 26, 2007, 03:45:07 PM

The 'Cantina' version of H & V was mixed on 30th Jan 67 (if memory serves me right). That tape is missing so they had to use a safety backup master, dated Feb 10th '67 on the tape box, for the released version included on the GV Box and SS/WH 2 fer.

So Thomas interviewed Brian on 30th Jan' 67...probably.


Didn't they master the "Cantina" Heroes from an acetate (not a tape copy)?  That would explain the less-than-glorious sonics. 

The safety copy was indeed made on Feb 10th, as was the mix of the original cantina version, but the tape box of the original is empty.

Bill Barnyard:
The date 30th Jan' 67 I got from Dave Prokopy's SMiLE notes.

"the Feb 10 date that was attached to the mix in the SS/WH two-fer was taken from a 'protection master' -- in other words, a backup copy -- made on that date of the Jan. 30 mix."


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