Question about "Surf's Up" (the song)

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Boiled Egg:
what was the instrumentation (or the personnel) listed on the contract sheets for the jan 23 session?

Boiled Egg:
my bad.  found it.  it had fallen down the back of the net.

Studio: Western Recorders
Date & Hours of Employment: January 23, 1967 3:00 PM to 6:00 PM
Master No.: 57087
No. of Minutes: n/a
Title of Tunes: Surf's Up
Session Musicians: Hal Blaine, Diane Rovell, Charles D. Britz, Roy V. Caton, William E. Creen, James R. Horn, Jay Migliori, William Pitman, Lyle Ritz, Carl D. Wilson

so that's drums (HB), a contractor (DR), an engineer (CDB), trumpet (RVC), sax (WEG), sax (JRH), sax (JM), guitar or bass (WP), double bass (LR) and guitar/moral support (CDW).  that doesn't describe a 'strings and horns' track.  is this the session in question?

Fascinating. I could read this stuff for hours.

Anyone have the session personnel for "Part One" handy?  If the earlier session was for Surf's Up, potentially for a Part 2, maybe Brian decided it didn't match what he had already recorded and decided to rerecord the first movement as "Part One?"

On the other hand, since virtually every song for Smile had different "parts" Part One could have been for just about any song.  But the fact it came right after a Surf's Up session is suggestive.

Another thought to add fuel to the fire:

The Surf's Up "demo" recorded in December wasn't a demo at all - why doubetrack your vocal if that's the case?  This was done during filming for the TV doc but wasn't used, because it wasn't all one performance - the TV performance was done later in Brian's home.  The only explanation I keep coming back to is that Brian was considering using this solo piano/vocal performance as the album track, perhaps with overdubs (like strings) - making it a solo performance not unlike Caroline, No.


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