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Author Topic: I think I just realised something about the '78 version of Do You Like Worms...  (Read 351 times)
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« on: September 28, 2020, 07:49:47 PM »

I'm talking about the one on the so-called Preiss SMiLE Tape, AKA "The Fire Tapes", not the mysterious L.A. version [which would've been the same].

After listening to the December 1966 "comp reel" version, which was an authentic Brian Wilson test edit, I can come to an conclusion. On the second Brother SMiLE boot, the version of DYLY has been replaced by the "comp reel"-sourced one (never seen an improved-quality version on boots yet, the bulk of the Fire Tape is on Secret Smile) but the piano fade-out ("Bicycle Rider Theme") wasn't on the comp reel so it stays the same. Something's going on....

It's possible that version of Do You Like Worms was made for the 1972 SMiLE reconstruction, hence the additional backing vocals from 0:52-1:08 despite being the same structure as the 1966 comp reel version (Verse/"Roll Plymouth Rock"/Bicycle Rider Ins./Verse/"Roll Plymouth Rock"/Bicycle Rider Ins./"Hawaiian Chanting"/Bicycle Rider Ending, cold outro). The versions I've heard of the '78 one sound better than the comp reel one.

Also, the "second" track on The Fire Tapes could've actually end the alternative fade-out ending [as we know it now], which was incorporated into the older Mark Linnet mixes of Worms. The 2011 one sounds about right, despite the Bicycle Rider second chorus. The Old Master Painter/False Barnyard are both track 5, as the "full backing track" from the SOT Source Tape follows the same pattern (no echo on the H&V Cantina Fade vocals).
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