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Author Topic: Hey everyone, glad to be here.... again  (Read 1152 times)
Unreconstructed Wilsonite
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« on: September 09, 2020, 10:03:54 AM »

Hey everyone,

So basically to cut right through to the chase, I used to have an account here years ago. I would have originally joined up shortly after the 2012 reunion tour, of which I was fortunate enough to catch when the then-reunited Beach Boys came to Melbourne, Victoria. Unfortunately, I also joined when I was quite frankly a naive, foolish 13 year old who had a tendency to be passionate without any substance, and consistently put my foot in my mouth - all during a period which I look back on as a dark time in my personal life. As I grew up, I gradually contributed less before ultimately having my old account deleted - partially because I hardly came on anymore and partially because I was embarrassed by a great deal of the contributions I made here. Simply put, I believe I joined up too young.

One thing that has never changed, however, has been my love for The Beach Boys and their music. Though my interest in various bands and genres fluctuated over the years, I've realised that The Beach Boys are the one consistent group that I consider a favourite, and who I can turn to through good times and bad. Whether it be the moving ballads of the early period; or the Pet Sounds era material; or the more progressive work going right up to Holland; no other music has resonated with me or even at times moved me to tears like that of The Beach Boys. What's crazy as well is that I started listening to them as an act of rebellion towards my very classic rock (not that I dislike classic rock at all) oriented dad who loathed The Beach Boys.

As I'm sure all of you know, 2020 has been pretty rough and tough. Having been living in lockdown for the better part of the last half year or so, I'd long been considering making a return here. Much like before (well, the later years at least), I don't think I'll necessarily be an active, regular contributor. But I look forward to chiming in from time to time, and hearing about new releases that are announced!
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« Reply #1 on: September 09, 2020, 10:49:25 AM »

Welcome back! That story about your dad is a trip LOL while my Mom was the one who got me into The Beach Boys at a very young age, I remember my father would remind me that The Beach Boys were a bunch of drug addicts (which I couldn't believe because their music was so wholesome and I knew nothing about the history of the band. Also I was too young to fully know what drugs even were haha).

As someone who still constantly puts his foot in his mouth (or at times acts disrespectfully toward other posters), I completely understand that feeling of embarrassment about posting....but it's a very good thing: it means we actually care about being wrong/right and we are aware of our behavior. When I'm wrong or have an overly-blunt opinion that gets called out, it usually puts me in check.

Another thing I've realized in this fandom is that even when you are told you are wrong, you may actually be right. There is so much disinformation about this band that spreads around, publicly and privately, some that still has yet to be corrected. Something I have learned to do is check multiple sources, use common sense, and always research where your information is coming from. Also, it's a big band with a big history, so there will always be multiple perspectives to each and every story. Anyways, my point being that there are so many different facets to this fandom, it's easy to feel overwhelmed, but overall it's such an awesome world to explore.

I think I was 20 when I first joined this forum and at the time I felt like I had too thin of skin to stay here. So I can't even imagine joining at 13!

One thing that has never changed, however, has been my love for The Beach Boys and their music.

THIS. They will always be my favorite band. I'm just so glad a lot of great people share this same love for this band that I do.

Again, welcome back.

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Feel Flows is coming out and I couldn稚 be more happy! Thanks to everyone who made this happen!
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« Reply #2 on: September 09, 2020, 11:07:33 AM »

Welcome back!

I understand about feeling like you were too young at first; I was 16 when I first joined the old Mike Wheeler BB forum (I知 42 now) and felt a bit on edge because I was a new fan and younger than anybody else on there. That, and I was a fan who got turned on the the music partially due to Brian being name dropped constantly at the time by alt-rock artists; couldn稚 relate to anybody back then.

Gotta say it痴 easier being a younger fan now; helps that those who became fans around the time I did had kids that grew up being fans thanks to us!

And just to make myself feel even older right daughter is the same age you were when you started 🥺

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Free Feel Flows!!!!

Just to let you know, no announcements re: FEEL FLOWS will be coming via a fanzine.
If and when the project picks up steam -- I promise you guys will be first to know.

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« Reply #3 on: September 09, 2020, 06:22:41 PM »

Welcome back! Grin

And production aside, I壇 so much rather hear a 14 year old David Marks shred some guitar on Chug-a-lug than hear a 51 year old Mike Love sing about bangin some chick in a swimming pool.-rab2591
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