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Author Topic: This Week in BB History  (Read 734 times)
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July 14, 1962-The BBs made a live radio appearance at the Diaper Derby, Oxnard- with the Surfmen.  That night the BBs were hired as the entertainment at a Hawthorne HS canteen dance- against the will of some students who thought they were a terrible group. Two days later the Beach Boys signed a seven-year contract with Capitol Records.  July 18 1962-the BBs gave a free concert for Fan Club President Jodi Gable’s 16th birthday party in Burbank. July 14 1963-The BBs worked on “Catch a Wave” with Al Jardine (not yet officially back in the group) present and Maureen Love adding harp. July 16 1963- The BBs were at Western Recorders-with Al Jardine playing bass on Boogie Woodie and Surfer’s Rule.  They also recorded South Bay Surfer. According to the Twofer-In My Room, Hawaii, Your Summer Dream, Our Car Club, the Rocking Surfer, Surfer Moon (Vocals) were also recorded this day-but it is clear that there were other undocumented sessions.  Al is on some tracks but not others (he added vocals for In My Room and is also on Catch a Wave-thus they were probably recorded at another session) and Dave recalls recording the Rocking Surfer at Wentzell’s in Downey.

July 19 1963 the BBs began their first big nation wide summer tour at Indiana Beach at Shafer Lake in Monticello IN.  Dave Marks recalled, “Mike was the oldest and I don’t think he really enjoyed some of the things that Dennis and I were up to… One of our buddies Bob drove Mike’s car around.  It was just he and Mike and the rest of us had a station wagon that we had to cram into.  And then we had a U-Haul trailer with our equipment in it.  We would have to pack up right after the gigs and then drive 400 or 500 miles to the next town.” Shows followed at Danceland Ballroom in Cedar Rapids, Cobblestone Ballroom in Storm Lake IA, Roof Garden Ballroom in Arnolds Park, and the Short Acres Ballroom, Sioux City IA.  As I mentioned in my book, the Everly Brothers were on the road at the same time and earned a reputation for raising hell and wrecking hotels.  Every time the group pulled into a town that the Everly’s had visited, they found themselves being watched carefully lest any more havoc take place.  For example, the Everly’s played Danceland on Friday, July 12, a week before the Beach Boys.

Brian was allegedly on part of this tour-but not for long.  He is attested in California for some recording dates and was replaced on the road by Al Jardine. On July 24 1963 for example-Brian was back in California at Capitol Studios to work on Pray For Surf and Hide Go Seek for the Honeys. I see no reason to doubt the date, as there are a number of photos of the Dave Marks AND Al lineup from this tour-suggesting Brian was absent for most of it.  Wouldn’t mind if more photos showed up…but they are rare. The tour was well attended but got little media interest-only two shows on the tour got short reviews by critics.

July 13 1964- the BBs played at Veterans Auditorium, Des Moines. This tour got more media attention and a number of shows were reviewed but almost all in an inane way by crusty old men with little interest in rock music bands. Typical review of the Des Moines show: “More than 5,000 youngsters turned out to hear the Beach Boys and assorted other ‘singing’ groups in concert…Wearing tight white pants and yellow shirts open at the throat, they bounded onto the stage and promptly gave imitations of pots and pans falling downstairs (although they called it something else)…Several hundred of the younger children in the young audience immediately rushed to the edge of the stage and tried to touch their heroes.  One felt pity for the policemen who attempted to keep order around the stage area.” The next day they were in Davenport, Iowa and then played St Louis, Louisville (Dennis was attacked by a mob of female fans after this show and knocked out, suffering three stitches), Indiana Beach, Indianapolis, Milwaukee (July 19-According to the Milwaukee Sentinel “At times, the boys who had numerous amplifiers to aid them were nearly drowned out by the audience.” When the band headed offstage, “moaning youngsters found all the doors leading backstage.  A couple of the fellows were stripping off their perspiration soaked shirts when a small group of girls discovered them. ‘I’m going to faint’ one screeched, putting her hands over her eyes but peeking between her fingers.”), Flint, Urbana (OH July 21), Fort Wayne, Madison (July 23) and Chicago (July 24).

July 13 1965 The BBs played the Coliseum in Greensboro, NC with The Roemans, Unknowns and Inmates.  Earlier that day the whole band rented Honda motorcycles and roared around town with Ron Swallow and manager Dick Duryea. At the next show in Charlotte, NC, Dennis was all bandaged up. He told the reporter, “I fell off a Honda and a doctor in Greensboro wrapped me up like a mummy!” The BBs were still young guys on the loose (though Al traveled with his wife Lynda) and asked the reporter “What’s the big business in Charlotte? Where’s the Playboy Club? Where are the girls?” They played Columbia, SC, Chattanooga, TN (July 16), Greenville, SC and Atlanta (18-with Billy Joe Royal (who sang Down In the Boondocks), and the Roemans) after this. On July 19 the BBs played in Nashville for the second time with The Zombies, Searchers and Ray Lynn and then played in Tulsa, OK, Austin, TX and Dallas (July 23). The tour ended with two big shows at the Coliseum in Jacksonville, FL on July 24 with Del Shannon, Lesley Gore, the Shangri-Las, the Zombies, Del Reeves, Premieres, the Searchers and Sam the Sham and the Pharaohs.  Carl gave an interview backstage, while “Fiddling” with his twelve-String Rickenbacker.  He mentioned that they all like water-skiing on tour.

July 16 to 18 1966 the BBs played the Arie Crown Theater in Chicago with The Chieftones and Yesterdays Children. Shows then followed in Warren, OH, Buffalo and Syracuse NY. According to Peter Bell of the Syracuse Herald Journal, “Sparked by the constant mimicry of bearded and bereted Mike Love, the famous five were most impressive not for their songs, which sound as good on records, but for their stage professionalism and the heroic efforts of drummer Denny Wilson…With their seven guitars and Wilson in his own world…on the drums, the Beach Boys pounded an admiring audience with the staples (‘Little Old Lady From Pasadena,’  ‘California Girls,’ etc) and left them swinging in their seats.” On July 23 the BBs, dressed in red and white striped shirts, played in Asbury Park with Jesse Colin Young and the Youngbloods and the Loves. Wouldn’t surprise me if a young Springsteen was at this show. The reviewer was unimpressed. He commented, “For a group which has traveled around the world and been cutting hit records for almost five years, their act lacks any sign of polish or professionalism…The Beach Boys did not even try to entertain. They stood there singing: they never even attempted to speak to the audience or set up any rapport with them.  The sole effort at entertainment was made by Mike Love, who made a few inane gestures, (like)…sneaking up behind one of the other fellows and placing two fingers behind his head in a gesture, which kindergarten children sometimes use to indicate Devil Horns.” The next day the BBs played Iona College-with Chain Reaction-fronted by a young Steven Tyler.  They’d won a “battle of the bands” contest to decide what local group would have the privilege of opening for the Beach Boys.

July 13 1967-The BBs were finishing up Smiley Smile at Brian’s studio.
They worked on Whistle In and then completed Getting Hungry the next day. Six days later the Smiley Smile LP was assembled and mastered. July 13 1968 the BBs played at Pershing Auditorium in Lincoln, NE on their tour with Gary Puckett and the Union Gap (Big hit-Lady Willpower) and the Human Beinz. This show was of course taped by Stephen Desper for the group and appeared on the recent Live 1968 Box. The next day they played Kansas City, KS and then appeared in Albuquerque, NM and Phoenix, AZ. This show was also taped by the group and appeared on the 1968 box. The tour closer took place at the Convention Hall in San Diego on July 17 1968.   As mentioned in my book (with Jon) longtime fan Rob Shepherd attended and noted, “At some point Mike announced that Brian Wilson was in the audience and Brian, sitting in the center of around the 3rd or 4th row, stood up and waved, turning in all directions.  I was disappointed that he didn’t come up on stage for at least a few songs… The Beach Boys had a number of backing musicians, including four or five guys on horns who were sitting behind those little bandstand boxes and when it came time for them to play they would stand up.  Back then you would often see such an arrangement in older adult bands such as the musicians on the Lawrence Welk TV show, but it seemed totally uncool to me for a rock band, like something an old geezer like Murry would have suggested.”

July 14 1969-The BBs (or at least some of them) were at Gold Star Studios to work on Slip On Through and I’m Going Your Way (AKA California Slide). On July 17 they flew to Philadelphia and taped the Mike Douglas TV Show the next day - dressed in their white stage outfits, the BBs sang live vocals for “Breakaway” and “Celebrate the News” over taped backing tracks.  They also gave an interview to Mike Douglas about their recent European tour. An amusing moment occurred when the group shared the couch with co-host Kaye Stevens.  While she sang “Pennies from Heaven” she cajoled Dennis into dancing with her. The BBs then started a tour with the Buchanan Brothers and Box Tops: They played at the Long Island Arena on July 19 and Troy Armory, Troy, NY on July 20. As noted in my book, this was the night of the Moon landing and during this show the band took a forced break while the landing was shown on TV. They were allegedly annoyed. They then headed to Hamilton, Ontario.  On July 21 Capitol Records Canada threw a press party for the group.  Carl gushed about being a new father, “Man it’s just the greatest thing.” Dennis took the opportunity to proclaim, “No one should be unhappy.  It’s all in the mind. You haven’t got to let things get to you.” Asked about Vietnam, he said, “That’s abstract. I won’t believe it till I see it…I’d like to go there and have a look around and see what it’s all about, but not to fight.  I’m a conscientious objector.”  He also stated his continued support for Maharishi’s teachings.  “He’s got the answer you know.  Meditation that’s the answer to all your problems… It’s got nothing to do with money.  In business I’m a multi-millionaire, but I don’t have a place of my own in LA.  I live with my friends and sleep wherever I put my head down.  I’ve got peace and happiness man.” On July 22 the BBs played in Gaelic Park in NYC with Brooklyn Bridge and the Box Tops. They appeared at Islip Hospital in Long Island on July 23 and then started a residency at the Steel Pier, Atlantic City on July 24 1969. I noted in the book that Fred Vail recalled a very embarrassing incident involving this engagement.  “Back in those days, when you signed a union contract, the leader would sign it.  So, ‘Carl Wilson and four musicians known as the Beach Boys.’…So my guess is that the Steel Pier gave the contract to some secretary who was probably new on the job and told her to order posters like you always do for this act. So I can just imagine the Beach Boys getting to the Steel Pier for the gig and Michael getting out of the car and just dying when he saw the poster! Because in huge letters it said ‘Carl Wilson’ and in smaller letters ‘and the Beach Boys.’ Love must have been having a hemorrhage when he saw that!”

July 13-24 1970-Carl produced the Flame’s album for Brother Records.  July 21 1970-the Sunflower album was mastered at Artisan Sound. July 21 1971-Stephen Desper held a session at Village Recorders for the Flames second unreleased LP (No BBs listed on AFM)-they worked on Thank Someone, Henry’s Son and Sweet Jane. July 23 1971-at Brother Studio
Desper and the BBs worked on Student Demonstration Time and Disney Girls.  July 19 1974 the BBs opened for CSNY in Kansas City, MO. The Kansas City Times noted, “The crowd’s biggest reaction was saved for the Beach Boys, stars of the middle 1960s. The group was called back for an encore after performing for an hour and a half.  Standing ovations followed each of the group’s three encore numbers, including golden oldies, ‘Surfer Girl’ and ‘Good Vibrations.’ On July 21 and 22 the BBs again opened for CSNY in Milwaukee and St Paul, MN.

July 12 to 17 1976 the BBs played at Pine Knob and at Chicago Stadium with Billy Joel (his last dates opening for a band). On July 18 they played Mile High Stadium, Denver with Gerard, Fleetwood Mac and Santana)
On July 21 they played Edmonton Coliseum. According to Joe Sornberger of the Edmonton Journal, the band was “just not performing up to scratch.  Vocals were out of whack with the volumes off balance and vocal chords unready. And at both shows they were leaving an inordinate amount of time between each song.”  He noted that the shows suffered from the decision to highlight many new numbers the crowd was unfamiliar with.  However, he declared “A Casual Look,” from 15 Big Ones, was the highlight of the day.
On July 23 the BBs played at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City with the Doobie Brothers, Jeff Beck, Firefall and the Ozark Mountain Daredevils. The next day played the Wisconsin State Fair with Firefall, Gerard and the Doobie Brothers.  I take it that Carl hit off with the Doobies as they later invited him to open for them in 1981.

July 15 1978 the BBs opened a new tour in Sacramento, minus Brian, (who’d checked into a hospital briefly) and the horn section, which had been eliminated to cut costs.  Things were still fairly tense within the band at this time.  The next day the BBs played a 6-hour concert-event in Seattle along with the Kinks, Randy Hansen and Jr. Cadillac.  Patrick MacDonald of the Seattle Times was disappointed that the spirit and camaraderie of the 1960s between musicians and audience was nowhere to be found.  He noted that the Beach Boys “did essentially the same set they’ve been doing the last four years.  They could do it in their sleep and almost did.” While in Seattle, Dennis, who was slowly deteriorating into an alcohol and drug haze, got it together enough to do some recording for Bambu at a local studio. On July 18 the BBs played in Calgary. They had some trouble getting there. Dennis took furniture from two or three other rooms and stuffed it in Carl’s room while he was sleeping, so he couldn’t get out and the BBs missed the flight. They had to lease a bunch of four-seat private planes.  Band member Phil Shenale told me “It was the worst flight I have ever been on in my life. I mean going over the Rockies in a four-seat prop plane…we were getting sick.  And the plane we were on didn’t have any extra oxygen. It was madness.”

Dennis was becoming very difficult to deal with and Mike was probably furious with him on this tour.  At the Edmonton show on July 19 Dennis was smashed. According to Joe Sornberger, of the Edmonton Journal, he messed up the timing on “Sloop John B” and ruined “God Only Knows” by drumming over the vocal harmonies.  When he returned to the stage after a twenty minute break he “walked into a microphone; jumped up and walked across the top of a baby grand piano while dragging a mike stand with him at the same time; kicked over a speaker box near his drums and frequently turned his back on the audience between songs.” The July 21 show in St Paul was worse: As I related in my book, “He wandered off stage early in the show and returned later in a clearly drunken state. He then proceeded to ad-lib introductions for the band members (for example, introducing Carl as “the legendary Kenny Wilson”) before actively requesting boos from the crowd.  He exclaimed ‘C’mon let’s hear some boos. Get vicious.’  The rest of the group did their best to ignore him, but Dennis commandeered a spare keyboard. Tim Carr of the Minneapolis Tribune reported, ‘Singing off-pitch and playing disruptive chords, he began making a nuisance of himself.  Love was obviously upset, but brother Carl seemed to be taking it in stride and was laughing along with his brother’s fraternity style pranks.’” 

July 14, 1979 the BBs played at "Sunfest 79" in New Haven, CT-with the Cars, Eddie Money, the Henry Paul Band and Flo and Eddie. July 19-28 1979-Papa Doo Run Run played a series of concerts at Disneyland-Brian appears with them almost every night as a surprise guest. Jim Armstrong told Paula Perrin of BBFUN,  “The first night he came out on his own.  Every night after that we invited him and he just wanted to go.  He played with us.  Brian was having such a good time I could tell that he wanted to come back so I said ‘Just come on back.’  Sometimes the guy is so humble and so modest that you’ve got to force something on him for him to do it.”
July 23-24 1979- Sessions start for “Keeping the Summer Alive” at Western- The hope was that Brian would be in shape to produce the LP. Chuck Britz and some of the wrecking crew were assembled, but things went badly- Dennis stormed out, disgusted by the material and his problems with the group. Despite the fun he’d had with Papa doo Ron Ron, Brian was uncomfortable with the situation and only wanted to work on oldies. Tracks for School Days, Sunshine (Little Girl), Jamaica Farewell and Stranded in the Jungle were recorded.

July 1981 Carl was on the road opening for the Doobies in the northeast. Reviewers complimented his professionalism and praised his singing but continually noted the same thing: Carl didn’t have the charisma or energy to be a front man like Mike at big stadium shows. Anastasia Pantsios commented in her Cleveland Plains Dealer review, Carl’s “set showed an energy increase over his Agora show a few months back, but on that score he will never be mistaken for Southside Johnny…In fact, most of the set’s energy comes from the rest of his band.  Everyone bounds around eagerly, almost as if he weren’t there.” Carl told a reporter, “Now that I’m alone, I really respect the hell out of what Michael does for the Beach Boys, what all the guys do.  It’s like--what’s wrong with this picture? The guys aren’t there, that’s what.” Nevertheless, he soldiered on.  Meanwhile the Carl-less BBs also soldiered on but without much backstage joy. They played in Tahoe and then hit LA for two nights at the Greek Theater (July 17 and 18). Brian was frustrated by problems with his mic and raced off stage after singing a few lines of “God Only Knows.” Al had to coax him back out to finish the song.  As soon as it was over he tried to leave again but was blocked by Dennis.  Richard Cromelin of the LA Times reported that once seated back at the piano, Brian punched his microphone stand in frustration, knocking it on the floor and then disappeared after playing one more number.  Cromelin noted that earlier Dennis “had come to the rim of the stage and graciously waved his rear end to the crowd.” Mike was allegedly so incensed by his behavior that he confronted Dennis backstage.  According to Creem, they “had a bloody fistfight” that resulted in Dennis again being suspended. The tour concluded with a show at Park West in Salt Lake City with Dennis once again suspended from the band.

July 14 1982-While absent from the band in early 1982 Carl had completed another solo album but the label wanted a single on it and he went back to record What You Do To Me (a further session took place on July 21). Interviewed around this time, Carl said he was pleased with the band’s improvement since his return: “There’s a give and take without compromising the quality, which is the big thing with me. I still want to see the guys record, and there are some gigs that I would choose not to do-for instance there’s a Las Vegas thing coming up that…oh, yikes.  But we’re working on it.” The “Las Vegas thing” was a weeklong residency in the MGM Grand.  He later commented, “It was really difficult going down those stairs twice a night to put on the same cookie cutter show, and it didn’t take too long before the group started going to sleep again. We had to revert to some really silly stage antics to keep ourselves awake.” Maybe one of you that attended the gigs-knows the “silly stage antics” he’s referring to?

July 16 1983 The BBs played Candlestick Park, CA with all six members present for one of the last few times. They also appeared in Chico, Vancouver, Casper, Wyoming, the North Dakota State Fair and Mile High Stadium in Denver -James Watt was invited to that show but doesn’t appear. However, in Vancouver on July 20 Burton Cummings of the Guess Who came out during the encore to help sing “Barbara Ann” and “Fun, Fun, Fun.” A lot of these shows were post-sporting events, as was becoming the norm at this time.  Think I’ll stop there….

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