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Author Topic: Lonely Days - what's on the master tape?  (Read 630 times)
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« on: July 11, 2019, 01:59:23 AM »

Calling all Beach Boys scholars! Lonely Days is a real gem and one of the biggest pleasant surprises for me when Hawthorne, CA was released. If I'm correct, we now have the following versions and bits and pieces:

Lonely Days (on Unsurpassed Masters, Vol. 19, hidden within various Cool, Cool Water recordings) 1:24
Lonely Days (on Hawthorne, CA) 0:52
Lonely Days (Alternate Version) (on 1967 Sunshine Tomorrow) 1:45
Lonely Days (Session Highlight and Track) (on 1967 Sunshine Tomorrow 2 The Studio Sessions) 3:14

It seems to me like the version on Hawthorne, CA is the truest representation of what's on the master tape as it has a cold ending complete with stray organ notes, while the 1967 Sunshine Tomorrow version is more of an obvious cut and paste job.

Then there's the material on 1967 Sunshine Tomorrow 2 The Studio Sessions which seems to include a couple of rehearsals/run throughs of the song. This doesn't overlap with the rehearsals on Unsurpassed Masters, Vol. 19.

Also, there's some interesting studio chatter on the Sea Of Tunes CD:

Bruce (?): Aaah...
Carl: I'm sorry. I gotta get used to it, Brian. f***! Gimme a chance.

Brian: We can't cut it without a fucking rhythm section.

The "Track" on 1967 Sunshine Tomorrow 2 The Studio Sessions has an additional and unique section (with tom fills) that's not found elsewhere. Where did that come from? Could it be an additional edit piece recorded separately later on the tape? Or was it always part of the original recording but edited out for Hawthorne, CA and 1967 Sunshine Tomorrow as there weren't any vocals recorded for that section? Why wasn't that instrumental part included on 1967 Sunshine Tomorrow (which to my ears sound like the backing track repeated twice, once with vocals, once without)?

Wow, that's a lot of text about pretty much nothing.  Shocked

Anyway, my question is: how might the original master tape sound prior to the cutting and pasting?
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« Reply #1 on: July 11, 2019, 04:06:26 AM »

Sounds like the Hawthorne mix is the 'untouched' track. That said, there does appear to be an obvious edit cue before the breakdown where the track would repeat again with a copy (exactly the same way Here Comes the Night and Aren't You Glad were recorded), so the repeating version on Sunshine Tomorrow 2 with the tag section edited on is probably accurate to the intended structure. I think that second chorus/tag on ST2 is a separate section on the tape that just wasn't used on Hawthorne for whatever reason, or on ST1 where instead they opted to just let the first part of the track play out again in full without vocals.

So: recorded as a 'Part 1' (verse/chorus/bridge back to verse) and a 'Part 2' (fade chorus), with the intended structure being Part 1/Part 1 (up to the chorus)/Part 2, maybe with another repeat of Part 1 depending on how many verses were planned. Here Comes the Night cycles the same short track section three times.

I remember reading somewhere that the vocals took a lot of editing to get them into usable shape, it'd be interesting to know what state they're in on the multitrack.

That rehearsal clip on Unsurpassed Masters/Get the Boot is confusing - the rehearsals on ST2 make it seem like the basic track was Brian on piano and Carl on bass, but here you've got them doing multiple takes of what I thought were the overdubs with Carl on drums, either Bruce or Brian on organ, and another bass track. Also, note that the master take has a completely different bass tone to Carl in the ST2 rehearsal!! (Ron Brown?)
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