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Author Topic: Itís been 20 years...  (Read 1245 times)
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« on: April 30, 2019, 10:52:36 PM »

I wouldíve put this in general on-topic discussions but it didnít feel right there somehow.

20 years ago this month (meaning April, this is a little late), I discovered a little album called Pet Sounds. It proceeded to change my life forever. I was 19 almost 20, moving back home to Colorado from dreary Washington stare after several months. I was so homesick. Until I got an apartment I crashed with a friend of mine and his mom up in the mountains. I went rummaging through some of the CDs they had and came across the 1990 CD remaster of Pet Sounds, apparently belonging to my friendís brother. Curious about it (I had heard a couple things about it before. But The Beach Boys? I thought) I put it on and was immediately transfixed by the gorgeous sounds of ĎWouldnít It Be Niceí, remembering that I heard it before as a child. I kept going and the rest of the album just threw me for a loop, I had never heard anything like this before, nothing more beautiful and complex and different. I kept playing the album over and over and over for 3 months straight, I mustíve drove my friend crazy with it. But I was obsessed. The fascinating sounds and the feels. I had to know more. The liner notes were very insightful, I read them multiple times. Then I bought the CD of Endless Summer and enjoyed basking in the warmth and joy of the music. I now had a new favorite band. Later than year I discovered so much more thanks to the outstanding 1993 Good Vibrations box set. I was changed irrevocably by this gorgeous and unforgettable music.

Iím 39 almost 40 now and Pet Sounds has remained my favorite album of all time since that day. And The Beach Boys my favorite band. And ĎWouldnít It Be Niceí my very favorite song in the universe. Iím glad to share my love for this band here, all thanks to Brian Wilsonís masterpiece arriving in my life and the exact right time.

Just wanted to share with you all.

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« Reply #1 on: May 01, 2019, 02:53:05 AM »

Thanks for sharing, SD. Another wonderful start to a lifetime of wonderful music.

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