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Author Topic: What does Mike want?  (Read 4421 times)
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« Reply #50 on: July 15, 2017, 09:15:03 PM »

I am not even sure if he co-wrote those (warmth of the sun was their best imo)

SMiLE Brian, you're not saying you don't think he co-wrote those, are you?

And by the way, this may be an unpopular opinion, but I think the exalted status some have given to "Kiss Me Baby" is ridiculous, cuz it ain't that great.

I humbly disagree. I think it's a perfect song, IMO.

I will say that even though I am quick to throw heaps of praise Mike's way for songs like Kiss Me, Baby and Please Let Me Wonder (two songs I love perhaps as much, or even more than most Pet Sounds tracks), I do honestly sometimes wonder how much of the words he actually quantifiably wrote. All of em? Maybe a few lines?

I wonder how much Brian was involved in writing those lyrics, and if Mike just polished them, or vice versa or something. Maybe that's not the case at all; maybe Mike wrote all or almost all of the lyrics. It's just something I have thought about. Not a knock against Mike, and not trying to take away credit from him, but I do ponder what the facts are. Especially in light of the WIBN credit strawgrab, I can't exactly not take that into consideration in terms of when I think about what Mike apparently terms as creditable contributions. I get it - he's warped from being screwed over regarding many song credits he missed out on. I get that. I also get that over-correcting is super toxic and has a reverse effect, where people now have reason to perhaps doubt stuff.

But whatever his contributions were to those songs (PLMW and KMB), they were certainly fine contributions. The two guys must've vibed off each other in a way that garnered great results for those songs. Please Let Me Wonder of course has an alternate version with a largely different set of lyrics (all sung by Mike); surprisingly this version remains officially unreleased, but I wonder if Mike wrote *those* lyrics, and then just Brian rewrote them and resung them? Or maybe not. Who knows. This stuff is fascinating to me, and I approach learning these things without any sort of agenda. My only agenda is for crediting to be fair, and for people (including Mike) to be credited where it's properly due, and for him (and the band's legacy) to be respected, and for ego to please take a back freaking seat.

I don't know why "Kiss Me Baby" bugs me. I think "kiss a little bit, fight a little bit" is goofy and in general I think the lyrics leave me wanting more. So I guess it's Mike's fault on that one, ha.

Now about "Please Let Me Wonder" whatever Brian and Mike did with that one, they deserve heaps of praise for it. Now that to me is nearly a perfect song.

Now here is an interesting quote for ol' Doctor Love about "Please Let Me Wonder"...

"I remember wondering about the title. Not relating to the title so great but writing the verses."

What did he mean by that, not relating to the title. He didn't want to wonder? Ha!

Possibly,  like GVs and many of his songs, Brian had the title before turning to Mike for lyrics.

"Brian is The Beach Boys. He is the band. We're his f***ing messengers. He is all of it. Period. We're nothing. He's everything" - Dennis Wilson
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