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Author Topic: Was there any evidence "Wind Chimes" was Air?  (Read 39040 times)
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« Reply #775 on: April 05, 2018, 02:23:55 PM »

I think Love to Say Da Da was meant to be Air ... it's a piano piece, with bird sounds.  Later it morphed into other songs.

I've never bought into LTSD being either water or air or part of The Elements at all for a lot of reasons. First, on the 'air piano instrumental' thing, the Second Day variation of Part 2 almost definitely would've had vocals - what we have is clearly only a basic track. Brian humming things in the first Part 2 session hint at it having a similar overall vocal arrangement to Cool Cool Water. Plus, the first version of Cool Cool Water was recorded only a couple of weeks later, which is nothing in Smile-Song-Evolution-Time. For all intents and purposes it's the same song but with the structure moved around a bit, the lyrical concept changed, and lowered a step.

Dada was probably just a standalone song with baby/childlike theme that wasn't really being thought of in the grand scheme of Smile, cos the project was officially scrapped by then and Brian was in his "I dunno maybe let's make Vega-Tables a single or something" between-projects limbo. It has its own title, a lengthy modular structure, and wasn't referred to as having anything to do with The Elements at the time.

The official version uses an abridged Part 1/Part 2 structure and most people assume Part 2 Second Day was for something else or a remake of the original Part 2 but I don't get that at all - it was only tracked a day later and four consecutive sessions were booked which Brian bailed on for the final date. The demo of the late '67 Cool Cool Water shows us that the 'Part 3' bridge (with the CiFotM riff that was partially played in the Dada session) eventually goes back into the chords for the main Part 2 section, which is probably where the Second Day variation would be used. An overall structure of Part 1/Part 2/Part 3/Part 2 (Second Day) takes it to a 3 minute song that can stand as its own thing and I also suspect that CCW in 1967 was meant to be structured in the same way (with the Water Chant as a replacement for Dada's Part 1). IMO Cool Cool Water should be considered Brian's final destination for that musical idea and it's as much a valid part of Smile as the H&V sections from June 1967 or the Cabin Essence vocals from 1968, and it probably did originate from Brian's Elements pool of ideas, but it was never intended for the track The Elements and especially not while it was Love to Say Dada.
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