Rock & Roll Again - a Mike Love album?

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I've found a picture and no other info about an LP called "Rock & Roll Again" which is supposedly a collab between Mike and Dean Torrence...

Does anyone know about this???

Eric Aniversario:
Rock & Roll City was a Radio Shack-only release in 1983.  It was a Mike & Dean album, but featured other bands like the Association and Bruce & Terry, all performing remakes of popular 60's songs.  Rock & Roll Again was a slightly different release...instead of "California Dreamin" (which was different from the 1986 version), it had some other song on it instead, but as far as I can remember there were only one or two tracks that were different between Rock & Roll City and Rock & Roll Again.  I believe both were 1983 releases.

As for the music quality: probably the worst released work by any of the Beach Boys.  So inexcusably bad that many fans don't even count it when talking about the worst of the Beach Boys. 

There is a version of "The Locomotion" on there that starts with a train sound effect...I always wondered what it would be like to give a CD to a fan with "Caroline No" (with the ending train sound effects) followed up directly by "The Locomotion".  What a stark contrast!

Hard to pick a low point on the album; everything's pretty bad.  But if you want to hear it, there is a Japan-released version called "Listen To The Air", which is the same tracks with a fake DJ talking in between (and over) the tracks.  Also, bootleg versions of Rock & Roll City pop up on ebay all the time for about $8.

In my opinion, Carl's albums are worse.

Carl's albums......worse??????

One more Night Alone.  Need I say more?

Boring song, and the saxophone is terrible.


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