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Author Topic: Rank the tracks #14: Friends  (Read 7274 times)
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« Reply #50 on: March 27, 2016, 04:21:38 PM »

Be Here In The Mornin
Busy Doin Nothin
Little Bird
When A Man Needs A Woman
Diamond Head
Meant For You
Passing By
Transcendental Meditation
Anna Lee, The Healer
Wake The World
Be Still

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« Reply #51 on: June 25, 2017, 07:42:58 AM »

I absolutely Love this album. It has really helped me in many ways, and is according to My second most listened albums ever. The wierd thing about this album is that i  -really- can't point songs out. I Always listen to it from start til' TM, so I hope you get me when i say it's wierd to point out some songs. For me, they are just part of the whole friends-package I Always hear.

Anyhow, there är some songs that represent the low and High points in this Friends Packade. While the songs are fantastic (except tm), this list is most just a way of showing how big My smile is throughout the album:

1. Meant for you - Pure Magic. An excellent opener of what is the Friends album. Really sets the mood in a perfect way
2. Little Bird - Na Na Na Na Na Na Na! This really is the Highlight
3. Be Here In The Mornin' - Absolutely a blast to song along to. So fun!
4. Friends
5. Wake the World
6. Passing by - I Always tend to sing along the lyrics they chose not to sing  Cheesy
7. Busy doin' nothin'
8. When a man needs a woman
9. Anna Lee - At first, I didnt like this so much. Now its naturally a part of this sweet album. The harmonies are outstanding. (Side note: One that i know though they sung "Honor Lee")
10. Diamond Head
11. Be Still - I thought this was -really- nice att first, but i havet grown to dislike this a Little bit. Its Still ok, but it is the lowest point of the album I listen to.

12. TM - No. Not a chance. The only time I listen to this is when I forget its on. I Always skip this.
Im really fond of songs that doesnt last so Long, such as Meant for you. A perfect "Friends" would end with the Absolutely heavenly Walk On By. TM doesnt fit at all, and shouldnt be there
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« Reply #52 on: June 28, 2017, 07:02:56 AM »

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« Reply #53 on: December 28, 2017, 09:17:09 PM »

For me as good as Pet Sounds:
1. Busy Doin' Nothin'
2. Passing By
3. Friends
4. Be Here In The Morning
5. Anna Lee, The Healer
6. Meant For You
7. Wake the World
8. Little Bird
9. Be Still
10. When A Man Needs A Woman

11. Diamond Head
12. Transcendental Meditation

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