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1  Smiley Smile Stuff / Ask The Honored Guests / The Beach Boys Channel Is Back! on: July 01, 2021, 05:36:52 AM
On Sirius Radio beginning today at noon Eastern time on Channel 105.
2  Smiley Smile Stuff / General On Topic Discussions / Re: Brian Wilson 2020 Live Thread on: January 23, 2020, 04:48:30 PM
So I have been lurking on this board for about 5 years now and have never posted anything.While I share a love of the BBís music with all of you, I have no musical skills and oftentimes I find myself amazed at some of the musical knowledge of the contributors. So thank you for educating me.

That said, I wanted to echo what Rab, Marcella and the rest have posted regarding last nightís concert at National Harbour. I had actually not intended to go initially; seeing Brian struggle on stage during his last two appearances in the DC area was not something I wanted to go through again. But as the date of the concert drew nearer I began to realize - hey, how many more chances am I gonna have to share the same room with someone who has brought so much joy to my life? So, I relented and attended the show. One of the best decisions Iíve made in awhile!!

Brianís voice was stronger than itís been since the 50th anniversary tour and the rest of the guys all sounded great. The high point, among the many moments I enjoyed, was hearing the first few bars of GOK ó I thought I would melt right there in my seat.

I guess what I wanted to impart to all of you is ó if Brian and his band are scheduled to appear anywhere near your home, you should make a point of buying a ticket and attending. I donít think you will be disappointed!
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