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1  Non Smiley Smile Stuff / General Music Discussion / Re: New Radicals / Gregg Alexander on: February 22, 2021, 10:58:13 AM
Hi everyone,
Iím new here but as a massive fan of Gregg Alexander and his work I really wanted to contribute my thoughts. Seems Iím in good company with other people sharing my love for his songwriting.

I thought the Biden inauguration performance was astonishingly good, by far the best live performance Iíve ever seen from the New Radicals. I always thought they seemed a bit rough on the 98/99 vintage uploads on YouTube but there were times in this performance where I thought Greggís vocals were almost studio quality!

Here is a post that I put on another forum sharing my thoughts about Gregg. Would be good to hear your thoughts!


Hey all,
Iím new to the site but have been lurking for years. Sometimes being a music fan is a lonely business, especially if not all of your tastes are populist!

Thought I might get a thread going on his best stuff that isnít from the New Radicalsí Maybe Youíve Been Brainwashed Too? Hopefully this first thread of mine doesnít fall flat in its face.

Ok so we know how great Brainwashed.. is (fav tracks if youíre interested are Get What You Give and Gotta Stay High) but here are may favs from other albums:

Donít wanna talk about love - Danielle Brisebois
Save Me From Myself - Gregg Alexander
Love Wonít Work If We Donít Try - Roman Keating
Murder On The Dancefloor - Sophie Ellis Bextor
Game Of Love - Santana (alone here in preferring the Michelle Branch version I think)
Break Me Shake Me - Enrique Iglesias
On The Horizon - Mel C
Middla My Heart - Danielle Brisebois
Inner Smile - Texas
I Got My Heart On You - Ronan Keating
Into The Trance - Cessyl Orchestra
Give You What You Want - Ronan Keating
Lost Stars - Adam Levine
Higher Place - Adam Levine
No One Else Like You - Adam Levine
Heal Me - Ronan Keating
Life Is A Rollercoaster - Ronan Keating
lovin Each Day - Ronan Keating
Love Is A Hurricane - Boyzone
Women Of The World - CeeLo Green
Mixed Up World - Sophie Ellis Bextor
Beautiful You - Carly Hennessy
Iím Gonna Blow Your Mind - Carly Hennessy
I wonít change you - Sophie Ellis Bextor

phew, took a while to type that. Theyíre not in preference order but whilst Greggís catalog is bigger than many people realise I just cannot get my head around someone with such incredible talent not releasing more. I also canít work out quite what it is about Greggís music that is so special to me. I know heís fond of seventh chords and as a musician myself I share that love but thereís something more about it - something. About the way he writes and structures his songs, choices of chords etc... perhaps if I ever demystified it then the songs would lose their magic.

Anyway, if anyone is interested Iíd love to hear your thoughts on Gregg and his music, particularly if you have any lesser known favourites
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