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1  Smiley Smile Stuff / General On Topic Discussions / Re: Honkin' Down the Highway Single/LOVE YOU Marketing on: June 21, 2019, 05:39:45 PM
Considering how much Brian digs the "Love You" album, I'm surprised he hasn't done more tracks from it more often. They'd be easy for the band to pull off, and his 1976/77 lead vocals are less taxing to do in modern times than his '64 voice. "The Night Was So Young" has had a few airings, and "Honkin' Down the Highway" was in there for a little bit with Al singing.

But yeah, "Airplane" and "Johnny Carson" would have been a hoot to hear, and others as well.
I was surprised when he first started doing solo tours that there weren't more songs from the 1988 album in his setlist. Other than Love and Mercy, the only one I recall him doing (briefly) was Let it Shine. But maybe those songs just remind him of Landy and all the bad stuff going on at that time.

He also did Melt Away at some early oughts shows.
2  Smiley Smile Stuff / General On Topic Discussions / Re: Honkin' Down the Highway Single/LOVE YOU Marketing on: June 19, 2019, 12:59:06 PM
R&R Music was a good single. Brian's instincts were spot-on there. Good song choice, good hook, nice nasally Mike lead. Not much else about 15BO made sense. It's perhaps the single most curious creation in the band's history, which is saying something.
3  Smiley Smile Stuff / General On Topic Discussions / Re: Brian Wilson - 2019 Tour Thread on: June 19, 2019, 12:55:40 PM
For what it's worth, I read Brian's original message as a simple explanation for his inability to do a specific round of shows. The cancellation wasn't over a lack of will, desire or physical ability. Brian was having some specific mental illness-related challenges. This is likely something that he and his doctors think can be handled with rebalanced or different medication. It's also something, given the obvious amount of care BW receives, that probably isn't overly difficult to solve if everyone gets together and focuses on it for a while. Brian's mental health is likely improved by being on the road and surrounded by supportive band members and loving audiences. Staying at home after cancelling shows is likely not helpful, if the meds can be balanced out.
4  Smiley Smile Stuff / General On Topic Discussions / Re: Songs from here and back on: May 14, 2019, 09:41:47 AM
Brian is on the '89 live tracks. He's quite audible.
5  Smiley Smile Stuff / General On Topic Discussions / Re: Brian Wilson Corvette For Sale on: April 30, 2019, 06:09:24 PM
It appears that the date on the title coincides with the general time frame when Landy had his last contact with Brian after the restraining order was filed. Possibly the car was titled  over to Brian as he was finally regaining his personal property.

That was my exact thought. Also, the address for BW is an office tower.
6  Smiley Smile Stuff / General On Topic Discussions / Re: Holy Man Record Store Day on: April 19, 2019, 10:04:03 AM
I had always felt the song was missing harmonies -- or even some doubling here and there. The May-Taylor additions are excellent in that regard.

The extension of the song and addition of an ending? Also great.

The soloing just seems a bit more improvised than I would usually expect from Dr. May, but I also appreciate that it's not buried in the mix like Carl's guitar.

Overall? A solid reconstruction attempt. At this point, I'd just love to hear a full-blown new recording of the song, from the ground up.
7  Smiley Smile Stuff / General On Topic Discussions / Re: Brian Wilson: Long Promised Road (2019 Brent Wilson Documentary) on: March 27, 2019, 04:17:17 PM
Brianís version of Heaven:
8  Smiley Smile Stuff / General On Topic Discussions / Re: Brian Wilson and The Zombies Collaboration? on: March 26, 2019, 05:17:19 PM
Darian has toured with both!
9  Non Smiley Smile Stuff / General Music Discussion / Re: Songs with step joining on: March 09, 2019, 08:05:47 AM
Don't forget the immortal Lost Concert version of LDC!
10  Smiley Smile Stuff / General On Topic Discussions / TERRI SHE NEEDS ME SURFACES !!! on: February 21, 2019, 09:07:43 AM
This is the kind of thing that blows my mind. To just have this drop in our laps.

It's clearly a demo track, but for the life of me I can't tell if if dates from 88 or 98. I remember hearing a 98 demo track for LHRW, for instance, that sounded somewhat similar.

On the other hand, Brian's vocal definitely has more of the pinched, whiny sound of his late '80s recordings.

I wonder if Mark would know?
11  Smiley Smile Stuff / General On Topic Discussions / Re: Was there an original cover for Sweet Insanity on: December 26, 2018, 04:11:06 PM
Good question! Live at the Roxy isnít either, and itís pretty darn good!
12  Smiley Smile Stuff / General On Topic Discussions / Re: Smiley Smile Message Board Milestone - And General Words Of Thanks on: December 22, 2018, 01:43:28 PM
This all sucks.

I have tried to be on good terms with everyone in the fan community, and I still want to do that. As for Alan's point -- for goodness' sake, did no one notice the cover art for this year's releases reused the art template from last years'? Not a single press release or tiny bit of promotion.

We're skating on thin ice.

The music is worth talking about and fighting for. The rest of this is hot nonsense. We've already lost Desper. God only knows what else we could lose.

Here's some advice from an aging father who should be doing more constructive things. Delete this thread, don't play with people who don't want to play with you, and move on.
13  Smiley Smile Stuff / General On Topic Discussions / Re: Beach Boys 2018 Tour Thread on: December 05, 2018, 07:10:02 AM
I think this topic has been raised with Brian's band members, and the response is ... mixed. As I recall, sbout half would be interested in carrying on, but another half aren't that keen on doing it without BW.
14  Smiley Smile Stuff / General On Topic Discussions / Re: Brian Wilson - 2018 Tour Thread on: December 03, 2018, 02:28:48 PM
The entire show from Saturday night is on youtube if you want to be as uncomfortable as those of us were at the venue.

I gotta say, Brian looks somewhat more comfortable that he did in Kansas City, and he sounds pretty good. The mouth thing is bothersome, but that's our man.
15  Smiley Smile Stuff / General On Topic Discussions / Re: New Brian documentary! on: December 03, 2018, 02:00:43 PM

The article indicates there is coverage of Wilson doing covers in the studio -- I wonder if this could turn into a new release, specifically the long-spoken Rock 'n Roll album. Regardless, I'm very excited.

I believe that's the idea, yes. If you'll recall, all the band guys were posting pictures of their time in the studio a couple of months ago.
16  Smiley Smile Stuff / General On Topic Discussions / Re: Brian Wilson - 2018 Tour Thread on: November 14, 2018, 01:49:26 PM
Thank you for the reports. I too feel that Brian truly does want to be on the road, and his diminished mobility has to be affecting him and not just physically. I like the idea of Al having a mini-set too. Unlike some, I think Brian continuing to tour is a good thing as it will keep him active. I don't think making him more sedentary is the answer, as I don't think that will be good for his spirits. Just my feeling, and I could be wrong

I don't think it's wrong for Brian to keep doing shows. As long as he wants to do it and people are willing to pay, no worries. I just feel bad that he's struggling with the back stuff, and it's clearly bumming him out and changing the whole scene around him. My mother dealt with chronic pain, and it's horrendous. Part of me wonders if Brian shouldn't find some theater close to home and just do regular shows there, like Chuck Berry used to do in St. Louis. Or possibly just set up residencies at various places so he wouldn't have to travel as much.

Realistically, though, I would be surprised if there's much more sustained touring after this fall. And it's not just me saying that.
17  Smiley Smile Stuff / General On Topic Discussions / Re: Brian Wilson - 2018 Tour Thread on: November 14, 2018, 01:44:42 PM
The band has definitely put in time learning the Christmas album material.

Have Brian and Al? Hmm.
18  Smiley Smile Stuff / General On Topic Discussions / Re: Brian Wilson - 2018 Tour Thread on: November 14, 2018, 01:29:28 PM
Those are some really good questions and comments, HJ.

From band member conversations, I can say that yeah, he's just really tired of Pet Sounds. As far back as the first show of his I saw in 2000, he often would tear into hit songs or other up tempo material with more enthusiasm than the tricker PS songs.

I do think having him rest up offstage during the seven-song span from "Don't Worry Baby" to "Sail on Sailor" wouldn't be a bad idea, and you could add an instrumental like Pet Sounds in there. It would be one thing if Brian was playing and singing enthusiastic backgrounds, like he was on the C50 shows. While he does play keys now and then, I noticed that he wasn't single any backing vocals at all last night.

As for the Christmas album shows ... I think we should all stay tuned. They could be miraculous or the opposite.
19  Smiley Smile Stuff / General On Topic Discussions / Re: Brian Wilson - 2018 Tour Thread on: November 14, 2018, 12:58:50 PM
Yeah, I can say definitively, from conversations with those in the know, that Brian is dedicated to doing these shows and very much wants to be on the road. Now, I'm not sure that translates into being anything but bored stiff with full performances of Pet Sounds, but he does want to be onstage.
20  Smiley Smile Stuff / General On Topic Discussions / Re: Brian Wilson - 2018 Tour Thread on: November 14, 2018, 11:42:38 AM
Here's the thing. Going by what I've seen and heard, all of these things are true about Brian's current run of shows, and the performance I saw last night.

-- Brian is in good voice, with pitch and tone being if anything firmer and more accurate than I've heard the last couple of years. His power is diminished, likely because of physical challenges, but he sounded overall excellent in his solo spots.

-- He wants to tour. For whatever reason, Brian has repeatedly expressed to the press, his band, and his friends that he wants to be out on the road. It seems to have become a cause.

-- Brian is also in difficult shape, physically. He has a young man help him to and from his seat onstage, and there's no break in the show, so he stays seated throughout. I heard the opening act speak to merchandise purchasers after the show, and they noted that BW is traveling with a physical therapist. He needs to put in work to recover. This being Brian, can you guess if he's actually doing the tough, unpleasant stuff he needs to do to become mobile again? Yeah, right.

-- Probably because of this, he is bummed. I've seen Brian phone it in before, and I've seen him disinterested. This is different. This is much more like the infamous footage in the Smile documentary showing him quiet, preoccupied, sad. He barely interacted with the audience -- a wave after God Only Knows was as good as it got. His other comments were short and inaudible over applause. The entire band, especially Al and Blondie, but also Rob, worked throughout the show to keep up his spirits.

I don't know how to feel about all of this. The band continues to excel, Al and Blondie and Rob and Darian do their bits. Brian manages great takes of God Only Knows, Love and Mercy, Add Some Music and Little Honda (for some reason). But he's down, probably because he's a 76-year-old guy grappling with mobility problems and an arduous recovery ahead. He wants to be on the road, but he's also personally challenged enough that the show is an endurance test. It's not for nothing that they now have the opening act and a slimmed-down setlist.

It's confusing. I have no doubt that Brian benefits from the shows. It gives him a goal and a purpose. But as someone who has seen him give engaged performances, who has watched him sing with less pain, I'm not sure how the audiences benefit.

For the first time, I left a Brian Wilson show a little downcast.

Not because I think anyone is being exploited.

But perhaps because the show suggests that even the best band, even the most quirky frontman, can't perform forever.

Orson Welles said that every story ultimately has a tragic ending -- making a tale end happily is largely about where you choose to conclude it. There are so many points of triumph over the last 20 years for Brian and this band. The first Pet Sounds shows. Smile. That Lucky Old Sun. The amazing fall 2009 shows. The C50 reunion. Even the first Brian-Al-Blondie shows. When I think back about Brian's touring years, those are the points I will remember.
21  Smiley Smile Stuff / General On Topic Discussions / Re: Brian Wilson - 2018 Tour Thread on: November 14, 2018, 09:47:28 AM
Next up, a list of the Brian Wilson shows I've attended over the years. Some of you are ahead of me, others are behind. It doesn't really matter -- I've been lucky enough to live in locations where he's toured frequently in the last decade. But this helps me think about how things have changed in the touring BW world over the years.

2000, Sept. 16, Denver CO -- Pet Sounds orchestral show (35 songs) (A)
2001, July 18, Camden PA -- Paul Simon tour (25 songs) (B)
2004, Oct. 21, Tampa FL -- Smile tour (44 songs) (B+)
2006, Nov. 17, Boston MA -- Pet Sounds (with AJ) (40 songs) (C+)
2008, July 13, Hampton Beach NH -- Reduced band (26 songs) (C)
2009, Nov. 3, Concord NH -- Hits tour (setlist unavailable) (A+)
2009, Nov. 12, Lowell MA -- Hits tour (setlist unavailable) (A+)

2012, June 22, Bangor ME -- BB reunion tour (46 songs) (A)
2012, June 26, Boston MA -- BB reunion tour (47 songs) (A)

2013, Oct. 9, Boston MA -- Jeff Beck tour (23 songs) (B)
2015, July 2, Boston MA -- NPP tour (32 songs) (B)
2016, July 20, Kansas City MO -- Pet Sounds 50 (36 songs) (A-)
2017, April 1, Mayetta KS -- Hits show (30 songs) (C)
2018, Nov. 13, Kansas City MO -- Hits show (27 songs) (?)

I'm including my grades for each show -- these are off the top of my head, and entirely subjective. But they're also meant to suggest that BW's overall level of performance over the last 20 years has been pretty consistent. He's sometimes super inspired (and I've been lucky to catch a couple of those show), sometimes average, sometimes distracted, but nearly alway decent. The band, of course, plays an enormous part in this, as does the addition of Al and Blondie in recent years.

But all of this is what makes writing and thinking about last night's show in Kansas City a bit difficult.
22  Smiley Smile Stuff / General On Topic Discussions / Re: Brian Wilson - 2018 Tour Thread on: November 14, 2018, 08:47:36 AM
I attended last night's Kansas City show. I have many thoughts, some informed by observation, some by experience, and some by conversations with affiliated folks. I will likely write several posts today, just to make this mass of impressions manageable.

Let's start with the setlist. There was an opening act, Beat Root Revival. A male vocalist / guitarist and a female vocalist / percussionist. They were excellent and played for precisely a half-hour (7:30-8 p.m.) After a half-hour break, Brian and the band came out and played for precisely 90 minutes. Here are the songs and the lead vocalists.

California Girls (BW)
Dance, Dance, Dance (BW)
I Get Around (BW, Rob)
Shut Down (AJ)
Little Deuce Coupe (AJ)
Little Honda (BW, Blondie onstage)
Surfer Girl (Group, BW bridge)
Salt Lake City (BW)
Wake the World (Al)
Add Some Music (BW)
California Saga (AJ)
Don't Worry Baby (Rob)
Darlin (Darian)
Feel Flows (BC)
Wild Honey (BC)
Sail on Sailor (BC)
Do It Again (BW)
Wouldn't it Be Nice (Rob, BW on bridge)
Sloop John B (AJ)
God Only Knows (BW)
Good Vibrations (BW, Rob)

(All exit, including BW)

All Summer Long (group)
Help Me Rhonda (AJ)
Barbara Ann (group)
Surfin' USA (AJ)
Fun, Fun, Fun (AJ)
Love and Mercy (BW)

(Bows with BW seated)

After looking at setlists from earlier this year, this looks to be his standard hits show, with In My Room and the extended Pet Sounds jam deleted. There were also shows that featured Matt Jardine on Let Him Run Wild and Susie Cincinnati replacing California Saga as Al's featured spot.
23  Smiley Smile Stuff / General On Topic Discussions / Re: Studio work? on: October 03, 2018, 08:33:35 AM
Mickey D'Amico also posted several pics from the studio. Seems like a real thing!
24  Smiley Smile Stuff / General On Topic Discussions / Re: Studio work? on: October 02, 2018, 08:19:19 AM
Jim Hines is back?

Jim Laspesa. New percussionist with the band and pal of Darianís.
25  Smiley Smile Stuff / General On Topic Discussions / Studio work? on: October 01, 2018, 01:47:06 PM
From looking at the Facebook in the last couple of days -- Paul, Darian and Jim of Brian's band are pictured (along with engineer Wes Seidman) working at United Recording.

No sign of Brian. But one does wonder what's cooking.
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