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Title: Trying To Learn Again
Post by: Studebaker on February 26, 2006, 04:47:20 AM
First, a bit about myself...

I played music (bass in a cover band) professionally from 1981-1985 (before that in HS and garage bands). Then I got a job and simply quit. Yes, quit everything. Barely picked up an instrument in 20 years.... (I mean I didn't even own an instrument!!!)

In 2003, I started to collect guitars and played around a bit.

Then 1 day in November 2005, I don't know what got into me but I got an urge to put together a small studio in my basement just to record my silly little demos... (They are here  )..  I bought a little BOSS Deck, a 58, and old Ensoniq Keyboard and some other junk I ran accross. Relearning (remembering) how to play has been difficult, and learning how to use digital equipment has been more than difficult - But I find it relaxing (I work long hours and am on the road sometimes 5 days a week).... A nice thing to do on the weekend...

Anyway, the point is at 48 years old and 20 years removed, I'm still learning. On my "myspace" page I list my current studio setup. Looking for opinions as to what I might next want to add to the little room downstairs..

Joe Studebaker

Title: Re: Trying To Learn Again
Post by: wind chime on February 27, 2006, 03:03:36 AM
Hi: I couldn't get to hear your stuff cuz my dial up interent is slow but I just want to say dont give up....I started guitar when I was 16 in fact I played bass with a few friends but switched to guitar and I have had periods of not touching it...Im still learning to play and its fun!