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Title: The David Wall collection
Post by: John Manning on December 25, 2005, 10:03:26 AM
UK fans (and those in the US) might remember David Wall of Yorkshire. I remember him as my first regular source of cheap boots! (home produced cassettes of varying quality).

Well, I just learned that David passed away recenly. Some of his friends might be aware of this, some might not.

Condolences to his family and friends, and apologies to any folks on this board to who this might come as news and as a shock -  I haven't a clue how to contact the relevant people. (apologies also, of course, if this is old news... I've been out of sync for a while).

I'm sure many might be interested to know that a chunk ofn his collection has been bought by Wall of Sound records in the Piece Hall, Halifax... no boots, but some very fascinating stuff, especially the vinyl -  Blondie Chaplin's solo album, THREE different versions of (American) Spring's first album, some autographed Mike Love solo stuff... the list is pretty darned extensive and I'm only telling you this cos I can't possibly afford one-hundredth of it!

Enjoy the bounty, and raise your glasses fondly to David's memory.