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Title: BWPS TSS in Atmos Surround Sound
Post by: AllIWannaDo on November 29, 2022, 05:55:26 AM
Good day everyone

Hope you're all well and having a brilliant day!

After listening to SMiLE everyday for around 4 years i had a pause around 2014, in the hope of saving my marriage more than anything  :lol :smokin
I've just started pulling myself back in, and had a few questions i wondered all you more knowledgeable fans may have the answers to.

Question 1
Will there ever be an ATMOS, or other surround sound mix pf Pet Sounds, Brian Wilson Presents SMiLE. The SMiLE Sessions?
I hope so more than anything.

Question 2
The Pet Sounds Boxset, The SMiLE Sessions, Brian Wilson Presents SMiLE
The quality of writing, musicianship, performance, sound and mixing on Pet Sounds as a collective is incredible in all these aspects. That is without question.
One thing I've always wondered about is why the quality of mix is so immersive here, yet with BWPS & TSS the mixes always seem a little in penetrable, not as enveloping / immersive, slightly muffled, dull sounding (even though it could be debated this music surpasses a little, Pet Sounds - i know an argument for another day for maaaaany reasons)?

Pet Sounds in its various released formats has felt like taking a pill, there is no barrier between me and the music, it becomes completely immersive, fluid to me.
SMiLE although a more dense orchestral mix, and having more of the dripping melting liquid feel of the musical notes etc, (and i love it and all its various formats as my favourite listening pleasure). For whatever reason, it just doesn't seem to be as rich, or fully enveloping for me much to my frustration!!!
SMiLE should have the same audio quality rich immersive listening experience i get with all of Pet Sounds, and the likes of 'California Girls' as another example ( 'Can't wait too long' is another example) - it should feel even more like taking a pill, but for some reason and i can't understand why, there always seems 'something' that seems to get between me and the music, even if its as thin as a cig paper. Its not letting me ingest it and become 'in' me

This is so hard to describe, but its almost like rather than being consumed and becoming 1 with the music ala Pet Sounds, California Girls etc (like taking a trip or pill), SMiLE and its various formats BWPS, TSS, the Boots etc i just can't get as immersed. Im not getting the pill feel as much. Believe me its not a case of needing to take a walk on the wild side to get it, I've walked that path many times to know.
Is it the mix? what is it? No its not the missing bits, i can move beyond that, (and some studio boots from other BB songs give me that)

Does anyone else get this 'barrier' or inability to pop the balloon?

Final Question
When The SMiLE Sessions were being prepped, there was talk of a further 2 disks of outtakes, so it'd be 7 disk boxset.
What ever happened to this? Why didn't it come out (it mustve been prepped enough to be considered and the tracks/outtakes arranged/sequenced for 2 further disks)
What tracks were supposed to be on it, I'm assuming id already have had access to hearing some of these but theres always a little fish thats wriggled free of the net.

Thanks for your help :thewilsons :quote