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Title: Is the Labriel Olvrette Mix of Smile available in lossless?
Post by: batdude98 on September 13, 2022, 05:46:48 AM
Hi folks,

Longtime lurker, first time poster--

Every few years I get re-obsessed with Smile like an itch inside my brain. The wealth of information that's out there, combined with all that's been lost, just creates a tremendous sense of power, danger, and spookiness, as well as aching beauty, humor, and newness embedded into the music.

I'm writing to ask if this particular mix:

is available anywhere in lossless format?

It's probably my favorite of the 2-suite versions I've heard, aside from soniclovenoize's great assembly.

I'm also wondering if Bruiteur's mixes of IIGS, Barnyard, and Surf's Up still circulate?

Sorry if this is such a well-worn topic...