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Title: Mixology - Sounds of Summer (Expanded Edition) Full Mixes Breakdown and A/B
Post by: Freddie French-Pounce on June 21, 2022, 09:01:56 AM
Hi All, it's been a while!

Thought you might be interested in my newest episode of the Mixology podcast, where I break down everything new (i.e. different) in the new mixes on the Sounds of Summer set, including mixes not noted on the back, and incorrectly noted ones too!

As always, you can find it wherever you get your podcasts, but a podbean link is here: (

Here's my episode notes as well. Enjoy!

Hello Friends! We've got an extra special episode of the show today, digging into all of the new mixes presented on the recently released Expanded Edition of The Beach Boys' huge selling compilation Sounds of Summer, newly remixed by Mark Linett. With 28 9not the listed 24) tracks to look into, we'll be breaking down each of these mix by mix, in the order they appear on the compilation, starting with the earliest mix offered, and working through a summary of all subsequent mono, stereo, single mixes and remixes, culminating in the new 2021 mix of the track, and breaking down exactly what makes these new mixes unique. We'll also be correcting some mislabelling of mixes here, to give you a proper breakdown of exactly what you're getting. From first-time stereo mixes of tracks like 'I Get Around' that emulate the original mono mixes extremely closely, to later remixes of 70s tracks such as 'Let Us Go On This Way' that radically change the soundscape, let us see what's on offer here, and help you decide if these new mixes will become your new sounds of summer.
Happy Listening,
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Title: Re: Mixology - Sounds of Summer (Expanded Edition) Full Mixes Breakdown and A/B
Post by: B.E. on June 21, 2022, 08:25:10 PM
Wow, thanks so much for putting this together. I'll surely be checking out more episodes after completing this one. I had been wanting to do some research on not just the new mixes but some of the previous stereo mixes and comparing them all to the originals, so this is exactly what I needed! The transitions were very smooth. I really appreciated that the volume levels between the mixes being compared were consistent. If they're not, that can really screw with your perception of what you're hearing. Anyway, thanks again!

By the way, I shared the link to this episode on the Today forum, here: ( Hopefully, all interested fans will check it out. (And make up their own minds about the sound and remixes.)