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Title: Issues with the 20 Golden Greats CD
Post by: AaronReturn2005 on November 21, 2020, 06:52:19 PM
The 20 Golden Greats CD from 1987 was NOT compiled with the original master (with duophonic and stereo mixes of all the tracks), but rather several Beach Boys CDs that had been out at the time, specifically Made In USA, Endless Summer, Spirit of America and California Girls, with songs not included on those taken from other masters. This is the reason why:

*Help Me, Rhonda is the LP version ("Help Me, Ronda"), not the single version like the original LP (it was on Made In USA for god's sake)! Similar happens to Barbara Ann, as the album version wasn't on CD yet (the same edited album version from the original LP appeared on the Australian CD issue of the 1970 "Good Vibrations" compilation (which used the original master) it was taken from around the same time)
*Surfin USA is not labelled as Stereo on the packaging (despite being the common stereo LP mix), but You're So Good To Me (usual mono mix) is for some reason. The disc correctly specifies that "You're So Good..." is not in stereo, but doesn't specify that "Surfin' USA" is in stereo.
*The first second of "Darlin'" is cut off.
*Wouldn't It Be Nice is the alternate mix from Made In USA, not the original version.
*Thanks goodness they got Do It Again right, since it was the single version on Made In USA.

Are there any others? People don't seem to understand this disc is messier than they think.