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Title: Idea: Smile '83 Remastered
Post by: AaronReturn2005 on September 26, 2020, 01:46:27 PM
I was wondering if someone could remake the first ever SMiLE LP bootleg using a mix of fanmixes, other bootlegs and official material, in the best-sounding versions:

Side A:
Track 1: Good Vibrations [Rarities version with some of the original lyrics flown in. Not the same as the 2011 "Alternate Edit" as only the second part of each verse is used, and there's a bad cut to the "It's when..." lyric because it happens after the first half of the verse backing has finished proper, as opposed to exact beat-timing]
Track 2: [False] Barnyard ["Heroes and Villains - Last Part - Stereo Mix #2" from Unsurpassed Masters 17 or similar versions without echo-y vocals and the "Thank you very much" ending. The one I mentioned is at the same speed as the '83 LP]
Track 3: Do You Like Worms [Secret Smile Alternate Mix #2 without fade section. Essentially the 1966 Comp Reel version with the Bicycle Rider backing vocals [not lead] in the first chorus]
Track 4: The Old Master Painter / You Are My Sunshine (Instrumental version)
Track 5: Wonderful (Smiley Smile version)
Track 6: [Also False] Bicycle Rider Theme [Ending of track 3 source. Essentially the second "chorus" but with a fade-out, likely an alternative ending when Track 3 (supposedly) has the final one]
Track 7: Can't Wait Too Long [Extended twofer version with a longer "been way too long baby" segment and some very brief studio chatter in-between sections at 0:47 and 4:28.]
Track 8: Tones [Final 1:40 or so of the 3-minute Holidays "session" track [as it was later revealed to be], the part where we hear a "finished" track. Use Bits and Pieces as it sounds less noisy, Vigotone sounds too similar to this LP]
Track 9: Cabin Essence (Regular 20/20 version)
Track 10: Our Prayer (20/20 version, or Comp Reel version if you care enough)

Side B:
Track 1: George Fell Into His French Horn [5:45 edit]
Track 2: Heroes and Villains (Single version. I refuse to say this is a lo-fi reworking, it just doesn't fit with the rest of Smiley, like Good Vibrations)
Track 3: Vega-Tables (Laughing Gravy cover. Back then, the backing track was thought to be of a SMiLE-era origin but it's nowadays more like "Not at all", but funnily enough both the Laughing Gravy and the actual SMiLE-era version(s) are piano-driven.]
Track 4: Wind Chimes (Smiley Smile version)
Track 5: Mrs. O'Leary's Cow [The two versions from the Preiss tape, with the silence near the end of the first one cut out as the compiler pressed "Pause" when that happened]
Track 6: I Love To Say Da-Da [Actually Water Chant, but it's sourced from Cool Cool Water and as a result has water noises at the start, the ones that segue it from the first segment]
Track 7: Holidays [The famed "Here Comes De Honey Man" outtfake, actually Peter Reum's tracking device of sorts. Use any CD version of Porgy and Bess by Miles Davis, obviously]
Track 8.1: Surf's Up (Backing Track) [Segment of the "Percussion Overdub" session from 4:20-5:53. Also use Bits and Pieces as it sounds less noisy, Vigotone sounds too similar to this LP]
Track 8.2: Surf's Up (Inside Pop Piano Demo Excerpt) [Start from the "Dove nested" lyric, but start with a fade-in at the very tail end of "Brother Johnnnnn" and end before the worldless segment]
Track 9: Child Is Father To The Man [actually the last-minute of so of '71 Surf's Up]

Title: Re: Idea: Smile '83 Remastered
Post by: AaronReturn2005 on September 26, 2020, 01:53:25 PM
Here's all the "impossible to locate" stuff, including the odd mix of GV, Can't Wait Too Long, George Fell... [all from the Early Years CD], and the three sessions tracks from Bits and Pieces.

1 Week only. Grab if you must