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Title: This week in BB History
Post by: Ian on January 28, 2020, 08:40:06 AM
Feb 3 1962-The BBs probably appeared on this day on the local Dance Party on KRLA TV hosted by Bob Eubanks taped at the Long Beach Municipal Auditorium-with the Belairs, Four Cal Quettes, Don Julian and the Meadowlarks, Vince Howard and Johnny Burnette.  Five days later the BBs were at World Pacific Studios to record Surfin Safari, an early version of Surfer Girl, Judy and Karate.  Circa Jan 28 or 29 1963-The BBs made their first trip outside California to perform at a ZBT Frat Party in Tucson, AZ.  The next day they played the Navajo Nation Fairgrounds in Window Rock, AZ.  They were back in LA by January 31 to record Farmers Daughter (Track), Lana (Track) and overdubs on Surfin USA and Shut Down.  Feb 2 1963-The BBs played a March of Dimes Benefit at the Swing Auditorium in San Bernardino-with Jan and Dean, Dick Dale and the Deltones, the Rivingtons, the Chantays, the Rumblers, the Hollywood Tornadoes, Nino Tempo, April Stevens, Dick and Dee Dee, Eddie Hodges and others.
Jan 27 and 28 1964 the BBs played at the Theatre Royal in Christchurch, NZ.  The Christchurch Press suggested that only headliner Roy Orbison had real stage presence.  However, it threw faint praise at Mike: “He danced and jigged in stocking feet, and achieved some strange contortions in an offbeat number called ‘Monster Mash.’ No doubt the audience wondered what the submerged words were, because the guitars drowned out every one.  It may have been just as well, because the group hit a high proportion of wrong notes when they tried to harmonize a slow song about Graduation Day.” They were at the Town Hall in Wellington on January 29.  The Wellington Post noted, “They are an exceptionally young group and are led by the big brother of three of the members whose high spiritedness infects the others.  ‘Surfin’ USA’ went over well, like all the other numbers, and the audience was in no mood to let them go.” They were at the Founders Hall, Hamilton on the 30th and Town Hall, Auckland on Jan 31 and Feb 1, the last night of the tour. The BBs returned home just as the “Fun, Fun, Fun” single was released.  Marriage must have been on Al’s mind because he tied the knot right after he got home to girlfriend “Lovely” Lynda Sperry.  BBs immediately started playing local gigs, including another app at the Winter-Nationals Custom Car Show at the Great Western Exhibit Center in LA-with Dick Dale and Joe and Eddy and a Feb 8 concert at the Pavalon Skating Rink in Huntington Beach-with the Surf Riders.

Jan 27 1965 the BBs played the Memorial Coliseum in Portland, OR with Dan and the Goodtimes and the Sonics. As noted in my book (which has photos of the show), Brian returned to the live lineup for the first time since his breakdown in Houston.  The fan who supplied the photos noted to me, “They had brand new Showman amps and JBL speakers.  …Carl had the 12-string guitar, which was kind of impressive.  We didn’t know quite what to make of that, because we’d never seen one before… The show was more intense and fever pitched (than previous Portland shows), with lots of girls screaming…  It was kind of like the TAMI Show scene.” Two days later they played the Exhibition Forum in Vancouver with Glen Campbell back in the lineup.  The Vancouver Sun reported, “hysterical fans attempted to climb on stage at the Forum where a Hollywood group called the Beach Boys was performing. Five police officers holding barricades against the pressing crowd lost their uniform hats to youths who snatched them off their heads.”  They then played the Seattle Center with Jan and Dean, The Viceroys, the Sonics, The Astronauts, Sir Raleigh and the Coupons, Jimmy Hannah, Terry Black and the Dynamics.  After a short return home, the BBs played in Little Rock, AR on Feb 4 1965 and then at the Wichita Forum on Feb 6 with The Profits, The Singing Conners and Dick and Dee-Dee

Jan 29 1966-The BBs played at the HIC Arena in Honolulu with Jackie Lee, Lou Christie, The Mop Tops, The Undertakers, Frankie Samuels and the Kinfolk.  Two days later Brian was at Western to work on Caroline No. On Feb 3 1966-Carl married Annie Hinsche.  Jan 27 1967-The BBs worked on Heroes and Villains at Columbia.  They also held sessions for the song on January 31 and Feb 3 1967 but those tapes are lost.  Feb 7 1967-The BBs held a short 45-minute session for
Heroes and Villains to record a Guitar Overdub and vocals for the Cantina session-including “You’re Under Arrest by Gene Gaddy.

Feb 1 1968- The BBs played Everett Community College, Everett, WA. The next day they played the Seattle Center Arena with Springfield Rifle, then appeared at the Agrodome in Vancouver, BC on Feb 3-with the Northwest Company and the City Zoo. The reviewer was disappointed because ads promised a full orchestra would be accompanying the BBs but instead “the string section consisted of one additional musician who sometimes played guitar and sometimes a tinkly tambourine.”  I guess this could be Ron Brown, as it doesn’t sound like Daryl Dragon.  They played the Memorial Coliseum in Portland, OR and the Capitol Pavilion, St Martin’s College, Lacey, WA with The Smiling Castle and the Lemon Pipers on February 4 1968 and then were in Vegas on February 5 for one show.

Jan 27 and 29 1969-sessions were held for Dennis’s song San Miguel. Feb 7 1969 the BBs started a tour of Texas with the Bob Seger System, Joe Hicks and Rene and Rene at the Municipal Auditorium in San Antonio, TX. The tour played the Music Hall, Houston the next night.  Apparently, Dennis invited Manson to come with him on this tour as a support act but his parole officer wouldn’t allow him to leave the State. Probably for the best!!

Jan 27, 28 1970-Mixing sessions for the Live in London tapes were held at Capitol.  Not sure if the BBs were involved in this.  I know that Bruce was at Valentine on Jan 28 to do piano overdubs on Tears in the Morning.  Carl was preoccupied with his continuing draft case hassles.  On Jan 29 1970-he was given 3-years’ probation and fined 4,000 dollars plus ordered to work two years as institutional helper for the county dept of hospitals.  As he didn’t wish to do this-the case dragged on into 1971.  Feb 2 1970-A session was held for the single version of Al’s Susie Cincinnati and the song was mixed the next day (or Feb 6).
Feb 3-14 1970- Little Richard appeared at the Coconut Grove- some BBs attended one night and hung out with him at his hotel. They also invited him to Brian’s house. According to the account in Gaines’s book-Mike acted a little strange that night. There is no doubt that he was acting peculiarly that month-he himself later admitted that he’d been fasting a little too much.

Jan 31 1972-A session for Beatrice from Baltimore (You Need a Mess of Help) was held.  The AFM lists Brian Wilson, Ricky Fataar, Doug Dillard, Billy Hinsche, Carl Wilson and Tandyn Almer as in attendance.  January 1973- Brian was in Fort Dodge, Iowa with David Sandler and Spring to record tracks for their 1973 album.  Jan 30 1974-Elton John was at Caribou Ranch in Colorado to record
Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me.  Apparently, Bruce Johnston arranged this session and tried to use Brian, Danny Hutton, Gerry Beckley and Dusty Springfield but it didn’t go well. After Elton departed for a tour of Japan, Bruce instead recut the backing vocals with Carl, Toni Tennille and Daryl Dragon. Jan-Feb 1974 Mike attended a five-week TM course in Belgium. 

Jan 30, 1976-The BBs held a session for Palisades Park, my personal favorite cover on the 15 Big Ones LP.  I think Brian did a great production on it-and it’s the only song on that LP that I think surpasses the original version.  The next day they worked on Blueberry Hill (a less successful cover in my humble opinion). Feb 3 1976- Dennis made the newspapers-as he was arrested for having a loaded weapon in his car-told cops he took it from a distraught girlfriend (Karen I guess). Late Jan-July 1977-Mike was at a 6-month TM course in Switzerland. Feb 3 1977-Brian guested on Eric Carmen’s recording of “She Did It” with Bruce Johnston at Brother Records.  It was Carl’s 11th wedding anniversary so he didn’t join them.

Jan 30, 31 1978-Dennis’s Bambu track Baby Blue was worked on.  On Feb 3 1978-Dennis added string overdubs to Wild Situation and Baby Blue. That same day the Jan and Dean bio-pic-Dead Man’s Curve aired on CBS TV-airs with apps by Mike and Bruce (a photo from a December 9, 1977 newspaper shows them on the set-so probably filmed before then-Mike signed a contract on Nov 30 1977 that states that his work on the film had begun on Nov 3).  Feb 6 1978-a song called Carl’s Shuffle was recorded.

Jan 28 1980-The BBs held a marathon session at Rumbo-where they added overdubs to Keepin’ the Summer Alive, Some of Your Love and Oh Darlin. They also edited the master of Sunshine and made mono TV mixes of Some of Your Love and Goin On-for a mini-concert (singing to pre-recorded tapes) for the Going Platinum TV Show that they were filming to promote the LP. The “concert” was taped at KTTV in Hollywood on January 30.  The mixes heard on the special differ from the LP-for example Keepin the Summer Alive lacks the Joe Walsh guitar overdub. Jan 31-6 1980-The BBs returned to Rumbo to add overdubs to Goin’ On, “Living with a Heartache” Santa Anna Winds, Some of Your Love, Sunshine and School Days.  Jan 31 1981-The BBs played at the All Arabian Horse Show in Scottsdale, AZ.  This was something Al had gotten involved in (he raised horses) and he moved to that area in the 1980s, though he eventually returned to California.

Jan 27-29 1982-Carl was at Cherokee Studios working on his second LP Youngblood. He worked on “Time”, “Opus II”, “She’s Mine,” and “Goin’ Down.”
On Jan 28 1982-Mike spoke at UCLA’s Grand Ballroom about TM. Three days later Mike and ESSB appeared at the Berkeley Community Theater. Feb 1-3 1982- Carl was back at Cherokee to work on “It’s Too Early to Tell,” “Givin’ You Up,”
“Rockin’ All Over the World,” “Youngblood,” “If I Could Talk to Love,” and “One More Night Alone.”

Jan 24-Feb 1 1984-The BBs had a whole southern tour planned that was canceled in the wake of Dennis’s death.  They also canceled a Feb 3-6 Harrah’s, Tahoe residency.  On Feb 4 1984-They did go into Melrose Studio (with Brian) to contribute to Julio Inglesias’ “The Air That I Breathe” produced by Richard Perry
Jan 31,1985-The BBs started a winter tour at the Northlands Coliseum in Edmonton-with KD Lang.  The reviewer was not that impressed and commented, “Mike Love, Carl Wilson, Al Jardine and Bruce Johnston are propped up by a superb shadow band, ostensibly leaving them free for the glory work, placing and layering their rich harmonies. But if it weren’t for supplementary vocalist-guitarist Jeff Foskett bailing them out on falsetto, their trademark sound would be a risky venture, as none of them save Love can consistently hit his notes.” The next night they played the Olympic Saddle Dome in Calgary-with America. Prior to performing “California Girls,” Mike joked, “Anybody seen David Lee Roth around here?  I’m looking for that sucker.  He ripped off ‘California Girls,’ if you know what I mean?  I told the other guys in the group I’m going to get a fright wig and do ‘Jump’ during our show.’”  James Muretich of the Calgary Herald reported, “The sound wasn’t the greatest, the band was sloppy at times and they’re certainly not showmen of the year.  Yet nobody cared.  They were there for the hits and they got them: ‘Sloop John B,’ ‘Wouldn’t It Be Nice,’ ‘Little Deuce Coupe,’ ‘Do It Again,’ ‘Help Me Rhonda’ and far too many more to mention without the Herald putting out a special supplement.” On Feb 2 the BBs were at Utah State University, Logan, UT and then played Colorado State U on Feb 3, before a four-day residency at Harrah’s Lake Tahoe.

Jan 27-29 1986-The BBs were back for their usual Harrah’s Lake Tahoe residency
On Jan 31-they started a short tour at the Civic Center in Hartford, CT, followed by dates in Hamilton, Ontario and Battle Creek, MI.  The reviewer of the Hartford show felt they were in “fine form” after some previous lackluster appearances there. “The pacing was bright, the playing solid and the famous ensemble voices were, overall, in terrific shape…Mike Love was in his best form in ages, offering lead vocals that were focused and crafted. However, Bruce Johnston’s vocals were not so fine, killing an otherwise maimed song, a new number called ‘She Believes in Me’.”

Jan 29 1987 the BBs started another tour at the Dane County Coliseum in Madison, WI. They then played in Toledo and Fort Wayne.  On Feb 3 they were at the Memorial War Arena in Johnstown, PA, then played in Utica NY with Joan Jett, Providence, RI and then the Civic Center in Hartford, CT on Feb 6. The reviewer again noted the BBs were in “fine form” but noted that a certain slickness was creeping into the act. The BBs were at the Sands in Atlantic City, NJ on Feb 7 and the Coliseum in Richmond, VA on Feb 8.  Feb 1988-Brian was busy mixing songs for his first solo LP.  He joined the BBs the following year for a January 27 1989 appearance at Nassau Coliseum, which was a Beachago reunion show.  Brian did a mini-solo set during the show composed of Surfer Girl, Love and Mercy, Melt Away and Walking the Line.  The BBs performance was praised by a reviewer, who panned Chicago’s set.  “I’ve seen this band enough to know that they were ‘on’. The overall sound was good (a big plus), their vocals were strong (even way up high) and whoever was drumming was doing the best Dennis Wilson crash and double stomp since Dennis himself!” Jan 28 1991- Brian and Don Was played an eleven-song set at the China Club in LA. Was anyone on the forum there? Feb 6 1991-The BBs played a private show at the Marriot in Desert Springs, CA. Think I’ll Stop there.

Title: Re: This week in BB History
Post by: Rocker on January 31, 2020, 05:45:40 AM
Feb 3-14 1970- Little Richard appeared at the Coconut Grove- some BBs attended one night and hung out with him at his hotel.

That can be an interesting experience.... Don Everly famously declined an offer from Richard.  ;D

Title: Re: This week in BB History
Post by: Emdeeh on January 31, 2020, 06:23:42 AM
Jan 31 1981-The BBs played at the All Arabian Horse Show in Scottsdale, AZ.  This was something Al had gotten involved in (he raised horses) and he moved to that area in the 1980s, though he eventually returned to California.

My understanding is that Al had a second home in Arizona, sharing time between there and Big Sur.

Title: Re: This week in BB History
Post by: Bill M on January 31, 2020, 11:40:27 AM
After Elton departed for a tour of Japan, Bruce instead recut the backing vocals with Carl, Toni Tennille and Daryl Dragon.

Was it Daryl or Billy Hinsche?

As always, some great stuff here from Ian!

Title: Re: This week in BB History
Post by: Needleinthehay on January 31, 2020, 12:45:30 PM
Jan 31 1981-The BBs played at the All Arabian Horse Show in Scottsdale, AZ.  This was something Al had gotten involved in (he raised horses) and he moved to that area in the 1980s, though he eventually returned to California.

My understanding is that Al had a second home in Arizona, sharing time between there and Big Sur.

FYI, i read in an interview recently and he said where lived in AZ in the 80s (the area of scottsdale) and it's a super rural area, even now (i've lived in AZ for 25 year so know the area well). And back then it was even more so. Almost everything out in that area is big ranch homes with horses and fields and stuff. So my guess is he had a big ranch property, probably with at least a few acres of land. Maybe some horses. Just an FYI in case anyone was wondering what kind of place he had out there. I can't say for sure since I havent seen it, but thats the only reason anyone would live in that part of town, since it's pretty far out away from any cities. Far from downtown phoenix, even pretty far from downtown scottsdale.

Title: Re: This week in BB History
Post by: HeyJude on January 31, 2020, 12:58:37 PM
I always got the impression that Al's wife Mary Ann was from Arizona, and his move (whether part-time or full) in the mid 80s seemed to coincide with getting married. That would probably explain much of *why* he ended up in Arizona for awhile.

Title: Re: This week in BB History
Post by: Tony S on January 31, 2020, 01:06:16 PM
I believe the comment by Hey Jude about Mary Ann being from Scottsdale is true, I also believe she was the person originally involved with show horses. North Scottsdale, which is where they lived I believe, is stunning, and about 1/2 hour from what is Old Town/Down town Scottsdale. I know the area well. As an aside, I've been down Sycamore Canyon Road many a time, in my travels to Big Sur and Pfeiffer Beach. Al's Big Sur home is about 2 miles down SCR, just before you come to the parking lot for Pfeiffer Beach. It's gated with a big KEEP OUT sign, but a really cool place none the less. And practically right on Pfeiffer beach too.  Al sure lives/lived in some great spots, that's for sure.

Title: Re: This week in BB History
Post by: GoodVibrations33 on January 31, 2020, 06:01:26 PM
FWIW, Matt Jardine and his family call AZ home too.

Title: Re: This week in BB History
Post by: Ian on February 01, 2020, 04:14:35 AM
I heard it was Daryl and Toni but billy could have been involved. Not sure

Title: Re: This week in BB History
Post by: Ian on February 01, 2020, 08:12:46 AM
Yeah-the Little Richard thing. I remember that when Townsend was inducting the Stones into the hall of fame in 1989, Richard was there. He said in his speech that “I am old enough to visit your room now”