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Title: This week in BB History
Post by: Ian on September 14, 2019, 09:08:23 AM
Sept 13, 1962-Brian produced The Surfer Moon for a Bob and Sheri single.   The next day the BBs played the Howdy Hop at Hawthorne HS and then appeared at the Surfers Ball at Morgan Hall in Long Beach with the Bonnavills, Lonnie Belmore, Russ Storman and Dean Long.  On Sept 15 1962 they played at debutante Helen Stillman 16th Birthday Party in LA.  On Sept 21, 1962-the bbs took part in a battle of the bands at the Wagon Wheel Junction Roller Gardens in Oxnard against the Casuals, a new group that later evolved into the Dartells. On Sept 22 1962 the BBs appeared at the Pickwick Recreation Center in Burbank to tape a TV appearance for Pickwick Dance Party hosted by Bob Eubanks with the Tornadoes, Toni Fisher, Dick Roman and the Grads.

Week of Sept 9-18 1963-The BBs were advertised as appearing on a series of Back to School Star Studded Specials on CH 9 TV-KHJ hosted by Bob Denver (then famous for portraying Dobie Gillis on TV).  Sept 14 1963-the BBs returned to Sacramento for the 2nd time to play two shows at the Memorial Auditorium, without Al filling in for Brian.  Sept 17 1963 Brian produced The One You Can’t Have for the Honeys at Capitol Studios.  On Sept 20 the BBs played Long Beach and then headed to Portland, OR with Jan and Dean to play the Memorial Coliseum on September 21.  Al again filled in for Brian.  Three days later the BBs first national TV appearance on the Red Skeleton TV Show aired on CBS TV. The show had been pre-taped in April and featured the BBs miming to Things We Did Last Summer and Surfin USA (the clips are in Endless Harmony).

Sept 13 1964 the BBs played Boise HS Auditorium in Idaho. Three days later they were in the studio to record the unreleased (till years later) All Dressed Up for School.  As fans know Brian reused this melody for later songs-including I Just Got My Pay.  Sept 17 1964-the BBs apparently began their next tour in Miami (I say apparently because I have yet to find any solid evidence that this show took place). The next day the BBs played the Alabama State Coliseum in Montgomery with Norma Jean, Jan and Dean, The Chartbusters, Ronnie and the Daytonas, Don Gibson, Travis Wommack, Jerry Wallace, Ace Cannon, Bobby Wood, Porter Wagoner).  This bill again appeared at Birmingham Auditorium the next day. The BBs then played the City Auditorium in Atlanta on Sept 20 1964 and the Civic Coliseum in Knoxville, TN the next day.  The BBs then headed to Nashville, where Brian and the boys recorded a version of Dance, Dance, Dance, prior to their evening show at the Municipal Auditorium. 

The BBs played the Alexandria Roller Rink near Washington DC with the Mugwumps and Steve Alaimo on September 23.  Ronnie Oberman from the Washington Star interviewed the Beach Boys backstage.  Brian commented that the group was finished singing about surf and cars: “It’s served its purpose to help create our image.  It’s now a thing of the past.  As far as crazes are concerned, if you base overall existence too much on the craze, pretty soon the emphasis is on the craze rather than on the group.  Since we moved out of the craze thing, more emphasis can be put on us as a group.... We now want to go in the direction of the big beat and hard rock with lyrics that don’t limit themselves to one specific thing.” The next night the BBs appeared at the Loew’s State Theater in Providence, RI the next night.

Sept 14 1965-The BBs held a session for the Party Album and recorded versions of Tell Me Why, I Should Have Known Better, Papa Oom Mow Mow, There’s No Other, Mountain of Love, You’ve Got to Hide Your Love Away, Ticket to Ride, Devoted to You and Alley Oop.  The next night the BBs worked on some of these tracks more and also recorded the I Get Around/Little Deuce Coupe Medley, Laugh at Me, Riot in Cell Block 9 and One Kiss Led to Another (Brian clearly liked this song-as he launched into an impromptu party style version of it at the Campfire sessions taped in 1989).  Sept 17 1965-The BBs played the Baltimore, Civic Center with the Uptowns, the McCoys and the Strangeloves. The next night the BBs played the Convention Hall in Philadelphia with Tony Troy.  The reviewer was nonplussed and commented, “They sing and smile and beat drums and batter away at guitars and slam tambourines against their knees, they’re REAL BOSS!... They were so loud that you couldn’t hear what they were singing but that didn’t matter because those record-buying sons of Benny Goodman fans know every word of the Beach Boys’ songs by heart.”

The BBs then played the National Guard Armory in DC with the El Corals and Little Wimpy and the New Bedford Set on September 19 1965.  According to the Evening Star, “the five-some clowned and sang everything from ‘California Girls’ to Mike Love’s version of ‘Monster Mash’ and rocked the DC Armory.  The boys with the surfer sound were mobbed by teenagers who threw questions and pieces of paper at them for autographs during a before the show party in the third-floor conference room.”    Sept 23 1965-The BBs continued work on the Party LP with a session for the Times They Are A Changing, You’ve Got to Hide Your Love Away, Barbara Ann, Smokey Joe’s Café, Heart and Soul and Long Tall Sally.  The next morning the BBs flew to Vancouver to play a show at the Exhibition Forum with country-star Charlie Rich.

Sept 19 1966-The BBs worked on Our Prayer at Columbia studio. Two days later they were back in the studio to complete Good Vibrations with a new lead vocal by Carl and a Theremin overdub.  Sept 24 1966-Carl was interviewed by Dick Clark at his home for an episode of the TV show Where the Action Is.  Sept 20 1967- Carl held a session to produce some of Steve Kalinich’s Poems at Capitol.  Three days later Bruce led the BBs in a version of the Beatles’ With a Little Help from my Friends, which remained unreleased for many years. Sept 16-18 1968-the BBs worked on Dennis’s Never Learn Not to Love at Brother and Wally Heider’s studio.  Sept 20 and 21 1968-The BBs appeared at Purdue University in Lafayette, Indiana-with folk singer Odetta and Rich Little.

Sept 14 1971-Carl appeared in LA Court and was granted permission to do alternate service-ending his four-year court battle to deal with his draft problem.
Sept 22 1971 the BBs started their fall tour with a show at a Ramada Inn in Portsmouth, RI, sponsored by a local college. The Newport Daily News noted, “They opened some people’s eyes, as does their new album Surfs Up… The group has grown so much since the surf days.  The new songs sometimes utilize four keyboards at once in a concert. …Overall, the group puts on a great show, and parts of their album are brilliant.”  The next night the BBs played the Music Hall in Boston with Boz Scaggs. The Globe noted, “The new stuff like ‘Surfs Up’ and ‘Student Demonstration Time,’ and the old stuff like ‘Heroes and Villains’ and ‘Do It Again’ worked out fine.  Dennis Wilson, absent on drums because of a hand injury, contributed the great, great song ‘It’s About Time,’ and sang to his own piano accompaniment (in darkness because of his embarrassment of playing alone) a beautiful song to his wife, Barbara.” On September 24 1971 the BBs returned to Carnegie Hall in NYC for two more shows.  Prior to the show they held a press conference.  Nancy Lewis reported in NME, “The conference was held for the purpose of dispelling all fresh rumors that the group was falling apart. And also, to announce the good news that Carl Wilson has emerged triumphant from his five years of legal wrangling with the draft board.” The break-up rumors were caused by reports that Dennis had clashed with Carl and pulled his songs from the Surfs Up album.  The appearance of both brothers put an end to the gossip.

Sept 18 1975-Carl produced a single for Ricci Martin “Stop Look Around” and “I Had a Dream”.  Billy Hinsche and Ricky Fataar, took part in the session. Sept 23 1975 Mike Love performed a solo show at the Union Pacific Railroad Shop in Omaha, NE as part of a Freedom Train event. Sept 18 1976-Brian and Dennis appeared as presenters at Don Kirshner’s Music Awards TV Show in Hollywood. It aired on CBS TV. Sept 23 1976-Dennis held a session for Only with You.  Sept 15 1977-Some of the BBs, including Brian, appeared as presenters at Kirshner’s Third Annual Music Awards on TV.

Sept 17 1978-an appearance by Mike and Celebration on the Mike Douglas Show aired on U.S. TV (taped in the summer). They played Almost Summer and Fun, Fun, Fun.  The next day a session was held to work on Full Sail, Goin’ South, Angel Come Home and Shortening Bread.  On Sept 19 1978-the BBs recorded a remake of Calendar Girl and Lady Lynda. Three days later further work was done on Full Sail and Goin’ South.  Sept 14 1979-the BBs appeared at the Swing Auditorium in San Bernardino.  The next day an appearance on American Bandstand taped in August aired on ABC TV. One amusing moment occurred when Dick Clark walked over to Brian and asked him what his inspiration was to write music.  Brian responded “You”.  Clark quickly turned to the other Beach Boys and asked if Brian was putting him on, but they said he was quite serious.  Clark didn’t seem convinced.  In addition to the interview, the group performed versions of “Lady Lynda”, “Good Timin’” and “Sumahama”.  Dennis had been kicked out of the group to get him to sober up and was not present.   

Sept 1980-Carl started work on his first solo LP, which was finished around December.  Sept 13 1981-The BBs taped Thirty Years of American Bandstand. They mimed to old tracks with Dennis (looking truly dire) and Brian. Four days later Mike married Catherine Linda Martinez in Santa Barbara with all 3 Wilson brothers in attendance and DJ Wolfman Jack presiding as minister.  Sept 18 1982- the bbs played at Candlestick Park after a baseball game. Joel Selvin of the Chronicle reported, "The same crowd that wildly cheered the Giants to victory were dancing in the aisles to 'Little Deuce Coupe' and 'Help Me Rhonda.' A line dance snaked around the upper deck and the cheerleaders surrounding the stage, unable to restrain their enthusiasm either, hopped and bopped throughout the 75-minute performance.” They played the Hollywood Bowl the next night, with Brian in poor shape, and then appeared at the West Washington Fair, in Puyallup on Sept 20, 1982.

Sept 16, 1983-The BBs played at the National Cattle Congress in Waterloo, Iowa. The following day they were at the New Mexico State Fair and then appeared at Boise State University on Sept 18 1983.  They returned to the Western Washington Fairgrounds on September 19 and 20 1983.  Brian and Dennis were not at any of these shows, which was slowly becoming the norm.  Sept 19 1984-The BBs worked on Maybe I Don’t Know at West Lake Audio. Three days later they started a fall tour at Veterans Stadium, Philadelphia after a ball game, which was becoming a common place to see them by this time.  They played the Manning Bowl in Lynn, MA on September 23 1984.  Sept 14-15 1985-the Bbs again played the Washington State Fair.  Brian subbed for Carl on the 14th and probably on the 15th as well.  The reviewer noted that “Brian stood near the center of the stage and sang the lead on several songs including Sloop John B, Dance, Dance, Dance, Surfer Girl and God Only Knows…He frequently clapped his hands and danced a little sidestep. His voice has retained its youthful high-pitched qualities, though slightly hesitant.” Carl was living in Colorado at the time and may have chosen not to fly out for the shows, when he knew they were flying to Illinois a few days later. He was with the band on Sept 22, 1985 when they played at Farm Aid in Champaign, IL. The entire concert was televised on the Nashville Network. The group, minus Brian, performed a similar set to the one they played at Live Aid earlier in the year.

Sept 13-17 1986- Brian and Gary Usher worked on various title in the studio including “Magic”, “Spirit of Rock and Roll” and “I’m Broke” The Wilson Tapes has the whole sordid story of this period prior to Brian’s solo album of 1988. Sept 16 and 17 1987 Brian and his team worked on overdubs for Baby Let Your Hair Grow Long, Let’s Do It Again, Walkin’ the Line, Melt Away, Nighttime and Little Children.  Most of these ended up on the 88-album.  Sept 18 1987 the BBs played at Boise State University and then played the Western Washington Fair on Sept 19 and 20 1987 with the Crazy 8’s (a Portland band), the Kingsmen, comedian Andy Bumatai and Sha Na Na.  The reviewer noted, “The Beach Boys added a couple of new tunes that were hits: ‘California Dreamin’ was played with an interesting harmonic interplay.  Their version of ‘Wipe Out’ with rap lyrics was lifted from their video with the Fat Boys.” The BBs then filmed a music video at Seattle Arena the next day.  Brian held more sessions for his LP on Sept 22 and 24, while the BBs played at Northrop Auditorium in Minneapolis, MN on Sept 23 1987 and at the University of Iowa with Sawyer Brown the next day.

Sept 17, 18 1988-The BBs again played the Western Washington Fair with Three Dog Night.  The reviewer noted, “California girls kicked off the Beach Boys set but the six dancers/cheerleaders that performed during it and several other songs turned out to be ‘Running Rebels’ from the University of Nevada-Las Vegas. Later they high-kicked and tumbled through ‘Be True To Your School.’…Love said the car songs including 409, Little Deuce Coupe, Little GTO and I Get Around are ‘So old there weren’t any Japanese cars on the highway when we recorded them.’” On Sept 22 1988-they played the New Mexico State Fair and then were at the Cal Expo Amphitheater in Sacramento, CA-with Steve McGrew the next night.  That same day a taped appearance on the U.S. daytime soap opera One Life to Live aired-Mike, Al, Bruce and Jeff appeared-playing “Kokomo” at a HS Reunion for some of the characters.  Also, on that day Brian taped an interview at Tower Records in LA that aired on TNN TV-Crook and Chase Show. He was promoting his LP there.  Brian then flew to England and appeared at the Beach Boys STOMP Convention in London on September 24 1988. He sang three songs- Night Time, Surfer Girl and Love and Mercy to the ecstatic UK fans.  That day the BBs played a private show at the Naval Station Field House in San Diego.  Let’s stop there.

Title: Re: This week in BB History
Post by: guitarfool2002 on September 14, 2019, 09:43:48 AM
Cool stuff.

Just a correction - Bob Denver played "Maynard G. Krebs" on the show "The Many Lives Of Dobie Gillis", not the Dobie character. Notable in some ways because Denver's Krebs character was - along with Edd Byrnes' "Kookie" character on 77 Sunset Strip, one of the early mainstream portrayals of a beatnik/hipster/proto-hippie complete with beat lingo and slang...But while Kookie was more on the cool/hip side with all the trappings of sharp clothes, great hair, a hot custom car, and a job at Dino's lounge, when you watch the old Dobie Gillis shows it looks like Krebs was supposed to be high 99% of his time on screen. And Krebs was always disheveled, wearing ratty sweatshirts, unkempt hair, a be-bop goatee, and what would be the stereotype to come of a guy who smokes dope and listens to music most of the time. Whether it was an attempt to mock the beatniks or just portray guys who the show's writers actually knew around LA and the beat scene, Krebs was what a lot of middle-America watching the show thought beatniks were. Lazy, disheveled, high, and obsessed with be-bop and bongos.  ;D

Anyway, I wish some more info short of the tapes or kinescopes which either don't exist or haven't been found would be available on the BB's appearance with Bob Denver. Of course KHJ being a local station wiped most of their daily or weekly broadcasts. It would be cool to see how Denver played the appearance, whether he did his Maynard Krebs routine or whether he was himself. And of course this was shortly before he became even more well known as Gilligan...

Title: Re: This week in BB History
Post by: JakeH on September 14, 2019, 10:40:04 AM

Sept 18 1982- the bbs played at Candlestick Park after a baseball game. Joel Selvin of the Chronicle reported, "The same crowd that wildly cheered the Giants to victory were dancing in the aisles to 'Little Deuce Coupe' and 'Help Me Rhonda.' A line dance snaked around the upper deck and the cheerleaders surrounding the stage, unable to restrain their enthusiasm either, hopped and bopped throughout the 75-minute performance.”

Thanks for posting all this; doesn't your book mention a Beach Boys show in Hutchinson, KS (the literal fatherland) around this time? Or am I mixed up

Title: Re: This week in BB History
Post by: Ian on September 14, 2019, 12:40:21 PM
Yes that was the week before-but I am using Sept 13 as a cutoff-you could go on forever of course!!

Title: Re: This week in BB History
Post by: Ian on September 14, 2019, 07:58:53 PM
Yeah it’s a shame all those 1962-63 BBs appearances seem to have bit the dust-all that survives from the David marks era is the one man’s challenge footage and the Skelton appearance. It would be amazing to even see some stills of those local shows-as some of you may know as of yet not one photo has turned up of the very early days after surfin was recorded but before David came in the group. Kind of amazing that they took no promo photos to promote their first record!

Title: Re: This week in BB History
Post by: Ian on September 15, 2019, 07:51:04 AM
As far as I can tell-earliest photo of the BBs is from around the time they played the Bel Air Beach Club in March 1962