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Title: Weezer's unrelased 1997 masterpiece: Songs From The Black Hole
Post by: PapaNez22 on December 08, 2018, 10:56:51 PM
Via Wikipedia: "Songs from the Black Hole is an unfinished, unreleased album by the American rock band Weezer recorded between 1994 and 1996. Intended to follow Weezer's 1994 self-titled debut album, it was a science fiction rock opera that expressed songwriter Rivers Cuomo's mixed feelings about rock and roll success. Its six characters were to be voiced by Cuomo, guitarist Brian Bell and bassist Matt Sharp, plus Rachel Haden of That Dog and the Rentals, Joan Wasser of the Dambuilders, and Weezer collaborator Karl Koch.

Cuomo recorded demos for Songs from the Black Hole over Christmas 1994, and Weezer held recording sessions over the following year. At the end of 1995, Cuomo enrolled at Harvard University, where his songwriting became darker and more confessional. Feeling the Black Hole concept was "too whimsical", he abandoned it; Weezer's second album became Pinkerton (1996), including some songs once intended for Songs from the Black Hole."

So as I used to do with SMiLE mixes in my days on the original SMiLE Shop bravenet site, I've finally done one with Weezer's unreleased Space Opera from the mid 90's. Rivers Cuomo wanted to go all in after Weezer's debut album, and in 1995 tacking something like a Space Opera just wasn't heard of coming off the days of grunge and the Punk Rock revival via Green Day & The Offspring.

So yeah, we got Pinkerton, which is a great album. But years later we find out more than a few of those songs on that record were to be pieces of an epic dialogue driven Space Opera.

Using the demos we now have released by Rivers himself, we can finally piece together this unreleased masterpiece, and I did just that recently. I tried to clean up some of the demos, sync things up, and I included a summary to the story in the file as well as an album cover.

Who knows how would something as ambitious as this would have be received in 1997, but it's proof that Rivers Cuomo was operating on crazy creative level when the post grunge period was pretty damn sterile creatively.

Here is the PapaNez made Weezer still unreleased album "Songs From the Black Hole:"

Title: Re: Weezer's unrelased 1997 masterpiece: Songs From The Black Hole
Post by: gruelingpace on December 22, 2018, 01:35:33 AM
I really like this so far. The seauencing of the finished tracks is real nice. You Gave Your Love To Me Softly was always a favorite . Pre Green-Album --my favorite Weezer album-- had really good B-sides and soundtrack oddities as a-a--rule.

He abanoned the opera idea as "too whimsical" ?? Ha! What a threadbare premise ! I bet he knew deep down it was more whimsical to abadon it and pursue another concept.

First track Idislike is this girl singer. I hope there's not more of this. Emotionally static ...

Not too whimsacal. Too affected, and tpp self-indulgent : any male -female vocal duet where the male harmonizes above the lady.

This is good listening. thank you for the upload.