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Title: Message From Adam Marsland
Post by: adamghost on July 12, 2018, 10:31:52 PM
This is Adam band did the LONG PROMISED ROAD: SONGS OF DENNIS AND CARL WILSON LIVE album back in 2006 and I also produced David Marks' BACK IN THE GARAGE, and a few other things.  Some of you might know me already.

I've had a long career of doing mostly original music, from 1996 up until 2017. A lot of it is Beach Boys-influenced, some isn't, and it covers a wide ground from pure pop to roots to punk to soul. You can hear a lot of it at

I'm trying out a new idea for people who are interested but don't own any of my music, or for those who are and might want to share it. It's in conjunction with my transition to living in Asia, and it's only open to people living (or have a mailing address) in the U.S.

I'm not going to be sharing it publicly - it's something I will be explaining to everyone that contacts me individually. If you are interested in my music at all, either PM me here or post a comment on this thread and I will email you personally to explain what I'm doing.

Thanks all. A link to a video to one of my tunes is below.