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Title: The Age of Aquarius
Post by: Mujan, 8@$+@Rc| of a Blue Wizard on January 20, 2017, 05:23:15 PM
Aquaria, the secular religion of science, sincerity and psychedelia.

This essay is my latest and most complete analysis on the Aquarian Age, what philosophical changes I expect to come from it, when I believe it began, and what we need to do to make the best of it. Please take a look—it would mean a lot to me—and keep an open mind. This is a long read but I consider it the most important and intriguing subject out there. It's the ethos that gives my life meaning as an agnostic living a lifestyle many would consider sinful or misguided. Maybe one of you might take comfort from these ideas as I have. I hope so anyway. This essay will be divided into 10 sections. Skip to the last one for a summary.

I. How I Discovered the Concept (Introduction)

This is a topic I've personally been fascinated by ever since hearing it mentioned in the Zeitgeist documentary like 5ish years ago. That's an otherwise terrible movie, but the way it explained the astrological ages and their associations with prophets who change the world was really inspiring to me. I personally don't believe in any Abrahamic religions, by no one can deny that Moses and Jesus changed the world or that their ideologies defined the time period in which they lived. These would be the Arian and Piscean Ages, the latter of which we are witnessing the end of if modern astrologers are to be believed. There is a strong association between the Age of Aquarius and the 60s counterculture as well, which only increased my excitement for the idea. I was convinced that a new prophet was coming, or had already come but had been tragically overlooked in his/her own lifetime, waiting to be rediscovered. And this prophet would not be some magician rising from the dead and turning water into wine—again, I'm personally not a believer in that kind of thing. But rather, they would be another great leader with revolutionary ideas, who would lead the people out of slavery and leave behind some kind of testament that would change the way people think.

I know astrology is something of a pseudo-science, but the fact is the vernal equinox does indeed rotate to face a new constellation in the zodiac ever 2000-2160 years or so. Even if one does not believe in astrology as it relates to horoscopes and personal destiny, (and I dont) I find the concept of the ages to be rooted in truth. Humanity has undeniably gone through major shifts in culture and outlook right around when the past ages were said to have began, and we are definitely witnessing one now with technology progressing so rapidly. If you're religious, there are many references to the ages in the Bible. Moses is often pictured with a ram's horn (Aries) and stopped his people from worshiping a golden calf (the end of Taurus.) Early Christians used the symbol of the fish to identify themselves, many of the disciples were fisherman, he fed a crowd with fish (and bread). When it comes to Aquarius, Jesus said to his followers “I will be with you until the end of the age” and “a man will meet you carrying an earthen pitcher of water; follow him into the house where he goes in.” The short and sweet of it is, whether you believe in the superstitions of religion and astrology or the facts of science and history, I think the concept rings true and applies to us all.

II. An Example of Aquarian Art and Creation

Putting this together with 60s counterculture, for college freshman/sophomore me the most likely Prophet would have been Brian Wilson, with his testament being (what else?) SMiLE. This new perspective changed my whole conception of the album, and inspired my 2-suite remixes of it. I divided the songs into 2 groups based mostly on tone and instrumentation, with the more bombastic often humorous stuff on Side 1 while the somber, piano and horn heavy stuff was on Side 2. As I came to remix the album in this new frame of reference, I saw connections I had not before. Mainly that Side 1 became something of an extroverted look at the world around the narrator/listener, particularly at the USA. Meanwhile Side 2 was a more introverted look at the narrator/listener himself, about personal tragedies and the cycle of life. The album seemed to be purposefully tearing down old institutions and ideologies, from nationalism/patriotism to organized religion and even questioning oneself through reevaluated morals and ego death.

The references to religious reexamination came when I started looking at what I had previously considered a throwaray track, “Old Master Painter.” By combining two old standards into one, the song introduces God (the painter), and then sings “You Were My Sunshine” in the past tense, essentially declaring that God, or at least the old organized religion/mainstream Christian idea of him, was outdated. It's the sun setting on one age and heralding in the next. The narrator was looking for a new ideology to pledge himself to, something else to believe in. The crowning achievement of the album, “Surf's Up” explicitly states “columnated ruins domino,” which evokes the imagery of society breaking down. Brian and Van Dyke don't offer us much to fill the hole left by the destroyed institutions—only the laughter of children at the end of the song. That being the promise of a clean slate, and the responsibility of making sure our kids have the knowhow in order to make the best of it. I could write a whole novel about the album, its creation and its message—it's that brilliant. But you get the idea.

III. The Philosophy of Aquarius

Upon deeper reflection, I believe it does the Aquarian Age a great disservice though, to boil it down to Brian Wilson and SMiLE, as amazing as those subjects are. I don't think Brian himself wanted to be thought of as some great prophet or anything either. I think his idea was that the Aquarian Age, like children, was a blank slate that could be anything we make it. He intentionally framed his would-be magnum opus in a cartoon drawing which looks like something the parents of a 7 year old would have on their fridge. The message clearly being that this new Prophet and their “Third Testament” does not have to be some heavenly anointed messiah, nor his message some daunting 1000 page religious text. It can be literally anyone and anything, from a psychedelic comedy album to a few tabs of acid to just the laughter of children itself. Where the Piscean Age began with the consolidation of the known world into one government (the Roman Empire) and Monotheism (the Abrahamic God, especially Christianity's interpretation of him) the Aquarian world will lead to a world of freedom and Pantheism. That is to say, every person, every idea, every story...all of it will take on significance to enough people to warrant a following on a scale that had previously been reserved for God. Something as esoteric as a show about a talking horse or a movie about wars in space will see a fervor and collective analysis that up until now has traditionally been reserved for religious texts or political decrees. With the internet, every living human may voice itself among the collective and be acknowledged in some way. We are all the Aquarian Jesus, and at the same time no one is. The utilitarian, subservient world of societies past will give way to all of man's ideas, fantasies and creations being realized and collectively reflected upon.

That may seem like a cop-out, to say that the significance of Aquarius is everything and nothing, but I believe this has been the trend of civilization ever since the Renaissance, which was when Europe was reintroduced to ideas outside of the Christian norm. Since then, gradually, we have challenged the established conformity from the Protestant Reformation, to the Printing Press and its opening of information to the masses, to the age of discovery and the enlightenment and right on to the present day. Sure, there have been setbacks and we still are far from perfect. But the trend for the last half a millennium or so has been towards empowerment of the masses, and the triumph of the human mind in all directions—from imagination to scientific advancement, to mind expansion with psychedelia. Like SMiLE, this advancement has not really provided any concrete dogma to overtake that which we were bound to in the Age of Pisces. Science, when applied properly, does not strive to enforce a particular worldview but merely to understand the world around us. The ability for the commoners to write their own books, film their own movies and shows, or record their music has not provided us with any one narrative to fall in line with. Usually, the artist themselves could not tell you what their creations are about, why every particular design choice came to be made, or how (if at all) they intended to influence people with them. Yet they can and often do in fact mean something to a great deal of people and influence their lives in very real ways. At the same time, what one piece of art or idea means to one person and how it effects them will be completely different from someone else's perspective. And honestly, if someone finds something beautiful and inspiring in their life, what difference does it make whether it comes from the Biblical story of the prodigal son, or Citizen Kane or even Clarissa Explains It All?

The point is there will no longer be one universal set of rules enforced on the public. A few setbacks and holdouts here and there aside, we have become a more rational, more egalitarian people. The nation state, the Bible, marriage...all have given way to the dominance of the individual. Even ideas of gender identity and sexual orientation are breaking down. Accepted, unquestionable moral codes have been eroded away into libertarian personal expression. Submission to a divine King or Pope has given way to questioning authority and democracy. Structured prayer will slowly be superseded by psychedelic mind expansion. And it is no longer blasphemy to depict a subject other than Christ in a painting (much less new media like novels, albums or films.) Like the water in the jar itself, ideas and people will be a lot more fluid in this period. Where a fish (Pisces) is unaware of the water that surrounds him, the people of Aquarius have not only discovered the water (the elements, atoms and quarks of the natural world) but attained mastery over them, enough to commoditize it as we see fit. As man's knowledge and power accumulates, there may even come a day when he becomes powerful enough to be considered a God in his own right, and perhaps even a fairer God than the Olympians or Old Testament Yaweh.

IV. Becoming an Aquarian

So the question then becomes, why does this matter to us, and how should we change to help this along? The answer is as simple as keeping an open mind and heart. The human mind is the ultimate authority now. Our brains have infinite potential, and as the lens by which we see the universe, understanding how it works and fulfilling its potential is the key to enlightenment. It is then our duty to expand our mind as much as possible—learn as much as you can, create whatever comes to you, and listen to ideas that challenge you. At the same time, it's your duty to your fellow humans to encourage them to reach their own potential. Be supportive, loving and helpful to everyone you can. Do all you can to empower your loved ones to succeed in their goals. Do not stay in your comfort zone, challenge authority and what you're taught, and never indoctrinate others (especially children) into believing anything. Talk to children like equals and see what they have to say—they're a lot more perceptive than you think, and they feel just as strongly as anyone else. Every human's accomplishment raises the whole planet up immensely. We will all collectively benefit when every neighbor is as happy and encouraged as possible. Part of this means moving beyond divisive politics, and funding programs or institutions which do not benefit actual common people. We need to move beyond putting all our resources towards war, suppression, surveillance and discrimination. The new focus has to be on alleviating people's need to slave away at menial and strenuous labor, abolishing poverty and hunger, and curing the sick (including mental illness.) Only then will every human be able to reach their full potential—free to think, invent, discover and create.

I would suggest that everyone take these steps to bettering themselves. Remember though, I am only one person and what I consider the right path is not by any means some infallible moral code. Just suggestions.

First, if you grew up a christian or any other faith, take the time to learn about the doctrines of at least 3 other religions.

Second, step outside your comfort zone and meet at least 3 new people—preferably from places (even websites) you don't usually go. The more different these people are from you, the better.

Third, read at least two new books you haven't before, one fiction and one non-fiction.

Fourth, make time to travel to a foreign place at least once in your life.

Fifth, begin to keep a dream journal and look into lucid dreaming.

Sixth, experiment with different meditation techniques, including bianural beats and the ganzfeld effect along with the more standard approach.

Seventh, do something creative—either write your own story, or film something, or paint, or even just doodle.

Eighth, learn a new skill or teach yourself a new subject. Even something as simple as cooking.

Ninth, take the people who you hate, or who hurt you, and consider their point of view. Write down a few pages of what their life must be (to the best of your knowledge) and try to consider why they did what they did. You don't necessarily have to like them or even forgive them because of this—just understand.

Tenth, make a list of your favorite media and write down all the reasons you like them and what they make you think and feel. Take all the people you admire, real and fictional, and write down in depth why you like them. Then try to be more like these people you've analyzed and created, and apply the lessons of the media as well.

Eleventh, come up with your standards of the ideal person and/or the ideal leader, and write down their qualities and in the latter case, the decisions they would make to real life problems you notice. And try to hold your elected officials to that standard. Stay informed on current events, make a list of problems you see in society, and how you expect your leaders to solve them.

Twelfth, always be open to trying new things and new lifestyles. Observe and learn from those around you. Never criticize until you are willing to try for yourself.

Thirteenth, take psychedelics at least once. Shrooms, LSD, N-Bomb, salvia...SOMETHING. It need not be a large dose, it could be a micro dose. It need not become a regular thing. But I think everyone should open their mind up at least once, provided they are not genetically predisposed to mental illness. Think of this as the conditional +1 step on top of everything else. This is something to do only if you have done your research on what to expect and have the proper set and setting. It's not something one could make time to do any old day like the other 12, nor is it something that could be a regular occurrence. It's a life changing experience and one which should not be endeavored lightly, but it can make you more in tune with yourself than any other thing I could imagine. Work up to it with some weed—at least 5 good smoking sessions. In all cases, write down your experience and the revelations.

And, ultimately, just be yourself. Do what makes you happy. Be the person you want to be. Like the things you like, be open about it, and don't let anyone shame you for it. If anyone makes you feel bad about who you are, drop them like a lead weight.

There you go, the 14 points of self realization in the Age of Aquarius.

V. Dating the Aquarian Age

Traditionally, the Age of Aquarius is said to begin either in the early 2000s (with 2012 being a commonly cited date) or the future (the 2700s by some estimation.) The constellations of Pisces and Aquarius overlap on the celestial equator, so it could be said that both are correct and the cusp of Aquarius has begun already but we will not feel the full effects for hundreds of years. However, one courageous astrologer, Terry MacKinnell, has postulated that the dating of the ages has been wrong since ancient times. According to him, the Age of Aquarius began in the 1400s. I could see that, as this is essentially the beginning of the Renaissance, but I think, looking at things culturally, the 1500s would be a more likely beginning. In this century we saw (among much else) four significant events which completely shifted mankind's view of himself and the world around him. These being the advent of heliocentrism, the exploration of the new world (Americas), Martin Luther's Protestant Reformation, and the aforementioned invention of the printing press. Since this date, we have seen the emergence of many new ideologies about politics, religion, individuality and the universe. There have been scientific breakthroughs, inventions, medicine and greater tolerance for women and different races. All of this only became possible with the empowerment of the masses with the printing press and the realization that the Bible was not infallible.

The 1500s makes far more sense as the start of the age than any other century I could imagine. This isn't to say that everything magically changed overnight either—religion still griped us, slavery became more widespread than ever, and we saw the emergence of repressive colonial empires among many more setbacks. Accounting for the overlap with Pisces (which based on my limited research will last about 500 to 700 years) this means we are set to feel the full effects of Aquarius around this century or two down the line. I think the spread of the internet could be a worthy indication of the “true” beginning of the age. Aquarius' best quality is said to be progressiveness, but its worst is emotional aloofness. The planet Mercury exalts in Aquarius, and is said to represent communication and rationality. I believe these three key qualities of Aquarius are present in the internet: it allows instantaneous communication, the sharing of ideas makes everyone more progressive (generally speaking), but unfortunately it does seem like the internet makes us more emotionally closed off and flakey.

VI. Pisces, Aries and the Implications for Aquarius

With this new date in mind for Aquarius, that would make the true beginning of the Age of Pisces around 500 or 600 BCE rather than the first year CE as is commonly cited. Of course all of this is an inexact science, but I see a lot of sense in that start date as well. This would coincide roughly with the lives of Socrates, Buddha, Confucius and many other great philosophers who coincidentally (or not!) lived within 100 to 200 years ago all over the world. Their ideas reinvented how their respective societies perceived the universe and the nature of humanity. At the same time, the 500s BCE would also put the beginning of Pisces with the conquests of Cyrus the Great, the establishment of the Roman Republic and the life of Pythagoras who among much else influenced modern mathematics. While Jesus remains the most important philosopher of Pisces regardless, I would then call Julius Caesar the perennial politician of the age. All who came after in Europe would imagine themselves a Caesar in essence, and many would even take his name up through the German Kaisers and Russian Czars. Both of these men (along with Socrates) were violently put to death for their actions, in each case by a group of stubborn aristocratic councils, and then they became far more influential after their own lifetimes.

With Jesus in particular, even if you are like me and do not believe in the religious aspect of it, I think his death has a moral significance in how unfair and overly brutal it was. In essence, he exposed how for all the glory man had achieved with our great empire, we were still a brutal and disgusting creature who would needlessly torture ourselves for the purposes of intimidation and even entertainment. And yet, while he changed the world in that all the West called themselves Christians thereafter, nothing meaningful really changed. Men were still tortured, Kings still consolidated power, and the most egregious example came with the discovery of America. It was there that the so-called benevolent and godly Christians treated the conquered Native Americans just as terribly if not worse than the Romans treated the Jews, including Jesus. If it were not bad enough the way Christian Europe had treated its own people during the Dark Ages, here they mercilessly decimated others and then forced their religion upon them. No better than the barbarous Romans who would crucify men for preaching about peace and love, and there the hypocrisy was complete. In fact, his ideas were purposefully co-opted by the powers that be and twisted as further leverage against the commoners. Think the of symbol for Pisces as two pillars bound together—the spiritual and secular authority of the state, similar to the two headed eagle of the Byzantines and Russians.

With all this background information in mind, it's now clear that the “prophet” of Aquarius, if it will even be one singular person, does not need to come at the beginning of the age necessarily. By the old dating system, Jesus lived right at the start of Pisces. But Moses is considered the chief figure of Aries and even under the old dating system he did not live at the beginning of his age. In the new dating system proposed by Terry MacKinnell, neither does Jesus. Similarly, there need not be only one larger than life figure influencing an entire age. Julius Caesar certainly had as large of an impact as Jesus, in his own way. Consider that under MacKinnell's system, the rise and fall of Rome almost perfectly matches up with the beginning and end of the Piscean Age as well—the fall of Constantinople occurring just before the 1500s. This might have greater implications for America then, considering it was discovered just about at the beginning of Aquarius. Could it be that America is destined to rise and fall during Aquarius, or perhaps be conquered (literally or culturally) at the end of the Age as it began by conquering the Native populations?

VII. The Potential Darkness of Aquarius

Recalling how Jesus' message was co-opted and perverted, it's important to realize that the Age of Aquarius may not necessarily be a good thing. It's as likely as not that the Aquarian “messiah” could have their ideas or movement co-opted in a similar manner and used to strengthen the hold of the ruling class. In some way, the echo-chambering of the populace, blocking out dissenting ideas and sheltering themselves in safe spaces which affirm their views is an example. Digital communication allows for more frequent miscommunication, astroturfing from the powers that be, and anonymity can lead to trolling and otherwise bring out the worst in people. It also gives deliberate liars or madmen just as loud a voice as anyone, and there's something to be said about how everyone having a voice dilutes each person's significance. Global warming and rising sea levels will lead to a movement of people all over the world, which sounds like a romantic mirror of the water itself...but really it will lead to fierce competition for resources and death. The technology which in ideal circumstances would empower the people, is also being used to crack down on the mind expanding substances of the 60s which gave prominence to concept of Aquarius itself. Not to mention it can also lead to the policing of dissenting ideas or attempts at peaceful reform. Drones remove the human element of killing, also making it easier to destroy protest movements, nukes threaten to destroy the planet any second, and computers make identity theft possible. This could go on and on but you get the idea—the innovations which could make Aquarius so wonderful are a double edged sword.

I do believe that the innovations of Aquarius will make it easier to overthrow the ruling elites than Jesus' kind words—the people have never been more empowered and it's important not to lose sight of that. I prefer to interpret its glyph as the cracks in the system finally being exposed, or perhaps a winding path to ultimate victory. I see the dual possibilities of this exciting age ahead of us as reflections of the two planets said to rule the Aquarian sign—Saturn and Uranus. When astrology was invented, Uranus was not yet discovered, so Saturn was said to be the domicile of Aquarius. Now, it's Uranus. According to my limited research on the meanings of the planets in astrology, these two planets are incredibly different, and I see this as evidence that the age could go either way, and that there will be a great conflict in the process. Saturn is said to represent conformity, authority, human limitations, discipline, boundaries, anxiety, and duty. Meanwhile, Uranus spins on its side as if to emphasize its unique originality. It's associated with creativity, unconventional thinking, individuality, discovery, electricity, invention, democracy, revolution and genius. As you can see, these two planets could not be anymore different in their influence...we better fucking hope Uranus overthrows Saturn...but anyone familiar with mythology knows that in actuality it was Saturn who killed Uranus. Even more troubling, both Saturn and Uranus are both considered Malefic planets, or bringers of bad luck. The return of Saturn, when it arrives at the position it occupied at your time of birth (every 27 to 29 years) is said to usher in full adulthood in a person, and for those who are too young at heart to move on (most famously the 27 club) fate conspires to finish them off. What, if anything, this would mean for the Age I cannot say. Pisces is also an age that has different ancient and modern ruling planets (Jupiter and Neptune) but the attributes associated with its two rulings are not NEARLY so at odds with each other.

VIII. The Apocalypse in the Context of Aquarius

According to the Bible, Pisces will end in a great battle between good and evil. This is described in the book of revelations, with Jesus returning to lead the righteous to victory against the Antichrist. The Antichrist, the beast, is not a person. It is a system of oppression and destruction by those in power which has existed since the time of Jesus himself and will continue to exist until we take charge and overthrow it. Talking out of my ass here's a subject that's caught my attention recently.

There are said to be two beasts, one of the sea and one of the earth. The beast of the sea has 7 heads and 10 horns. According to traditional interpretation, this was meant to symbolize all empires who had mistreated the Hebrews and their holy land. I see it as the empires who claimed to be godly and Christian yet learned nothing from Jesus' actual teachings, and instead treated their conquered peoples just as harshly as Jesus himself had been in the hands of the Romans. The first would be Rome itself, including the Byzantines. Then the Holy Roman Empire of the Germans, the Russian Empire, the Spanish colonial empire, the British Empire and now the American Empire. The sixth head (America) is said to be current, and the seventh is yet to come (China? A united European Empire?) The fifth head is said to be mortally wounded yet has been reforged (maybe Russia turning into the Soviet Union? Or Germany being defeated in both world wars yet rebounding strong as ever?)

The ten horns with ten crowns might be individual idols, people or ideas which societies have given power to that do not deserve it. Or perhaps the instruments of control by which these empire cowed their subjects into submission. Perhaps in the modern age especially, we might think of these as industries or systems (like the military industrial complex or private prison complex for example) which command authority while hurting the public. You could draw up any number of arbitrary examples for this. For me personally, let's say its: private prison industry, military industrial complex, big pharma, media conglomeration, intelligence community, energy industry (Exxon, etc), factory farming industry, the pedophilia ring in the entertainment industry, perhaps the sex industry itself and...mercury poisoning. ( )
Again, I freely admit these examples are arbitrary and perhaps forced. The point is, these societies built by the many historical empires claiming to be Christian utilize tactics and worship idols or institutions which go against everything Jesus taught. You may disagree with my list, but I doubt anyone could deny that. These are used by the rulers as weapons against the populace to either sedate them or scare them into submission. The arbiters of this power are made to appear respectable and necessary to the public, hence the crowns.

There is also mention of a “scarlet beast” said to have seven heads and ten horns, with a harlot riding it. Some say this is supposed to be the same beast, some say it's different. I personally believe the former. The harlot riding the beast is the Church itself, which has undeniably become just as corrupted, out of touch, and hypocritical as the Sanhedrin who sent Jesus over to Pilate. No one could deny how disgusting and outright EVIL the Catholic church became soon enough after merging with the political power of Rome, and how it remained so for a long time afterwards (arguably up to the present day and beyond.) The merger of heartless big business and idolatry with religion is evident in the emergence of the modern religious right. And what do they do with their power? Argue against healthcare for all, try to destroy the safety net, shame women and persecute gays and religious minorities. Is that what Jesus would do? No. Are these the ideals the Church was supposed to stand for? No. Modern, organized Christianity is everything Jesus spoke out against in the first place. The symbol of the whore is not random or forced either. Isaiah 1:21 even calls Jerusalem a harlot, and Christ was said to be appalled by the monetization of the temple in the four gospels.

The beast of the earth has two horns and makes an image of itself to worship. I suggest that this image is the Bull, similar to the blasphemous golden calf Moses found his people worshiping. The two horns being Wall Street (big business) and the Federal Reserve System (controlling our money), again instruments of control which are given an undeserved praise in society. The mark of the beast is arguably the credit cards and Federal Reserve Notes of our currency. I also firmly believe Aaron Russo, who was personal friends with the Rockefellers and claimed that their ultimate goal is to get everyone micro-chipped, so that if you speak out against the ruling class, they can remotely turn it off and you cannot buy food to survive. So why would Wall Street and the FED be separate from the other institutions represented by the 10 horns on Beast #1? I would say because unlike those, Wall Street and the FED have the power to force people into actively supporting the establishment. The little game they've forced us all into with money means we must slave away in support of a monstrous system which no longer has our interests at heart. That's what makes these financial instruments of power different and ultimately more malevolent in my interpretation. Speaking more broadly, think of the two beasts as military and financial power. In international relations, the terms are "hard power" and "soft power" respectively.

The Apocalypse is not some far off heavenly war with the devil and Jesus' triumphal return. The beasts are not going to be literal monsters who spontaneously appear out of nowhere. And we're not helping speed up the return of Christ by deliberately funding the Jewish state and killing the planet with global warming. We're already living in the reign of the Antichrist as our twisted, upside down society claims to be “a christian nation” while going against everything that was good or noble about Jesus' teachings. We will only be saved when someone comes along who can lead us to a renewal of virtue in America. This person, I believe, will be the bringer of the Aquarian Age. (S)he who washes away the stain of corruption in the world, and grows the gardens of the future. I frame it as if some great savior will come and do the work for us...but this is not so. We cannot sit on our hands and wait, we in the Information Age are more than empowered to stand up for ourselves. Taking a secular, rather than religious view of Moses and Jesus would mean they were not ordained by God or guaranteed victory. They were righteous people who saw injustice and either led people to freedom or else spoke out against it. We need to follow this example ourselves.

I do believe that sooner or later our corrupt institutions, phony morals, unstable financial situations and consolidation of power by the government will come to a head somehow. Perhaps some great leader will inspire us to rise up and fight for our human rights, or else maybe climate change migrations will be a spark that sets things in motion.I speculate that this will occur sometime between now and the 2200s CE. Again, the cusp of Aquarius, where it overlaps with Pisces, was in the 1500s (by my estimation). So we've been feeling the influence of Aquarius since then, evidenced by all the things I've mentioned and more, but the great ending of Pisces was not due to come just yet. It fits not only Biblical narrative and common sense that such a showdown must happen, but Aquarian philosophy as well. Afterall, while it's Aquarian influence that old systems and structures will lose power to the individual, we cannot expect them to go quietly. When this is over, assuming the Bible is right and the Beasts lose, only then will the true utopia begin, where the individual's creativity and curiosity may reign supreme for over 1000 years. Automation, I predict, will be the straw that breaks the camels back and leads to an uprising. At the same time, after the “war,” when the Beasts have been overthrown, it will be automation which makes the Utopia of Individualism possible. The robots will perform the menial and strenuous tasks which previously wasted man's time or forced him into unhappy servitude, and the shared wealth they create will free man to reach his full potential.

IX. Aquarius in the Greater Context of Human History

So, I've extensively outlined what the Aquarian Age, how it can change the world for better or worse, when it will come, and how to be a part of it. But what's the context of the astrological ages as a whole? What if anything can we expect from the ages beyond Aquarius? The ages are determined by which zodiac constellation the vernal equinox is pointing towards. They last about 2000 to 2160 years as I said, and to cycle through all the ages takes approximately 25,860 to 26,000 years. This procession is called a Great Year. Since the beginning of civilization about 10,000 BCE, there have been 6 ages up to Pisces, and Aquarius will be the Seventh. There are some who believe that the astrological ages are the process of the stars (or God, or whatever) slowly bettering us, one lesson or social evolution at a time. When civilization has lived through every age, our social evolution will be complete. What that means, or what we'll be like, no one can say. It's just too far ahead for anyone to know what humanity will be like in 16,000 CE at the end of the Age of Virgo. However, if I was being completely honest, I do not believe society as we know it will even exist by that point. Unless we find some supernatural solution to global warming, super-bugs and nuclear seems more likely than not we won't be here at all or else will be back to living in caves before then.

Again, I cannot say for certain, but I expect Aquarius will be the major turning point of the entire Great Year. It means we are entering the second half, and if technology continues at this pace, it's inevitable we will either create a Star Trek utopia or bomb ourselves back to the stone age by the year 3600-4000 when this age is supposed to end. If you read about what the Age of Capricorn is supposed to be, it could not be different from Aquarius. Structured, orderly, a return to nature...these are just some of the adjectives I've seen to describe it. I suspect that, if Aquarius triumphs over the old institutions, Capricorn's return to order will mean a new order is established from the revelations of Aquarius. Things will be different, attitudes will have changed, technology will have gotten better, but we will come down and settle into a new routine. One that's different than the Piscean and before...and hopefully better, freer and more tolerant still...but a structured normalized routine nonetheless. Assuming the worst of Aquarius, however, and we have disastrous climate change and nuclear fallout, Capricorn's return to order could be a reset to the primitive, stone age-like societies we came from. No one can say at this point. And I don't have the time to read about other ages even further down the line I'll never see, especially since any predictions are complete guesswork this far out. Aquarius and even Capricorn we can speculate on since those are relatively recent. Virgo (the final age) not so much. Though, I do like to think of Virgo signaling the Earth's return to virginity. Either humanity becomes extinct and takes our place again in the Earth, or we leave the planet to explore other solar systems, and without us Earth becomes more bountiful again.

Looking at ages past, we've had Leo, Cancer, Gemini, Taurus, and then the frequently discussed Aries, Pisces and Aquarius. Leo coincides with the birth of civilization, rises in sea level. Cancer brought domestication and the rise in moon and mother goddesses (Cancer is a feminine sign ruled by the moon.) Gemini brought writing, polytheistic pantheons like the Greeks, and trade. Taurus coincides with the first great architectural feats (the pyramids), and bull worshiping cults. Aries brought the first major conquering empires, the beginning of ram and goat sacrifices in religious ceremonies, the invention of siege weapons like the battering ram, and iron smelting. I've already discussed what Pisces and Aquarius brought or are expected to bring.

X. Aquarius as a Religion (Conclusion)

So, I've given you an exhaustive look at all things Aquarius. I hope you (all one of you who read it all) found it interesting if nothing else. Maybe even inspiring. For me, this is the first spiritual concept which has really spoken to me since I renounced Christianity. It's something to be excited for, to believe in, and to work towards which does not hold you to a rigid moral code or ridiculous faith. It is the golden thread which weaves together science, old world mysticism, psychedelia and individuality all in one believable message of freedom. Ironically enough, I've come to have a newfound respect for Christianity since ensconcing myself in this ethos too. It's no longer about how Jesus is the end all be all, or how strict adherence to some commandments determines salvation or damnation. Jesus was a beautiful soul preaching love and acceptance. He bravely challenged the hypocrisy of his leaders and was ruthlessly murdered for it. That in itself, is tragic and beautiful. That in itself warrants respect and emulation, even disregarding the whole “son of god/rose from the dead” stuff. You can therefore denounce the out of touch, hateful church rulers and secular politicians who divide and hurt us and still be a good person. You can drop acid, wear a dress, and fantasize about sex and be good person.

So, who are your heroes? What are your inspirations? Among others, mine are Clarissa Darling, Brian Wilson, George McGovern, Princess Diana and Han Solo. Those are my Prophets, among others. I do not intend to supersede Jesus or anyone elses' prophets with them. We all exist together, we all have a unique wisdom to share, and we all deserve the same respect and attention as anyone else. I find meaning in Godfather Part 2, The Great Gatsby, the monologues of Ian Malcolm in Jurassic Park, the lectures of Noam Chomsky and Richard Wolff. I believe in the advancement of science and imagination. I believe there is no experience more holy and sacred than mushrooms, weed, and snuggling with a beloved pet dog, a friend, or a lover as you look up at the stars. That's my Testament. And there is just as much beauty and wisdom in my Testament as the Gospels of the Bible, or anyone else's testament. The new Prophet of Aquarius is everyone and no one. The new religion is decentralized, individualized, purposefully contradictory and open to endless interpretation. The new testament is the collective experience of all mankind. Every lost film, or deleted web-page, or burned book is a sinful deletion of that testament. Ever murder, or mocking insult which diminishes someone's confidence to share their voice is an even more egregious discretion against the Aquarian religion. At the same time, the new Testament is written and read on pages with no words—the beautiful blotter paper of LSD. The Great Keys to unlocking the mind's full potential. And that's what it's all about, Aquarius, exploring the full potential of the individual and their mind.


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Give one reason why you should not be banned from this board, even though it's pretty much a done deal already. Months ago you set up an alias account called Zenobia Unchained after leaving under your main screen name/identity of Mujon (I was the one who ironically wrote you a long PM hoping you'd reconsider leaving but wishing you the best if you did, then you tried to f*** me ahead for details), then you came back and used that alias Zenobia account to post and call for me to be removed or replaced as a mod under one of the Doe And Friends "campaigns" to whitewash this forum, among other comments.  Those campaigns included multiple fake accounts also being registered for other former and banned members including "Mike's Beard", and another former friend of the board who decided to create a fake account to pile on with the mob, then blatantly lied about it. So, they were all banned. And the board has run smoother ever since.

Seriously man? I mean, seriously?

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Before I answer...I shall ask you some questions.

Do you know anything about Zoroastrianism? Have you considered perhaps that the discovery of antimatter might have proven this ideology to be the correct religion? When you factor in Baryogenesis...could that perhaps mean that our world is, in actuality, already pure and rid of the Destroyer?

And have you ever considered the possibility that there might be some connection between the four fundamental forces and the classical elements? Once you've considered that possibility...maybe the 12 particles of matter might actually be the embodiment, or the essence, or the signature...of the Twelve Olympians in the world. And would that then mean that antimatter is actually the Twelve Titans, with Baryogenesis being the Titanomachy?

And what does that make Ketchup? (

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Very well. You have told me nothing. Nor will I tell you anything either. But I will share with you a story (

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The dawning of the age of Zenobia is over.

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The age of logic and cutting through bullshit is going strong! ;)

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I was made aware there are comments being made about this ban elsewhere, and after seeing them myself it's time to put the facts of what actually happened to lead to this ban out there.

Well all of it, really...all of it should go here, and probably should have in the first place, but can't change that now. And speaking strictly for myself, it's not that it became a major issue when you were accused, it's more of a 'oh God, not this again'. Frankly speaking, some of the posts also made it seem like I'm not doing anything, or that I have no say in anything (which is bullshit), and I got tired of seeing that, too. So yeah, all of it can go here, and I'll be pleased as punch if it never shows up in any other thread again.

Just my two cents.
Billy, it got restarted in there by Craig, not any of us. He had to answer for his buddy Debbie, instead of letting her answer for herself. Then she had to defend him from the Conspirators. No one brought that up but Craig. I'm sorry Billy, but Craig doesn't take criticism very well, whether for his personal views or those of being a mod. The biggest difference between the two of you is that, Billy, you know when you have to take a neutral stance when you do your moderating duties, where Craig will take sides and fight. I will tell you, this is why some folks think he is biased towards some posters and unbiased with others. He is too polarizing a figure to have everybody on board with him moderating. As you can see, I am not the only one bringing this stuff up. People who rarely ever say anything, are having issues with his moderating. When feuds break out, no matter your personal preference a moderator needs to step in to get things under control, not jump into the fray. Folks see that and question what is going on. It may all be a perception problem, but if it lingers, it will continue to be a problem that won't go away easily.

Longtime lurker, extremely infrequent poster. Just had to say, while it may not be popular to say it out loud, I agree with you Dr BeachBoy and it took guts to say it, though Im sure you'll get flak for doing so.

GF, you seem like a nice guy overall, so I dont want this to sound like bullying, personal attacks or ganging up on you. But I think you do tend to take things too personally and fan the flames rather than put them out when a mod ought to do the latter. If you were more willing to take criticisms, listen, not come down hard against those you disagree with and stay out of the petty feuds I think you and other posters would be much happier. And no offense, but the way you just responded to Dr Beach Boy just now kinda proves that point. I know my opinion around here means jack squat but...I digress.

First, that initial reply was an outright lie. It is and was Mujon posting under an alias he registered. "longtime lurker, extremely infrequent poster" is a lie, Mujon himself was a known and frequent poster who - when he informed us he was leaving the board - had over 1,500 posts to his credit. When he informed the board that he felt like there were efforts to tear him down personally by some members, which is bullying, I reached out to him privately to both see if anything could be done to correct that and also convince him to stay. If the lies continue, I can and will post my side of those PM messages which I sent to him.

Mujon's creation and posting under an alias came at a time when several other prominent members and banned members had been caught doing the same thing, and similarly lied when challenged about it. It was decided there will be no tolerance for this kind of thing moving forward.

On a semi-related note, it was thought Mujon/Zenobia had been banned for this, which is why his reappearance was a surprise. Creating an alias or fake account and coming back to post under that fake account is not only a lie but it's a show of disrespect to other board members, which means those like Mujon who do this and not only lie by posting lies but also lie and distort after getting caught (and on other forums no less) will be banned and are no longer welcome to post here.

There have been enough of these games and the lies, which is the reason for this and the other bans (whose names can be easily listed but I'd rather not have to go there).

The mistake I suppose was allowing Mujon/Zenobia as much time as he was allowed to come clean and at least offer an explanation as to why he did it, short of admitting he deliberately broke the board rules to post what amounted to criticism of the moderation here. Not just lies, but hypocrisy.

So, you live and you learn.

Just stop the lies, Mujon and whoever else is behind him or this stunt in general.