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Title: Whose Birthday Are You Sharing?
Post by: Komera on June 18, 2015, 06:27:23 PM
Forgive me if this topic already exists.  But today MSN decided to do a Happy Birthday Paul McCartney gallery, and then later I was messaging a friend who mentioned he'd tried calling his significant other today because it was her birthday.  So I quipped, "Oh, so she shares her birthday with a Beatle."  So my friend threw his own birthday into a site that shows which celebrities were born on certain days.  We both remarked that we recognized almost none of them.  (Little dumb to use that site, we are both heavy Wikipedia users, could have just typed a birthdate in there.)  So I threw in mine.  I already knew Owen Wilson, Alan Shepard, and Mickey Mouse shared my birthday.  Mickey Mouse didn't come up on that site, but another name I now recognize did.  Jake Abel.  Hahahaha, I'll take it!