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Title: Pre-concert song list from Brian's 2005 US tour?
Post by: Margarita on March 12, 2006, 06:14:03 AM
I know that somone had posted the list of songs that were played over the venue PA systems before Brian's US concerts last summer (and I believe the same or similar list was used for the UK concerts as well), but I think this was back on the older version of this board before all was lost.  You know what list I'm talking about..."Guess I'm Dumb" was part of it.   

Would someone be so kind as to post it again?  I believe I have more than a few of the songs, and I wanted to set up a playlist for the ol' ipod.

I still have to get around to digitizing my vinyl copies of the two BB Hollyridge Strings albums, so I'll have the intermission music as well!

Thanks muchly!